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    7 Remy Hair Toppers for Men and Women That are nothing but amazing

    Remy hair toppers are loved for their realistic appeal, long lifespan, vast styling options, and unparalleled affordability. Designed using top-notch materials, these hairpieces for men and women are majorly designed to make bald spots on the scalp disappear but are also worn to add volume to their existing hair, facilitating versatile styling options that are in accordance with the latest trends. Since our collection of Remy hair extensions and hair systems is huge, Lordhair decided to list the most beloved Remy hair toppers in this blog. Read on to discover the best human hair Remy wigs for men and women that have become popular in 2020:


    Champion Remy hair system for men

    Champion Remy hair toppers have promptly gained recognition and popularity among men after it was released. This is the reason why we decided to start off our list with this natural-looking hair system. Champion Remy brings a full French lace base that’s highly breathable, durable, and lightweight. 


    Champion Remy hairpiece comes with high-quality Remy hair which is thicker, stronger, and more long-lasting than the synthetic hair used in ordinary wigs. Thanks to its bleached knots, it gives the appearance of hair coming out of the scalp. 


    Champion Remy hair topper is available in 10+ shades and has a price of US$279. 


    Remy hair system for men


    Lily: Silk top Remy hairpiece for women


    Lily is one of the best Remy hair toppers for women in our catalog. Its 5x5 inches base is constructed using a silk top that offers 100% realistic appearance, matched with the Remy hair injected through a layer of thin skin. The 4 clips sewn into the silk top base make the Lily wig easy to wear and remove. 


    The Chinese Remy hair of Lily hair topper has medium density and a length of 10 inches. In case you love long hair, you can customize the hair length for up to 18 inches! The most interesting detail about its straight Remy hair is that it can be styled, cut, and treated just like your own hair.


    Available in color similar to off-black (#1B), Lily: silk top Remy extension can be yours for US$179 only. 


    Remy hairpiece for women


    SuperSkin Remy hair topper for men

    SuperSkin Remy hair topper has been helping men across the globe deal with hair loss for quite some time now. Designed using a 0.08mm translucent thin skin base, this human hair Remy extension offers unparalleled features of luxury like high breathability, comfort, and lightweight. 


    Crafted using 100% Remy human hair, every single strand of SuperSkin Remy hair topper has undergone almost zero chemical treatment to guarantee the most optimal texture and natural appeal with all cuticles pointing in the same direction, making it less prone to matting or tangling


    Available at an attractive price of US$269, choose your SuperSkin hair topper from 35+ alluring colors. 


    Remy hair topper for men


    Dahlia: Women’s silk top Mongolian Remy wig 


    Dahlia is 100% Remy hair topper for women featuring the unique Mongolian hair. The strands used for this hair system undergo minimal processing which helps  retain its natural shine for a long period of time. Dahlia human hair wig has a medium-heavy hair density and its length can be selected between 12-20 inches. 


    Being popular among ladies suffering from hair thinning, the 6” x 7” base of Dahlia hair system is designed using silk top with ½” NPU around and ⅛” folded lace front with clips. While the above features make it completely undetectable, the use of clips makes attachment and removal extremely easy.

    Dahlia Remy wig is available in 5 unique colors and can be yours for US$279. 


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    YJS014: Remy hair topper for men


    YJS014 silk mono Remy hair topper is a popular hair restoration solution for men dealing with hair loss. It has a carefully-designed three layer base that combines silk mono top base, 1” wide PU on sides and back; and ½” French lace front. 

    This hair topper brings 6 inches of pure Remy hair that’s knotted to the net base before being pulled through a silk mono top. A soft diamond net is added to the underside the YJS014 hair topper to make it softer, more comfortable, and morebreathable.  


    At US$299, this Remy hairpiece for men is one of the best priced modern human hair wigs in the market. 


    Remy hair toppers


    S22: Ultra-thin skin Remy hair topper 


    Men who don't want to compromise on realness, breathability, and comfort should go with our S22 hair topper. Designed using 0.03mm transparent ultra-thin skin base, this custom hair system is built to last and has a global demand.  


    Measuring 6” from the root to the tip, S22 skin hair topper is designed using 100% Indian human hair. The V-looped hair knotting of this hairpiece delivers natural hairline while allowing off-the-face styling.


    With medium-light hair density, S22 hair topper is available in Olive Drab color and has a price tag of US$239. Since this is a custom hair system, it can be customized to include Remy hair and any other available options in terms of its specifications.


    Witness how Chris’ personality changed after wearing a hair system




    Aster: Silk top Remy hair topper for women


    Aster is a recent addition to our ever-growing collection of Remy human hair wigs for women. This hairpiece has a 16cm X 18cm silk top with a mono base which combines PU, ⅛” folded lace front, and ribbon on back and sides, giving rise to  the appearance of the hair coming out from the scalp. 


    High-quality Mongolian Remy human hair makes the Aster hair topper unbelievably realistic. Whilst the clips around the edge of this human hair Remy extension make attachment convenient, women can also use tape or glue to lock its position. 


    Being heat-friendly in nature, it can be easily straightened, curled, or styled upon your wish. Aster hair wig can be purchased for US$239 only.


    Remy hair topper for women



    Shop Remy hair toppers at best price

    Remy hair toppers are widely preferred by men and women who value realness and comfort more than anything else. At Lordhair, our goal is to design hair replacement systems that people can wear to gain more confidence and to live everyday life with a smile on their faces. While we have been designing hair systems for men for more than a decade now, our wigs for women are equally popular and have a global demand.  


    If none of the above Remy hair systems matches your unique need, we highly recommend browsing our catalog of hair replacement systems to find the one that best fits your goals. Got any queries regarding Remy hair toppers? Send them to support@lordhair.com and get personalized answers from our hair experts!


    Follow Lordhair on Slideshare for infographics, product catalogs, and much more.