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    Why Asian Hair for Your Hair System?



    Did you know that human hair replacement systems are more cost-effective than synthetic wigs? Yes, it's true! The processing, the shipping and everything else involved is actually far less costly. But have you ever wondered what type of hair is used in creating the human hair system? Is it Asian, European, or Brazilian? Well, it’s all kinds but Asian hair dominates the market.

    It's also important for wearers to know that the strands on their hair systems (also referred to as toupees, hair wigs, hairpieces, and toppers) are real human hair, and ethically sourced. Let’s start by understanding where it's sourced from!

    Ethically Sourced Human Hair from Asia

    I've been a hair system wearer for over three years now and have purchased a range of hair replacement systems with real human hair and it was important for me to know the hair in my possession was ethically sourced and donated willingly. People who are blessed to have a lot of hair also like to have their hair cut, so why should they waste their hair if they can make a nice living from their unwanted strands? Most human hair for hair systems is sourced from Asian countries where people's hair follicles are robust.

    Human hair donations from Asian countries are a great way to help those in need. Many people in Asia get their hair cut and sell it to hair suppliers or they donate it to charities that make wigs for cancer patients. It makes me feel wonderful to know, that not only have I found a solution to disguise my hair loss but I also have helped a person in need, as supply is in demand.


    Did you know that apart from selling Asian hair systems, we have our own Free Wigs for Kids campaign?


    Asian Countries and Supply of Human Hair Strands 



    The beauty industry has been growing in Asia and many people are working hard to support their families by selling their hair. This is a great way for some to make a living.

    By now, we know hair loss is something that can happen naturally. It can also happen when someone has an autoimmune disease such as alopecia or lupus, but even then it's important not to lose hope because there are many options available.

    The ethnic group that makes up most of Asia, including India, China, Japan, and North and South Korea, has a high percentage of people with straight or wavy hair. This is because Asian people tend to have thicker hair follicles which means their hair grows faster than those with other types of curls.

    Asian hair follicles are strong. You will be surprised to know that the high demand for hair systems with Asian hair is not limited to this factor. There's more to it!


    Hair Systems with Asian Strands Are More Durable



    Asian women also have a higher chance of having straight or wavy hair than African American women (who are more likely to have curly hair). This is because they have more estrogen in their bodies than African American women which stops their hair from growing too quickly and keeps it from turning into curls.

    Asian hair is extremely popular with women because it grows at a faster rate and in thicker strands than other hair types.

    If you have Asian hair, you should know that it is more resistant to damage than other types of hair. It's also very soft and shiny, so it stays healthy for longer than many other types of hair.

    The way Asian hair looks is something that draws people to it. Although there are many different types of hair, most hairdressers and even hair system manufacturers agree that Asian hair strands are by far one of the most beautiful and unique. Not to mention that they also grow at a faster rate and are stronger than western hair. Because of this reason, and many others, Asian hair is being used more and more in today's day and time for hair extensions and hair replacement systems. That is certainly the case with Lordhair.


    Check out our stock range of women's wigs! Different hair types are available including Asian hair!


    What Are My Hair Type Options with Lordhair?

    The default hair type of our stock hair systems and wigs is Indian human hair. But why Indian hair if I'm Caucasian? First of all, genetically speaking, Indian hair is very similar to Caucasian hair and secondly, because of its fine follicles, it is particularly responsive to colour and texture processing.  

    That's not to say that we don't offer different types of hair options. A superior hair quality that stays softer and silkier for longer such as Indian Remy hair is important to some. If you are looking to learn more then be sure to read about the different types of hair that Lordhair offers. 



    Of course, we'd be more than happy to help you decide on the hair type to suit your needs as well as all other aspects of your hair systems. So, please just reach out to us at support@lordhair.com, via any of the ways listed below or in the comments section.



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