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    What Hairstyles Can You Find in the LGBTQ+ Community?



    Why Hair Is Our Identity

    Hair is such an important part of our identity, so it makes sense that many LGBTQ+ people feel perfectly at home in a salon. Whether you're looking for a cut or colour, we've covered you with this guide to the best hairstyles for queer folk.


    Hair is such an important part of our identity, so it makes sense that many LGBTQ people feel perfectly at home in a salon

    Hair can be a way of expressing yourself, whether you're cutting it short or growing it long. It can also be a form of self-expression and even a social connection: "I like getting my hair cut by women because I feel more comfortable with them," says one participant in a study.


    What do you need to know when it comes to styling different types of hair?


    Men who are transgender or transitioning to become women often opt for buzz cuts or very short hair

    Men who are transgender or transitioning to become women often opt for buzz cuts or very short hair. This is because it's easier to style and maintain, and also easier to pass as a woman with short hair.

    Some men may choose to wear their long hair in a ponytail or braid, which can make them look more feminine.



    Some people choose to cut their hair short for practical reasons

    Short hair is easy to care for, less expensive and time-consuming. It's also easier to manage in hot weather and cold weather.

    Shorter hair often becomes much more practical for older people. Take Slyvie, for example. She has short hair and whilst she may be wearing one of our "men's" full lace hair systems, hair systems are suitable for anyone regardless of gender.


    Despite how they might be presented, hair systems are unisex


    Short hair can be challenging for some people, but it has its benefits too ...


    People with short hair can still experiment with different styles and products to help them look their best

    With short hair, it's easy to get stuck in a rut. You can't really do much with your hair besides put it up or wear it down. But there are still tons of ways to play around with your look and experiment with different styles and products! I often think if I wanted to have long hair I could easily replace my hair replacement system with longer hair or even have extensions added to my current hair system without the hassle of damaging my scalp.

    For example, texturizing products can give your hair some extra volume at the roots, which will help make up for the lack of length. Also, if you use heat tools on your hair (blow dryer/flat iron), remember to use a heat protectant first so that they don't damage or break off any strands while trying out different styles.

    And lastly--don't forget about shampooing your hair wig regularly, the hair on a hair system is real human hair and needs love and care! Shampoos contain ingredients that cleanse away dirt but also conditioners which keep our locks healthy by preventing dryness from occurring over time due to constant exposure from outside elements such as pollution particles found within city areas where many people live today."


    Longer hair is usually more versatile than shorter styles

    Longer hair is usually more versatile than shorter styles. It can be braided, twisted and dreadlocked; curled or straightened; dyed in many different colours and patterns. The options are endless especially when you want to be creative with having a number of hair systems.


    Many queer folks dye their hair in wild colours and patterns, which can be bold but also fun and playful

    Dyeing your hair is a great way to express yourself. You can dye it any colour you want, or even dye it in wild patterns and designs. Many queer folks do this, as it's a fun and creative way to express yourself.


    Hair is all about fun for Brad!


    Braids, twists and dreadlocks are popular styles for long hair. If you want to try these looks but aren't sure how to style your own natural hair, extensions can be used to add length to your hair replacement system.

    Extensions come in a wide range of colours and textures and are typically attached with clips or small grips that hold them in place against your scalp where they blend seamlessly with real strands of hair.

    Another option is using products like styling waxes or pomades that help keep curly styles from frizzing out too much while giving them volume at the same time (if desired).


    Still struggling for hairstyle inspiration? Check out our haircut service and have a hair system ready to wear the moment you receive it!


    What's most important about looking good is feeling beautiful no matter what you do with your hair!

    There are so many ways to style long hair, and it's important to remember that no one way is better than any other. Many people with longer locks like braiding, twisting and dreadlocking their tresses for extra styling options. Longer hair is usually more versatile than shorter styles since you can do more with it--and it's fun experimenting with different looks!

    Have the confidence to experiment with your hair and try out some new styles. If there's anything we can take away from it all, it's that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes (and colours!). The most important thing is feeling good about yourself, so don't allow negativity to creep in.



    LGBTQ Hairstyles: Final Thoughts

    At Lordhair, we want you to embrace hair no matter who you are so look no further than Lordhair whether you want to do something about your thinning hair or you just want to mix up your look! We have those LGBTQ hairstyles covered. Want to go blonde? Then, check out our blonde color #22 hair systems. Our hair systems are made from real human hair so dye the hair if you wish (but just know that you risk reducing the lifespan of your hair system if you do since the hair will have already been treated and processed during production). We can even create a bespoke hairpiece from scratch for you. Our friendly team of hair system experts is here for you so email us at support@lordhair.com or get in touch in the comments and we'll help you with your next look!



    Ray is a guest contributor to our blogs with an extensive background in PR. Ray loves to discuss his own hair system journey by offering insights into wearing and styling a hair system as well as providing observations on the role of hair in sexual and gender identity from an LGBTQ+ perspective. Be sure to check out more of Ray’s Diversity content.



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