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  • Skin hairpiece with remy hair
  • Skin hairpiece with remy hair
  • Skin hairpiece with remy hair
  • Skin hairpiece with remy hair
  • Skin hairpiece with remy hair
  • Skin hairpiece with remy hair
  • Skin hairpiece with remy hair
  • Skin hairpiece with remy hair
  • Skin hairpiece with remy hair
  • Skin hairpiece with remy hair
  • Skin hairpiece with remy hair
  • Skin hairpiece with remy hair

Men’s Hairpiece with High-Quality Remy Hair by Lordhair

Product Code: SuperSkin Remy

This hairpiece replacement is made with high-quality Remy hair so the hair color can last a long time. With its V-looped hairline and thin skin base, the SuperSkin Remy hair system is very natural-looking.

Regular Price: US$399.00

Special Price US$289.00

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As part of our CSR program, we are offering free, fully-customized wigs to children under the age of 12 who are suffering from hair loss.

As such, we will donate $1 to this cause for every Lordhair hair system that we sell.

For more information, please visit Free Wigs for Kids:



The SuperSkin Remy has a full thin skin base that will take on the appearance of your scalp when worn. With the base being made entirely of thin skin, it is easy to clean and easy to attach tape or glue to.

This men’s hair system has all the realism of our SuperSkin stock hair system (V-looped hair on the front 1/2” of a graduated hairline) but as its names implies, this model has higher quality Remy hair.

Remy hair has all its cuticles intact and pointing in the same direction which means it is less prone to matting or tangling.

What’s more, you will find that each strand of Remy hair is stronger than normal human hair. So, if you are looking for premium-quality hair in a stock hair system, then consider the SuperSkin Remy.

The differences between Remy human hair and Normal human hair:

Remy hair

The SuperSkin Remy comes with medium-light density hair in a choice of more than 10 hair colors.

We will ship this hair system out once we have received payment and you can then expect it in just three to five business days.

Below are the specifications for this product:

Base Design  Translucent super thin skin base all over, 0.08mm skin
Knotting Method Single split knots, v-looped hair in front hairline
 Base Size  8’’ x 10’’
  Base Material Color Transparent
  Front Contour Standard CC shape
Colors Available #1, #1A, #1B, #1B05, #1B10, #1B20, #1B30, #1B40, #1B50, #2, #205, #210, #220, #230, #240, #250, #3, #305, #310, #320, #330, #340, #350, #4, #405, #410, #420, #430, #440, #450, #4ASH, #5, #6, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22
 Hair Length  5"
Hair Density  Medium Light
 Hair Type  100% Human Remy hair
Curl & Wave  30mm
Hair Direction Freestyle
 Advantage Soft, light, natural looking front hairline, can be styled freely, easy to attach and clean
Delivery Shipment takes place within 24 hours generally.  If you need to cut the base size or pre-cut hair length before shipment, then takes longer time, usually needs an additional 3 working days.
Kind Reminder

When you receive the order, if you find there is any problem or you are unhappy with the hair piece, please do not have the unit cut, styled, colored or washed, but contact us instead. Lordhair customer service will discuss with you and try to exchange a perfect one. Rest assured that we guarantee 30-day return if the hairpiece is not cut, styled, washed, colored or used.

If you ask us to cut the base size, cut the hair length, or make any alteration to the stock system before shipment, it cannot be returned for a refund.

Please cut the excess lace or skin before you attach the hairpiece to your head.

If this stock hairpiece doesn't meet your needs, you are welcome to customize it by CLICKING HERE.

hair pieces for men with remy hair



Colors Available

Stock Hair System Colors

The hair color pictures are only for reference. Please be aware there might be color differences due to different monitors or screens.

About Hair Cut

Besides top-quality non-surgical hair systems, men’s hairpieces, and realistic wigs, we also provide top-notch hair cutting and styling service at additional price of $20 USD only. The best part is that the cut-in only takes 3 business days! Send the pictures of your favourite hairstyle to us, or choose one from the pictures below. Provide the hair length you prefer after cutting so that we can customize your super thin men’s hair system with lace front just the way you want.

Hairstyles for Hair Systems




Customer Reviews (24)

Remy is the best Review by Jonathan
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
I ordered Superskin Remy because of supply issues and I totally love it. Normally I go with lighter colors but 420 was the closest available so I would tried it. From now on I’m ordering 420 because it turned out to be a perfect match.
The Remy quality by far outweighs the extra price.
The hair itself is stronger and less processes so it does not shed as fast and stays looking healthy much longer. It's not too thick or too thin and the color does not fade. It’s the only hair I have ever been able to run a comb thru wet hair without it shedding. The only con is that like all the Superskin’s the 1/2 inch front V-loop sheds after a month so and has to be trimmed to the knotting. The front knots are exposed but since I went with a darker color and added a 25 mm perm it’s not as noticeable and still looks great.
Superskin hair system for men
(Posted on 1/29/2021)
Amazing all round!Review by Daniel H***
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
Absolute top quality! I will never even bother now to look anywhere else there is nothing better out there than these hair systems. They all look completely real and natural and last for months and months. The speed of delivery is also out of this world I’m in the Uk and it’s only ever taken about 6 or 7 days at the most to arrive! 10/10 every time. Go for it.
(Posted on 1/19/2021)
ExellentReview by Darren S***
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
Fantastic quality. Easy to put on. Very comfortable very realistic
(Posted on 11/17/2020)
Excellent HairReview by Jeff C***
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
The delivery was fast, the hair is the highest quality I’ve ever seen. It’s easy to style and easy to handle. I’m a customer for life.
Remy hair hair system
(Posted on 11/10/2020)
Amazing Review by Daniel H***
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
This is the absolute best of the best and I have tried a few in my time. The quality is outstanding and lasts for months and months. The speed of the delivery is something else. Look nowhere else this is the place for you!
(Posted on 10/10/2020)
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