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Ultra Thin Skin Base with V-looped Human Hair Wigs for Men

At just 0.03mm in thickness, this ultra thin skin human hair wigs for men guarantees you a highly realistic look where hair will look like it's growing right out of your scalp. Its all skin base also makes for easy maintenance. 

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If you are looking for a most realistic non surgical hair replacement for men which is also low maintenance, then you should try the S22. With a transparent Ultra thin skin base and V-looped hair, the hair on the S22 human hair wigs for men looks like its growing right out of your own scalp, thanks to the knotless V-Loop technique. The V-Loop ventilation technique used for the S22 human hair wigs for men also means it can be styled in any direction. As the base is the thinnest skin available, this human hair wigs for men is light, soft and super comfortable. As the skin is so thin, medium-light density is the heaviest the S22 human hair wigs for men can hold. If you need a higher hair density, the skin needs to be made a little thicker. The S22 is the most natural human hair wigs for men. But bear in mind this model is not durable. It is a one-off product so its lifespan is one month but proper care may increase it to two months (not guaranteed). With this in mind, we suggest you order at least 3 pieces at a time. We provide big discounts when you order more pieces, making it possible for you to easily have fresh hair every month.

This is a custom made product as an example, all the specifications will be customized per your need. Below are the specifications of the product shown in the pictures for your reference.

 Base Design   Transparent ultra thin skin base with V-looped hair all over (thinnest skin 0.03mm)
   Base Size 8’’ x 10’’
Base Material Color   Transparent
 Front Contour   Standard cc shape
   Hair Color #7
  Hair Length 6" before cutting, about 4’’ after cutting
Hair Density   Medium Light
Hair Type   100% Indian Human hair
Curl & Wave   Body wave
Advantage   Undetectable base , air light, easy to attach and clean, easy to be styled freely

We have some S22 hairpieces in stock, you are welcome to order a stock S22 with immediate shipment by CLICKING HERE.

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Purchased:Ultra Thin Skin Base with V-looped Human Hair Wigs for Men


Absolutely great experience with the thin skin poly system from Lordhair. I have been purchasing their hair systems since 2018. My hair stylist said she could not believe it wasn't my own hair and if I hadn't told her she wouldn't have known. She also thought the color match was incredible. I should state that I customize my units and my hair sample and template are on file. Anyhow, I love these. Now I wish I could find a great adhesive that is easily removable, long lasting and not visible near the hairline. Most are good but not great.

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