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    Trichotillomania- Meaning, Causes & Human Hair Wigs For Trich

    Nearly 2% of the general population suffers from trichotillomania. Trich is a medical condition when someone can’t resist the urge to pull out their hair. Trich causes hair loss and  triggers psychological disorders like loss of self esteem and also depression in the long run.


    A human hair wig can be helpful in overcoming the loss caused by trichotillomania to a great extent. Through this blog, Lordhair aims to shed light on Trichotillomania amongst men & women, its symptoms, causes, and how using a human hair replacement products are helpful for people suffering from hair pulling disorder.


    Before continuing, it will be wise to know the causes of trichotillomania:


    Causes of trichotillomania


    Occurence of trich is not dependent on a single factor. There are many reasons that can contribute to trichotillomania. Below are some medical reasons that lead to this medical condition:

             - A form of Obsessive Complex Disorder (OCD)

             - Changes in hormone levels during pubert

             - A self-technique to relieve from emotional distress

    Hair pulling triggered by this disorder falls in below two categories:

            - Focused. This case involves conscious or willful hair pulling. Some patients find specific spots on their scalp to pull of their hair.

           - Automatic. This is an unintentional behaviour. Here, people pull out their hair unknowingly while reading, watching TV, during anxiety, stress and even excitement.

    Hair pulling is a habit that makes someone feel satisfied by pulling off own hair. Whatever may be the cause, the result is always disastrous as scalp loses hair strands and the its visual impact demoralises the patient to a great extent. Medications won’t work much in this case as the condition is psychological, not physical.




    Treatment of trichotillomania


    Many patients take medication, but these antidepressants are not a permanent cure of trich. Trich is somehow medically treated by Cognitive Behavioural Theory. But it takes a lot of time to get rid of the condition as every patient has different emotional and mental status.


    Family’s patience and support are needed to overcome this medical condition that trichotillomania has caused. To get rid of this unhealthy habit, a healthy alternative is to be thought of.


    Trichotillomania & hair systems


    Some people may pull out handful of hair every time they get anxious and get bald patches on the scalp or eyebrows. Few people pull out their hair one strand at a time. But in both case, loss is severe.


    Human hair wigs is gaining popularity as the easiest solution of trich. There are trichotillomania specific hair replacement systems that cover up the bald patch on the scalp and help in regaining your lost self esteem and confidence.


    Take a look at the best medical wigs for Trichotillomania.


    A human hair wig has several other benefits like:

        - Variety of style options- A custom human hair wig can be designed according to your needs and specifications.

          - Convenience & maintenance- Human hair wigs are easy to handle, convenient to store and maintain.

          - Protection to original hair- Wigs offer protection to the natural hair from pollution, solar radiation and chemicals.


    Trichotillomania is a psychological disorder and can be diagnosed by its symptoms. Below is the list showing symptoms of trich:


    Symptoms of trichotillomania

          - Feeling relaxed once you pull off your hair

          - Biting, chewing and eating your pulled off hair

          - Most of the times hair is pulled off in private

          - Considerable amount of visual hair damage

          - Rubbing  pulled hair across skin while playing with it

          - Uncontrollable urge to pull off hair

          - An unsuccessful attempt to avoid the urge to pull off hair


    Using a human hair wig protects the hair from further damage and also covers the scalp with a hair system that hides your bald patch caused by trich. There are few other things that a trich patient should follow and overcome trichotillomania.



    Recovery from hair pulling disorder

          - Maintain the record of your hair pulling in the same manner as you maintain a diary for calculating expenses. It acts as a reminder so that next time the urge strikes, you are prepared in advance to fight it.

          - Try to remember the incidences or circumstances when you mostly pull off your hair. If possible, try to avoid those events where you get paranoid and do self harm.

           - Replace your hair pulling by playing with a stress ball. Try to grab some air. This will lower the stress level in your body and there will be less panic around.

           - Family and friends are always there when emotional support is needed. In trich, the most a patient needs is support and understanding. It will make you much relaxed.


    Above are few things that can be easily done to avoid hair pulling.

    Researchers believe that hormones, neuroanatomy, genetics, emotions and environment contribute towards the unconscious effort to pull out hair.  Some pull off hair to get rid of anxiety, while some do this to tackle loneliness, aggression and excitement.

    But the end result is that ugly bald patch and several skin diseases to which the scalp gets exposed. While this condition affects teenagers and young adults the most, women tend to pull their hair more often in comparison to men.

    The damage caused by trich is almost irreversible. Very few recommend hair transplant as solution to this disorder because cost of hair transplant is sky high and there is no guarantee that these medical treatments are skin friendly.

    The best & cost effective method to tackle the situation is by using a hair system. Human hair wigs are far much cheaper than a hair transplant.

    Check out the best 100% human hair wigs for men.


    Buy medical wigs online

    Lordhair offers a vast variety of quality custom made 100% human hair medical wigs that are made according to the customers needs. Choose a hair system today and regain lost confidence and self esteem which trichotillomania took away from you.

    Looking for a medical hair system for your scalp? Email Lordhair at support@lordhair.com  and get your customized trichotillomania hair system today.

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