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    Human Hairpieces

    At Lordhair, we stock a wide array of real human hair hairpieces to put an end to your struggles with hair loss.

    Whether your focus is on creating the most realistic hairline possible for yourself or having a hairpiece that will last for half a year or longer, we have the hairpiece for you.

    Choose lace, thin skin, mono or a combination of these base materials to suit your needs. We use only the finest human hair for our hairpieces so you can be assured of the most natural of appearances and hair that responds in the same way as your own hair.

    We ship our stock human hair hairpieces within 24 hours of payment and since we use international couriers you will receive your order in less than a week wherever you are in the world.

    Human Hairpieces Human Hairpieces
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    Mens Hair Units FAQs

    Men's hair units are popular for men who are looking to solve their hair loss. Men's hair units are essentially pieces of material that cover up your head, and human hairs knotted into this material produce the appearance of actual scalp-grown hairs. Men's hair units are highly recommended for quality as well as look in comparison with factory manufactured wigs or toupees.


    The lifespan of a human hair men’s toupee can be last up to 1 year depending on the maintenance and care, but in most cases they last 4 – 6 months. The most realistic wigs are skin man hair, with the shortest life expectancy. Lace systems are ideal for active individuals who sweat frequently as they're more breathable and realistic than mono wigs. However, mono wigs last much longer overall.


    You have three options when it comes to attaching a human hair men’s toupee to your scalp, including clips, tape or glue. The most popular among them is either tape or glue - you can keep the wig on for around a month before you need to properly clean it.


    It's pretty easy to get a human hair men’s toupee with clips that can be worn daily. You don't have to worry about damaging the wig when you are sleeping in it or showering, because they are removable. These types of wigs tend to last much longer if you wear them!


    Contrary to rumor, hair units for men don't fall off easily as they are attached securely to your scalp with either water-resistant tape or bonding that is strong. The majority of men who wear this style can continue their daily activities including sleeping and swimming!


    Choosing the right men’s hair units is not always easy. You should consider how thick it looks when attached to your head, and judge its density based on ethnicity and age-which will be a good fit for you. These are some general rules:


    ● Men’s hair units for Caucasians: extra-light to medium-heavy (60%-140%)


    ● Men’s hair units for Latin Americans: light-medium to medium-heavy (100%-140%)


    ● Men’s hair units for Indian/Arabs: medium to heavy (120%-160%)


    ● Men’s hair units for East Asians: medium to heavy (120%-160%)


    ● Men’s hair units for Blacks: medium to heavy (120%-160%)


    ● Men’s hair units for 50+ years old: 1 or 2 densities lighter than what you would choose at 20


    A heavy men’s hair unit is still too heavy for 96%+ of wearers and most of them will choose medium (120%). Heavy and extra heavy is predominantly used for costume/theatrical purposes compared to real life.