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  • melody-lace-with-sillicone-3
  • melody-lace-with-sillicone-4
  • melody-lace-with-sillicone-7
  • melody-lace-with-sillicone-8
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Melody | Stretch Mesh Hair Wig For Women with Mono Top and Lace Front

Product Name: Melody

The Melody women’s hair wig comes with superior comfort level mostly resulting from its elastic stretch mesh that can easily adjust to your head size. Optimal realism and durability are realized as it has both mono and French lace materials making up the top and front respectively. Free fast worldwide shipping! 30-day money back guarantee!

Regular Price: US$555.00


  1. * Hair color

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    • Hair color for women
    • #4
    • #30RT
    • #60RT
    • #613
    • #2020T
    • #6244T
    • #1740T

  2. * Hair length

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    • Hair length
    • Longest at 14 inches

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As part of our CSR program, we are offering free, fully-customized wigs to children under the age of 12 who are suffering from hair loss.

As such, we will donate $1 to this cause for every Lordhair hair system that we sell.

For more information, please visit Free Wigs for Kids:



The Melody women’s hair wig is known for coming with the most innovative and practical base design that has been highly spoken of in the global hair wig industry.

To meet the expanding need of female hairpiece users for a handy hair wig that is of exceptional comfort, as well as a highly realistic appearance, an elastic material called stretch mesh is put to use for the production of the base given the fact that it is gifted with the softest and smoothest texture making for that unique feeling of scalp contact. Besides, the stretch mesh can easily and flexibly adjust itself to your own scalp size in favor of the fittest wear. The top area of this hair wig for women is made of a very durable and breathable woven material called mono, which is much more solid and lasting than both skin and lace materials, giving rise to its outstanding length of lifespan. What is special is that to make for a stronger grip of this women’s hairpiece, a few anti-slip silicon strips got tightly adhered to the mono top, allowing the wig to securely and firmly stay on your head without any unwanted movements. Speaking of how natural-looking this hair wig appears, it is made of 100% Chinese virgin hair of the most peerless type. Not only does it feel very silky, it appears extremely realistic and lustrous in the most impressive way. Furthermore, a layer of French lace is wisely adopted for the front area to present an undetectable front hairline however you style the hair. Simply secure the hair wig to your own hair before witnessing that rejuvenated look you have been longing for!


The factory need 5 weeks to produce them, so shipment will take place within 6 weeks!

Below are the specifications of this women’s hair wig:

Cap Construction Stretch mesh base with French lace top and front
 Appearance  Realistic front hairline, natural-looking, you can part the hair anywhere or comb it backward.
Cap size indian hair full lace wig
Lace color Match hair colors
Hair type 100%  human virgin hair
Hair length 14 inches
Colors Available #60RT, #30RT, #2020T, #1740T, #1820T, #4, #6, #7, #10R, #22R, #613
Hair Direction Center parting
 Curl and wave Straight
 Hair Density

Medium-heavy (140%)

Advantages Natural hairline, absolutely breathable, comfortable, easy to wear and take off with the elastic adjustable strap.

Shipment takes place within 6 weeks (color 4 and 613 will be shipped within 24 hours).

Shipping Method FedEx/DHL/EMS/TNT/UPS international express service, usually 3-5 business days. Shipment trackable all the way.
Packing Lordhair water-proof bag & carton box to protect the shape. Then standard international express pak bag.
Kind Reminder

If you find there is a problem with your order or are unhappy with your hair system in any way when you receive it please contact us immediately. Do not cut, style, color or wash the hair or wear the hair system. Our customer service team will be happy to discuss any issue with you and will be able to replace your hair system with another one if required.

We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee providing the hairpiece has not been cut, styled, colored, washed, or worn.

If you ask us to cut down the base size or cut the hair or make any alteration to the hair system before shipment then please know the hair system cannot be returned for a refund.

Please cut the excess lace material before you attach the hair system.



Customer Reviews (1)

Looks gorgeous!Review by Liz
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
I highly recommend this womens hair wig to those experiencing hair thinning! The quality, the appearance, the feel will all go beyond your expectations. I honestly could believe what I saw in the mirror when I put it on, it's like a new person standing in front of me that couldn't have look prettier!
(Posted on 6/19/2021)

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