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    How to Secure a Wig So That It Stays Rock Solid?

    In addition to getting that dazzling look, hair wigs for women help deal with hair loss triggered by aging and medical conditions. For both though, it is really important to know how to secure a wig on the head effectively.


    In this blog, Lordhair will tell about 6 great ways to secure a wig so it stays rock-solid on your head. While the application method greatly depends on hair wig design and features, these are the most popular ways to secure a wig for women: 


    Method #1 Wig tape 


    Using wig tape is a popular method to secure a hair wig and is widely preferred by ladies experiencing medical hair loss. The skin-friendly tape is attached to the underside of the hairpiece to give a secure and comfortable bond to the scalp. If attached correctly, the tape can hold a hair wig in place for many days. 


    Apart from preventing a hair wig from slipping during high winds, an adhesive tape is also an excellent choice for ladies who enjoy activities like swimming, running, and other outdoor sports. 


    Wig tape


    A quick guide to secure a wig using tape

    Using a wig tape is one of the easiest methods to secure medical hairpieces as well as fashion wigs. Follow the below steps to put on the hair wig using tape correctly: 


    • Cut some tape into small pieces. 
    • Determine the positions where you want to place the tape. 
    • Peel the protective paper from one side and carefully place it under the perimeter of your hair wig. Press the tape gently on a flat surface. 
    • Use your nails to remove the rest of the protective paper. Make sure it gets placed exactly where you want it to be. 
    • Press down the adhesive points after putting it on the head to secure the wig. 


    By following the above steps, the hair wig can be secured within a few minutes.


    Pro tip: Clean your skin around the scalp area to which the tape will be attached. 


    Method #2 Glue 


    Glue is perfect for women who don’t have any hair strands on the scalp and want to secure their hairpieces for a longer duration. When we say glue, we mean a gentle roll-on-body adhesive that easily gets washed off with water. 


    Apart from securing the hair wig’s position, wig glue is also used to secure nylons, shoulder straps, and orthopedic devices. Women with a sensitive scalp or a good amount of natural hair should avoid using wig glue. 


    Here are the reasons why tens of thousands of women across the globe are using glue for hair wig application: 


    • Glue is an economical wig application method. 
    • It is highly effective and secures the wig in perfection.
    • It is easy to apply wig adhesive. Simply roll it on, put on your wig, and you are good to go. 


    Since glue sometimes doesn’t go well with some skin types and scalp conditions, we highly recommend consulting a skin specialist before securing your hair wig with glue. 


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    Method #3 Wig clips


    Wig clips are popular amongst women with partial hair loss conditions and women who simply want to make a style statement without much hassle. 

    Wig clips are sewn into the base cap of a wig and are a great option for their ease of usability. 


    While tape and glue need to be replaced after some time, wig clips rarely need to be replaced and hence are more cost-effective in the long run. 


    Wig clips


    DIY guide to secure wig using wig clips 


    To use wig clips with your hair patch, follow the steps given below: 


    • Pull your hair back from your hairline and gather them at the nape of your neck. 
    • Position the clips into your hair and press gently until you hear a snap. This ‘snap’ means that the clip has closed successfully.   
    • Shake your head side to side to make sure that the wig position is secure.  


    In case your hair wig doesn’t come with clips, you will need to sew the clips on your own onto the wig base. 


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    Method #4 Elastic band


    Elastic bands are perfect for hair wigs that promise full-head coverage. An elastic band is usually a strip that is part of the wig and helps in attaching the hairpiece effortlessly to the head.


    Just like clips, using an elastic band to secure the wig position requires no additional effort since it is already fitted in the wig. In case the elastic band isn’t part of your wig, it needs to be sewn. While doing that, make sure that no part of the elastic shows through. 


    Pros and cons of using an elastic band 


    Wearing a wig with an elastic band works for a lot of women but it’s not everyone's favorite. Here are the reasons for both:



    • Minimal effort during attachment.
    • Perfect for ladies with less time on their hands.
    • It works with both sparse and ample hair.



    • Might pull against your scalp if applied improperly. 
    • It stretches out over time and needs to be replaced.


    Now that you know the pros and cons of using an elastic band to secure a hairpiece, it’s time to talk about our next method for securing a hair patch’s position.  


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    Method #5 Bobby pins 


    Women have been using bobby pins for securing wigs for centuries. If you need a quick way to attach a hair wig for wearing a couple of hours, bobby pins can be a good attachment option for you. This wig application method is mostly used by women with natural hair.


    Bobby pins are metal (or sometimes plastic) clips made with two flexible prongs, with one prong typically straight and the other ridged. While purchasing bobby pins, make sure they match the color of your hair integration product. Otherwise, they will attract a lot of unwanted attention. 


    Bobby pins


    How to use bobby pins to secure a wig


    In order to use bobby pins to secure a wig, follow this quick guide from Lordhair! 


    • Collect all of your natural hair and make sure it is nicely tied down. Use hairspray to tame the disorderly hair. 
    • Hold the wig with both hands and place it on your head. Make sure to put the front of the wig on first and work your way towards the back. 
    • Lift sections of your wig - starting at the front - and put the pins through the wefts of the base, and into your own hair. 


    Make sure that you put in enough pins to completely secure the wig. 


    Method #6 Silicone solution sheet


    Our list of the best ways to secure a hair wig would be incomplete without talking about this method. The silicone solution sheet is a new way to recover from hair thinning and gain a fuller head of hair through wigs. This sheet, as the name implies, is made of silicone. It comes with a needle and invisible thread. The solution strip is sewn into the base material to create a grip inside your wig. 


    A quick guide to using silicon solution sheet

    • Remove the sheet and cut it into small strips that fit the circumference of your hair patch.
    • Sew the strips into the front of the wig. Make sure to sew on both sides. 
    • Repeat the step, going front to back until you have covered the entire hair wig. 
    • At last, secure the wig to your head. 


    As you might have noticed, this is a time-consuming option to secure a hair system on the head. The easiest certainly are wigs that come with clips or elastic! 


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     Silicone solution sheet


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    Above are the 6 best methods to secure a hair wig.  Use any of these attachment methods to secure your wig or extension into position. Don’t forget to bend over and shake your head once you are done attaching your wig. This will let you know if the hair patch has attained a powerful grip on your scalp or need further adjustments. 


    Lordhair designs and ships easy-to-wear hair wigs for women to 100+ countries. Browse our wig catalog to discover hairpieces that are perfect for styling as well as hair fall coverage. 


    Send your wig queries at support@lordhair.com to consult our team of hair experts. 


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