7 Heat-Friendly Wigs and Toppers for Fashionable Women


Who doesn’t love styling hair? Modern women especially love to treat themselves to new hairstyles. However, this can come at a price. Being obsessed with hair styling products like curlers can lead to irreversible hair damage, and this is the reason why women have started wearing heat-friendly wigs.    


Women across the globe love our heat-friendly wigs since they can withstand heat from styling tools and come at a really affordable price. In this blog, we will share 7 popular hair wigs from our catalog that all have heat-resistant properties yet deliver a natural appearance. All these wigs from Lordhair are also well-known for being breathable, lightweight, and comfy. 


Let’s have a look at them!


Heat-friendly hair wigs and toppers


Heat-friendly wig #1: DAISY 


Our Daisy wig has been gaining popularity amongst women from day one of its launch. This is precisely the reason why we have decided to start off with this heat-friendly wig. This wig for ladies has a 5.5" x 2.75" silk top base with a ¼” NPU perimeter which gives the appearance of hair coming out of the scalp. 


Thanks to its high-quality Mongolian Remy hair, you are assured of a completely natural appearance with Daisy. The bushy underhair at the front makes the Daisy human hair wig completely undetectable. Available in 20 different colors, this top-notch hair wig for women is priced at US$169.


Heat-friendly wig 


Heat-friendly hairpiece #2: RUBY


Ruby is a recent addition to our growing collection of heat-resistant hair integration solutions for women. Popular amongst ladies suffering from hair thinning, the 6.3" x 7" base of our Ruby hairpiece is made using PE line along with a PU front. Women can simply pull their own hair through the holes of the netting and instantly give themselves a full head of thick, healthy-looking hair. 


When it comes to hair, our Ruby hairpiece is available in 10 or 12-inch, high-quality, medium-density Remy hair. You can also choose from three hair colors. Being heat-friendly, women can easily straighten or curl the hair. Our Ruby hair wig can be yours for US$179. 


Heat-friendly hairpiece


Heat-resistant silk wig #3: ASTER


Aster is one of the best hair restoration solutions to help women deal with hair loss. It has a carefully-designed base that combines a silk top, a mono base, a folded lace front, PU, and ribbon! Each plays a key part in ensuring you have a hairpiece that meets all your demands. The silk top section is very comfy and assures a very realistic appearance whilst the clips around the edge of Aster make attachment very convenient for women who may just want to wear it for fashion purposes. 


Aster is another of our hairpieces that you can curl or straighten without fear of causing any damage to the hair. At US$199, you will find that this silk top hairpiece for women compares favorably with any other modern human hair wig on the market. 


Heat-resistant silk wig


Silk top hairpiece for women #4: CASSIA


Our Cassia silk top hair system has to be included in our list of top heat-friendly hair wigs for young women. Its 6 x 6.5-inch silk top base might look very similar to Aster but it differs in its ½” fine welded mono lace front which is a lot more durable than French lace. You can also easily attach this section with tape. Then there are the four clips on the 1/2” NPU back and sides as well. 


Cassia has premium-quality Remy hair known for its softness and silkiness. This heat-resistant hairpiece for women has two hair length options (12 or 16 inches) and four color options. Order Cassia for US$219! 


10 fashionable hairstyles for your heat-friendly wig 



Mono topper for women #5: MT01 


Women looking for a hair wig that is not only heat-friendly but also super comfy should consider the MT01. This gorgeous mono topper has a fine mono base with a ⅛” folded lace front and Mongolian Remy hair. Thanks to its woven nature, the MT01 hairpiece is breathable and lightweight. 


The two NPU bands of the MT01 mono topper will maintain the shape of this hair wig which has medium-density hair. It comes with 12 or 16-inch hair and is available in three hair colors. You can purchase it for just US$199.


Mono topper for women


Heat-resistant hair wig #6: LILY


Since Lily has been helping women deal with hair thinning and mastering modern hairstyles for many years now, it deserves to be on our list of top heat-resistant wigs. The silk top guarantees hyper-realism since the hair is injected through a layer of thin skin and it will appear to be growing directly out of the scalp. It is super easy to attach and remove the Lily hair topper, thanks to the four clips sewn into the 5 x 5-inch base. 


The Lily hair wig has Chinese human hair that is strong enough to sustain the heat from curlers, straighteners, and other styling equipments. This hair wig for women comes in multiple hair length options (10, 14, 16, and 18 inches) and is available in a natural black color. As one of the most affordable heat resistant wigs in our catalog, our Lily hair system costs just US$139.





Heat-friendly human hair wig #7: LFW003


We’re going to conclude this list of heat-resistant hair wigs with the LFW003. This is another Remy hair wig that is designed to help women suffering from partial hair loss. It is a lace front hairpiece that is highly breathable and lightweight but still durable. What makes it stand out from our other wigs is its elastic straps which make adjusting and securing the wig really easy. 


The LFW003 hair wig has Chinese Remy hair which gives it a 100% natural look. As is the case with the other wigs in this list, it is heat-friendly meaning you can pull off any hairstyle with this hair wig. Medium-hair density and several hair lengths to choose from make the LFW003 Remy human hair wig great value for money at US$169. 


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That might be the end of the list of our most popular heat-friendly hair wigs for women but these are only some of the heat-resistant hairpieces in our catalog. Lordhair has a growing wigs catalog of unique hair replacement and styling products which we invite you to check out. You can wear any of our human hair hairpieces safe in the knowledge that using your regular styling products will not harm the hair.


Do you have any questions about heat-friendly wigs or hair recovery solutions? Please send them to support@lordhair.com and our experts will be happy to help. 



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