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    Male Hair Types, Styling, and Maintenance: Detailed Guide


    Do you ever have trouble getting your hair to look the way you want? That’s pretty common and a lot of times, it happens to people who don’t know what type of hair they have. Just like there are different lengths and colors of hair, there are also different types of hair. 

    We believe that it’s hard to attain the best possible look without understanding your hair type. That’s the reason why we decided to create this blog. 

    For the next 10 minutes, we will dive deeper into the various types of male hair and provide specific styling and maintenance tips for each. Be it straight, fine, curly, or coarse hair, our guide will cover them all! 

    But first, let us understand what hair type is. 


    What Exactly Does “Hair Type” Mean? 

    When it comes to the term ‘hair type’, men usually associate it with hairstyle or density. But in reality, it actually refers to the curl pattern of the hair. This is determined by the shape of the hair shaft. According to dermatologists, hair types are categorized into four major categories: 


    • Curly hair (oval-shaped)

    • Straight hair (round)

    • Coily hair (flat)

    • Wavy hair 


    Although it’s possible for males to temporarily alter their hair type using styling tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, and chemical treatments, these changes are temporary. Meaning, the hair will eventually return to its natural curl pattern as the strands grow.


    Male hair types


    Now that our readers are familiar with the true definition of hair types and the names of the different categories, let's delve deeper into their characteristics and specificities! 


    What Is Curly Hair Type in Men?

    Given the growing popularity of the curly hair type among males worldwide, we thought it would be a good idea to start with it. Also called type 3 hair, it is characterized by its spiral (or S-shaped) pattern. The natural shape of the hair shaft is oval, which causes the strands to curl as they grow out from the scalp. 

    Curly hair types among males can range from loose, bouncy curls to tight, defined coils. Dermatologists also state that they are often drier and more fragile in nature because natural oils from the scalp struggle to reach the ends of curls. This is also the reason why some men with curly hair face frizz, tangling, and breakage. 


    Styling and maintenance tips for curly hair type: 

    The following are useful styling and maintenance tips for men with curly hair: 


    • Use sulfate-free hair products: Got a shampoo and conditioner on your shower stand? Drop them to pick up a sulfate-free shampoo and deep conditioner instead. These will help prevent dryness and damage to curls and keep them hydrated and healthy. 

    • Avoid heat styling tools: Heat styling tools such as hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons dry out and cause damage to curly hair type. Avoid using them entirely or limit the usage to a minimum level. 

    • Avoid washing hair every day: As we said earlier, curly hair tends to be dry and fragile due to limited natural oil production. Frequently washing it every day can further strip it of these vital oils, leading to damage and dryness. To maintain healthy, hydrated curls, it's important to limit washing to once or twice a week. 


    These styling and maintenance tips and ideas will help males preserve the natural oils in the curly hair type and keep it in optimal condition.


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    What Is Straight Hair Type in Men?  

    Straight hair is a popular hair type among men worldwide. In this type, all locks move in the same direction without curves or crookedness. Lying flat and smooth on the head, straight hair can range in texture (fine, coarse, etc.) in males. 

    Men with straight hair often find it challenging to hold curls or styles that require volume.  Although it is relatively easy to care for, they are prone to appearing limp or lifeless if ignored entirely.  


    Styling Tips for Straight Hair Type: 

    Here are useful styling and maintenance tips and ideas for males with straight hair type: 


    • Use serum or hair oil: Use a small amount of serum or hair oil on the ends of your hair to tame flyaways and frizz. It will give your straight hair a shiny look and reduce frizz and flyaways.

    • Regular trims: According to our hair experts, regular trims every 6-8 weeks can help men keep straight hair looking healthy and prevent split ends. In fact, most straight-hair hairstyles look neater with regular trims. 

    • Get a silk pillowcase: Dermatologists recommend sleeping with a silk pillowcase because it causes less damage to straight hair type in comparison to a cotton pillowcase. 

    • Use SPF products: Heading out in the sun? UV exposure can break down straight hair proteins, causing it to look dull. It weakens hair's tensile and physical properties as well. Protect your hair strands either by wearing a hat or using a hair-care product with SPF. 


    Male hair types


    What Is Coily Hair Type?  

    Type 4 hair, better known as coily hair, is characterized by tight curls that are thick and coarse in texture. The curls are often tightly packed together and have sharper zigzag patterns. Coily hair is the most fragile hair type and is prone to dryness, breakage, and shrinkage. 

    Males with this type of hair also may find it difficult to manage their hair and have to provide it moisture and special care to maintain its health. Dermatologists believe that with different products and styling techniques, coily hair can be tamed and managed. 


    Maintenance tips for coily hair type: 

    Here are some useful styling and maintenance tips for males with this type of hair: 


    • Use a wide-tooth comb: A wide-tooth comb easily moves through coily curls and minimizes breakage and damage. Men can also use their fingers to detangle coily hair. 

    • Wear silk scarves: Dermatologists state that wearing a silk scarf on hair while sleeping can help keep this hair type soft, moisturized, and tangle-free. Why do you ask? Because silk is a smoother fabric than cotton. Meaning, hair strands will be less likely to get caught or tangled in the fibers of the scarf.  

    • Pick the right hair products: To keep your coily hair in the best shape, it’s important to pick the right products. So, consult a dermatologist to get advice on hair care products.  


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    What Is Wavy Hair Type in Gents?  

    Our guide on different male hair types will be considered incomplete without discussing wavy hair. It has a natural bend to it and falls between straight and curly. Men with wavy strands have thicker, more substantial textures than those with straight hair strands. 

    Despite making men look dapper, wavy hair can be difficult to style since it is not quite straight or curly. Hair experts also have to say that this type of hair can be prone to frizziness, which can be aggravated by humidity or weather changes. 


    Girls with wavy hair can try these tips


    Styling and maintenance tips for wavy hair type: 


    The following are some useful styling and maintenance tips for men with wavy hair: 


    • Use the right products: Avoid using heavy gels or pomades that can weigh down the waves. Instead, look for products that are specifically formulated for wavy hair. Hair products such as styling creams, sea salt sprays, and mousses can help men enhance and define the natural wave pattern of wavy hair.

    • Air-dry: Try air-drying wavy hair whenever possible. It will help in avoiding frizziness and retaining moisture more effectively. If blow-drying is necessary, be sure to use a diffuser attachment and a heat-protectant product to minimize damage and maintain the natural shape of waves. 

    Male hair types


    Different Male Hair Types: Final Words

    There you go!  We told everything about different types of male hair and provided some helpful tips for styling and maintaining each type. Keep in mind that figuring out the right hair type is the first step in achieving the best possible look for your hair strands. Once identified, you can consider the aforementioned tips to achieve and preserve a healthy, stylish look. 

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    Got any queries for us? Send them to support@lordhair.com and have them answered by our hair experts. 



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