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    Synthetic Wigs vs. Human Hair Wigs - In-depth Guide by Lordhair

    First-time wig buyers often end up confused while deciding between synthetic wigs and natural hair wigs. With the improvement of technology both the wigs look and feel almost similar, making it harder for us to choose between them. Alas, you ought to select the right type on the basis of your need. But what is the 'right type'? The answer is, there is no right or wrong.


    You can choose a synthetic wig or a natural hair wig according to what you find suitable and most comfortable. In this blog, Lordhair brings will tackle the topic of synthetic wigs vs. human hair wig to help you make the right call.


    Before anything else, let's see what makes these two types of wigs different from each other.


    Synthetic vs. Human Hair Wigs – Definition



    What’s natural hair wig - As the name suggests, a natural hair wig is made of real human hair. These wigs and hair systems are designed with hair donated or sold by people, making the end product look and feel exactly like real hair. Majorly, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and European hair is used to produce 100% natural human hair wigs. Hair replacement systems made from real hair are so natural that it is almost impossible to point them out as wigs.


    What’s synthetic hair wig - Synthetic hair wig is made from a man-made fiber that mimics the hair quality and looks very real. The synthetic hair technology has evolved so much that modern-day synthetic wigs are just one step behind natural hair wigs in terms of naturalness. They get their look, style, colour, and texture through chemicals.


    Although synthetic and real hair wigs look and feel similar, they have their share of differences. Have a look at the pros and cons of both to gain a better understanding of ‘synthetic wigs vs. human hair wigs’ debate.


    Pros of natural hair wig

           1. Natural hair wig gives the exact look and feel of real hair. It is difficult for anyone to differentiate between real human hair and natural hair wigs.

           2. They are very easy to style as they have the same styling tendency as the natural hair. Whether you like curls, straight or any other type of hair, natural hair wig can deliver!

           3. If you are a fan of hair colouring, human hair wigs are 'good to go' as they can be dyed without the risk of damaging.

           4. Since natural hair wigs or systems are made from real human hair, one can find one in any type of color, style or texture.

           5. For people with sensitive skin, natural human hair wigs and systems are perfect since they are all-natural and minimize the chances of itchiness and rash.

    Those who have done their research on ‘human hair wigs vs. synthetic wigs’ will agree that above are the reasons natural hair wigs are the first-choice of wig wearers. However, they bring a couple of challenges as well. Below are the same!


    Cons of natural hair wigs:


           1. Human hair wig needs extra care in terms of oiling, washing and conditioning to maintain their lifespan. Only organic and mild shampoo & conditioner should be used to clean natural human hair wig. Here’s  how to wash natural hair wigs & toupees.


            2. Cost of natural hair wigs is a little higher than synthetic hair wigs. This often makes us think which one to buy, ‘human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs’.


    Pros and cons are not just limited to natural hair wig or system. Synthetic hair replacement products also have their share. Let’s start by underlining an important detail:

    Synthetic hair wigs are mainly of two types.


             1. Synthetic hair wig

             2. Heat friendly synthetic hair wigs


    Pros of synthetic hair wig:

             1. Synthetic hair wig doesn't need much styling. They are pre-styled and don't easily lose their style and texture.

             2. Since made of strong artificial fiber, synthetic hair system doesn't require a lot of effort in terms of maintenance and care.

             3. Though not as much as natural hair wigs, synthetic hair wigs also look and feel like real hair.


    Having addressed the pros of synthetic hair wigs, let’s address the cons as well before concluding the discussion on the topic, ‘human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs’


    Cons of synthetic hair wigs:

            1. Synthetic hair wigs are sensitive towards heat and have limited scope of styling.

            2. Due to heat sensitivity, synthetic hair systems also need special care from the hot and harmful rays of the sun.

            3. Some synthetic hair wigs have an unnatural shine which often makes people guess that the hair is unreal.

            4. Synthetic hair wigs get their color from chemicals. That's why it’s difficult to dye them like we can dye human hair wigs.


    Planning to make wigs part of your every lifestyle? Here’s what you must know about buying and wearing wigs on daily basis.


    Heat friendly synthetic hair wigs are similar to synthetic hair wigs but they can resist heat up to 350 degree of temperature. This characteristic makes it easy to style as compared to synthetic hair wigs. But the other disadvantages of regular synthetic wigs come along.


    Buy human hair & artificial hair wigs


    Now that we have studied the difference between human hair wig and artificial hair wigs, it’s clear that choosing between them is mainly choosing between durability, realistic appeal, and also pricing. For most, natural hair wigs make more sense since a realistic experience is valued highly. That said, the final decision between the synthetic wig and natural hair system lies with you!


    From front lace to full cap wigs and medical wigs to skin hair systems, Lordhair brings a huge collection of stock wigs and custom hair replacement systems at an amazing price. Benefit from our first-purchase discounts, 30-day money back guarantee, and free worldwide shipping while buying your first hair system.


    Got more queries about a wig or hair system? Email us at support@lordhair.com and we will answer all your questions! Subscribe Lordhair on Youtube to discover wig buying guides, customer reviews, and much more!