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    Female Pattern Baldness in 20s: Hair Fall Causes and Cures [Updated for 2021]

    Female pattern baldness affects women in their twenties the same way alopecia affects men. Also known as Androgenic alopecia, this medical condition mostly emerges in the mid-20s and hair loss starts from the forehead or top of the scalp. Being a traumatic experience for young women, this condition can trigger anxiety, stress, and other psychological conditions. If not treated on time, it can create the necessity of wearing wigs for women.


    In this blog, Lordhair will explain prime causes behind pattern hair loss due in women in their 20s along with possible treatments that can help control it. Read on and share for complete understanding of the common hair thinning condition:

    hair loss front of head female


    Female pattern baldness in 20s - Introduction


    Not a lot of women face hair loss in their 20s but due to modern lifestyle and stress, androgenic alopecia is affecting more & more young adults. Doctors divide female pattern baldness into three types:


        1. Type I is a small amount of thinning that starts around a part of scalp.
        2. Type II involves widening of the part, and increased thinning around it.
        3. Type III is thinning throughout, with a see-through area at the top of your scalp.


    If proper hair loss measures aren’t followed, above three can evolve into severe hair loss conditions.


    Female hair loss causes & cures


    There is no single reason behind pattern hair loss in women. Many factors contribute to the medical condition known as androgenic alopecia. Let’s discuss the major ones with their possible treatments:


    Vitamin deficiency


    Vitamin D, E, K, B12 and C are the most nutritious vitamins for hair growth and strength. If your body is not getting the ample flush of them due to lack of proper diet or any other reason, it is possible that your hair begins to shed from the frontal scalp, resulting in hair loss in 20s.


    If you want your hair to be strong and healthy, consume leafy vegetables, fish, meat or supplements that are rich in vital vitamins. By doing this, women can automatically reduce the chances of hair loss that is triggered because of androgenic alopecia or thinning on the frontal scalp.


    wigs for women


    Hormonal Imbalance


    Female anatomy is complex and goes through several changes during different life phases. When a woman is in her 20s, the changes are radical and affect their whole being. If we become hair specific, menstruation, pregnancy and other hormonal changes activate scalp diseases like front baldness and alopecia.


    By maintaining a proper diet, opting an exercise regime, and staying stress-free can help you reduce chances of hormonal imbalance. In case some hormonal issue emerges, quick medical attention is of utmost importance.


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    wigs for women



    We have made great advancements in medicine and very close to even treat cancer but taking medicines have their share of side-effects. Hair loss is one of them. Androgenic alopecia in females who are in 20s is the most common side effect of consuming a lot of medications.


    It is best to consult your doctor in case you are facing hair loss due to alopecia and think your current medication is triggering it. By doing this, you can avoid the chances of further hair damage.     



    Bacteria/fungal infection


    Pollution, moisture, and scalp buildup are behind female pattern hair loss in 20s that in medical terms is known as androgenic alopecia or frontal scalp hair loss. Ladies sometimes unknowingly invite hair diseases due to ignorance and bad working conditions.


    Fungal and bacterial infections can be treated with gentle herbal shampoos and conditioners. Serums that contain argan oil and clarifying shampoos are best to treat scalp deposits and dirt particles. Applying these hair products in recommended quantity can help you recover from frontal hair loss or thinning on top of the head.




    The most ignored but prominent reason behind hair loss in young women is stress related to work and personal life. Androgenic alopecia is found in women in 20s who suffer from stress or depression, triggering thinning at such a young age.


    To overcome hair loss due to alopecia in young adulthood, consult your doctor for therapies including counseling, ayurvedic massages, and stress medication.




    Genetics play a very important role in determining anatomy of an individual. A family history of female pattern baldness can result in androgenic alopecia in young women in their 20s. So, we can’t always blame a medical condition for hair loss in frontal forehead in women in their adulthood.


    So, if you are facing female pattern hair loss in your 20s, the possible reason might be your genetically weak follicles. Sadly, there is very less chance of recovery with medication and therapy in such cases. Thankfully, modern hair systems can be used as a smart and affordable alternative here!


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    Medical conditions 


    Women are often unaware of the fact that illnesses can also cause hair loss in the 20s. There are lots of medical conditions that trigger hair loss among young adults. Some of the most popular ones are stress, heart conditions, high blood pressure, and autoimmune diseases.


    Consult your doctor if you are facing hair loss during a medical condition or while recovering from it. If your hair fall is medication triggered, your doctor will change the dosage of medications to check female pattern baldness before it settles down.


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    Over 10 million American women face heavy blood loss during menstruation.  Multiple studies have proven that heavy blood loss during menstruation can trigger hair loss among young adults in their twenties.




    Heavy blood loss weakens the body and affects the strength of hair strands. The same triggers the breakage of hair strands as well. It is important to maintain a proper diet during menstruation to provide nutrients to the body and hair. Also, avoid smoking while menstruating to get rid of hair loss. Read this blog to understand the relation between smoking and hair loss.


    Excessive hairstyling 


    Females in their 20s love to try new hairstyles and experiment with their look but they are unaware that overdoing the same can trigger hair loss. Using heat-powered styling equipment and incorrect hair care products weakens the strands of hair greatly and can kick start female pattern baldness in your 20s. 


    If your hair is already falling, consult with your hairstylist before trying a new haircut or treatment. If your lifestyle requires a frequent change in hairstyles, it is best to buy hair wigs for women. This will allow you to try new hairstyles without damaging your real hair. 

    Hair products


    Be it shampoo, conditioner or hair mists, hair experts will almost always advise you to keep a minimal usage of them. Most products out there are loaded with chemicals that can damage hair health and sensitive scalp too. Meaning, hair loss on top and front of the head can also be triggered by abuse of hair products.  

    thinning hair on top of head female


    Above are the main reasons behind female pattern baldness in twenties and remedies to recover from it. By following proper remedial measures, countering hair loss is possible. Sadly, not all women are lucky enough to get the right treatment for female pattern hair loss in time. This results in permanent baldness and dullness.



    At Lordhair, we create practical & affordable solutions for hair loss troubles faced by women as well as men. Our custom hair systems for women are a breakthrough for temporary as well as permanent hair loss. Discover the latest wig hairstyles in this blog and collaborate with us to create the same!  


    Find a perfect fit for you by browsing our website catalogue or send in your queries at support@lordhair.com. Our hair experts will answer your every questions!


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