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    Human Hair or Synthetic Hair: What’s Best for a Hair System?

    There are a lot of ways in which hair systems differ from each other but the biggest one is the type of hair. Both human hair and synthetic hair have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. This is precisely why first-time wearers often end up confused when deciding between the two.


    In this detailed blog, Lordhair will share the major differences between human and synthetic hair to help buyers make an informed decision. So, let’s start with what often matters the most to modern wearers.

    Synthetic hair vs human hair


    Real vs Synthetic: Appearance


    The most noticeable difference between natural hair and synthetic hair is the appearance itself. No matter the quality of the fiber used in a synthetic hair system, it will not look as natural as a hair system with real hair.


    A human hair system will not be as shiny as a synthetic one, and this adds to its natural appeal. This is the biggest reason why human hair systems have a great demand globally.


    Real vs. Synthetic: Feel


    Appearance is important but what about the feel of the hair when you run your hand through your hair? While human hair feels real for obvious reasons, synthetic hair does not because it is not made from the protein, keratin.


    Hair systems designed using real human hair deliver a natural feel and are, therefore, widely preferred by men across the world. So, if you are looking for a silky-smooth, hair-like feel, choosing natural hair for your hair system over artificial hair is definitely the best choice.

    Feeling of real hair and synthetic hair

    Real or Synthetic: Color


    Modern hair system brands like Lordhair retain the original color of human hair since this gives a completely natural finish to the hair system. On top of that, if the wearer wishes to experiment with color, it is easier to do so with natural hair.


    Synthetic hair is made from artificial hair fiber and as such it is vulnerable to chemical bleaching and coloring. This can also affect the wearer if they are sensitive to specific chemicals.


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    Real vs. Synthetic: Texture


    Human hair has many different types of texture. Synthetic hair, however, is textured similarly from top to bottom. The texture of real hair is hard to replicate with artificial fibers hence why synthetic wigs or hair systems do not deliver a natural appearance.



    Real or Synthetic: Durability


    Durability is where synthetic hair really makes a dent in human hair systems. If used in a hair system, artificial hair can last more than a year. Two years if worn with extreme care! In comparison, a high-quality human hair system has a small lifespan of three to five months. Add a month more if you take good care of it!


    While synthetic hair does not lose its sheen with time, real hair does since it is not getting any nourishment from the scalp.


    Real vs. Synthetic: Climate


    Climate is a big factor when the suitability of synthetic hair wigs is being discussed. Artificial hair is notorious for heating up in the summer and the hair struggles to keep the scalp cool. On the contrary, human hair plays a crucial role in making a hair system breathable meaning your scalp will be cool even in the scorching summers.


    Bear in mind that climate can affect the appearance of hair. Human hair, for example, will frizz or it will fade from sunlight whereas climate will not cause any change in appearance to synthetic hair.  


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    human hair wigs


    Real or Synthetic: Sensitivity


    Human hair restores moisture every time it is conditioned and nourished the right way. This prevents it from getting damaged from direct heat, sweat, dust, and other natural elements. That said, hair systems made of 100% human hair require regular care and upkeep to maintain their quality.


    A synthetic hair system, on the other hand, cannot retain moisture even if you treat it with a conditioner. Therefore, it needs extreme care when worn in hot climates. This drawback also makes it unsuitable for places of work where the heat is more than normal.


    Real vs. Synthetic: Price


    Hair systems made of real human hair usually carry a bigger price tag because real hair is expensive and sourced from all over the world. In comparison, synthetic hair is cheap so hair replacement products made with it end up being less costly.


    That said, buying your human hair system directly from the manufacturer rather than from a meditator can greatly reduce the cost.


    That brings an end to our in-depth comparative analysis of human hair and synthetic hair.


    Real and Synthetic Hair Comparison: Final thoughts


    Modern hair systems are changing the lives of people struggling with hair loss and they are doing it without the risks that come with surgery and medication. In the last decade, Lordhair has transformed hundreds of thousands of lives with its growing range of human hair replacement systems. To give you a real-life example, check out how our human hair replacement systems have made a difference for John’s.



    Order your first human hair system from Lordhair and get a discount along with lightning-fast delivery. If you are unsure about anything then send in your hair system-related queries to support@lordhair.com and our team of hair experts will happily help you out. 

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