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    8 Beginner-Friendly Wigs and Toupees to Buy in 2023


    Stepping into the world of non-surgical hair units for the first time can be both exciting and overwhelming. Whether you’re a woman seeking a fresh look or a man with hair loss, finding the perfect beginner-friendly wig or toupee is essential. 

    A lot of first-timers don’t know what hair replacement unit they should buy to meet their hair needs. If you’re one of them, keep reading! Lordhair - trusted globally for toupees and wigs - is here to guide you through this transformative journey. 

    We have curated a list of 8 beginner-friendly wigs and toupees perfect for newbies. Embrace confidence and versatility with our handpicked selection, designed to cater to your unique style and preferences. 


    Which Are the Best Beginner-Friendly Wigs and Toupees? 

    Here’s a selection of the best hair replacements units perfect for first-time buyers: 


    SuperSkin-V and hair toupee essentials 

    The toupee-buying journey can be filled with challenges beyond just selecting the right unit for first-time male buyers. In addition to the toupee (also known as a hairpiece, hair system, topper, and wig), one must also take into account essentials like adhesive tape, hair color ring, and more. This is where our SuperSkin-V and beginner set comes to the rescue, making the process seamless and stress-free. 

    Alongside the beginner-friendly hair unit, the kit also includes various adhesive tapes, a color ring, measuring tape, a marker, a tail comb, and a wig holder. With all the necessary tools at your disposal, achieving a natural and confident look has been easier. 

    The SuperSkin-V hair toupee has a transparent super thin skin base with a thickness between 0.06mm to 0.08mm. It is also made using a knotless V-loop ventilation technique which lets men freely style the hair in any direction. With a standard CC front contour, the 8” x 10” base of SuperSkin-V can be cut down prior to shipment.


    beginner friendly wigs


    Sheena: Beginner-Friendly hair wig for women  

    For women who begin facing thinning at the crown area and are looking for a non-surgical solution, this beginner-friendly wig makes perfect sense! The Sheena wig is constructed using a 5” x 6.5” silk top base that has 100% human hair injected into it. Since it has an absolutely invisible hairline and center parting, no one will be able to tell that you are wearing a hair wig from up close. 

    This wig brings soft and healthy Indian hair that can be washed and heat-styled just like real scalp hair. Available in 3 unique long hair lengths (12”, 14”, and 16”), this wig can be attached easily using 5 clips on the base. Women can buy this stock unit for US$219 only.


    beginner friendly wigs


    SuperSkin-F: Beginner-Friendly frontal hairpiece

    Introducing our SuperSkin-F hair toupee, the perfect solution for men experiencing frontal hair loss. Its ultra-thin transparent skin base (measuring just 0.06 - 0.08mm thick) offers one of the lightest and most natural-looking options on the market. Comfortable and easy to attach and clean, it guarantees a soft and seamless experience.

    This beginner-friendly toupee features V-lopped human hair that mimics the appearance of hair naturally growing from the scalp. With a front contour as standard, you can choose from various base sizes and hair colors. Regain your confidence and style effortlessly with the SuperSkin-F hair wig! 


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    Onika: Beginner-Friendly hair wig for girls

    It’s time to meet Onika, the new beginner-friendly wig that is taking the hair industry by storm with its exceptional features! It is crafted from 100% straight, luxurious European human hair that ensures a soft and high-quality feel.

    Available in various lengths, from 6" to 10", the Onika hair wig empowers women to unleash their creativity and achieve stunning looks effortlessly.

    The wig base of Onika boasts a thin skin construction, with the European hair meticulously punched in. This eliminates any visible knots and allows a hyper-realistic appearance, seamlessly blending with the scalp. With its medium hair density, Onika emerges as the perfect short-hair wig for aspiring wig wearers in 2023. 


    SuperSkin-V: Men’s hair toupee 

    OK, we understand the confusion but let's clear things up! While we previously mentioned SuperSkin-V along with a wig accessories kit, we also understand that not everyone wants the full package. For those seeking just a beginner-friendly hair wig, we present SuperSkin-V as a separate listing.

    This hair unit continues to be renowned for its exceptional quality and advanced features. Made with real human hair (with only the gray strands being synthetic), it provides a seamless solution for men dealing with baldness. Offering a wide range of more than 25 hair colors, SuperSkin-V ensures a natural and realistic appearance.

    This top-tier hair toupee features a transparent super-thin skin base, along with V-looped hair, measuring between 0.06mm and 0.08mm in thickness. The 8” x 10” base can be conveniently trimmed before shipment to suit individual preferences. Embrace confidence and restore your hair effortlessly with the SuperSkin-V hair toupee.


    Jessica: Hair wig for newbies

    One of the best wigs that first-time wearers can buy from our website in 2023! Our Jessica hair wig is favored by women who seek semi-permanent hair units. In simple words, those who want to wear their hair continuously for a month while engaging in activities like swimming with confidence. 

    Jessica’s soft and glossy Indian strands offer the look and feel of real hair. This beginner-friendly wig comes with a hair density of 130-140%. The invisible French lace base of Jessica measures 7” x 9” meaning it is designed as a topper for women experiencing partial hair loss or thinning on the crown area. 

    Experience the magic of its virtually invisible lace that is not only breathable but also offers a seamless and natural hairline! 


    Champion: Beginner-Friendly toupee for males

    The Champion hair wig, true to its name, embodies excellence. It has an 8” x 10” full French soft lace base that ensures unparalleled breathability and comfort. Reinforced stitching lines preserve the premium hair wig’s shape and contour, granting remarkable durability. 

    Achieving a hyper-realistic look is no biggie with the Champion beginner-friendly hair wig, thanks to its human hair strands. It replicates the natural feel and movement of real hair. Medium-light hair density combined with bleached knots at the front creates a seamless appearance as if the hair is naturally growing from the scalp. 

    Men can customize the Champion hair wig like the rest of our stock wigs using Lordhair’s cut-in services. Please note that the final price of this exceptional beginner-friendly hair unit will depend on what additional services you choose.    

    The base of the Lordhair Champion full French lace hair system

    Melody: Women’s hair wig for beginners

    Our list of beginner-friendly wigs and toupees would be considered incomplete without talking about our Melody hair unit. This wig is perfect for women facing hair loss, especially on the top and front. The base design of Melody comprises breathable French lace for the top and front areas. It provides an undetectable front hairline that appears entirely natural. 

    Keeping the hair wig firmly on the head without any unwanted movements is no problem with this hair unit, thanks to its stretch mesh and anti-slip silicon straps. Offering 14 inches of long human Virgin hair with a center parting, the Melody hair wig is available in blonde. 


    best beginner friendly wigs


    Shop Beginner Hair Wigs and Toupees with Lordhair

    We've showcased the best beginner-friendly hair wigs and toupees for both men and women. For those stepping into the world of hair systems for the first time, these non-surgical hair recovery options offer a seamless and comfortable experience, ensuring a smooth transition toward your desired look.

    Didn’t find a wig or toupee of your choice? No worries. Check out our complete catalog of stock and custom hair units to find the one that best meets your hair goals. Contact us today with any of your queries as our wig experts will be more than happy to help you out!