How Much Hair Systems Cost Over a Year?


How Much Hair Systems Cost Over a Year?

Since variations in hair system prices are huge online, buyers are often confused as to whether they are paying the right price or being taken for a ride. 

While many think a hair system costs a lot of money, there are men who have some idea of maintenance and replacement costs over a year. 

To help men buying a hair system for the first time, we decided to break down the costing and give a clear idea about how much a hair system costs over a year if you choose to buy from Lordhair. 

Let’s begin with our hair system yearly cost guide!


Hair system pricing per year

At Lordhair, a hair system comes in 3 base textures and materials: lace, skin, mono or a combination of the three. The initial pricing starts at just $139 and can reach $299 depending on your pick. The majority of hair systems in our catalog are priced at around $239. 

Additionally, you can choose in-house services like trimming and styling at a starting price of just $10. A highly durable hair system lasts 4-6 months if maintained properly. So, the yearly cost on average becomes $239*2 = $478 yearly if you buy 2 hairpieces only. 

Note: Buying multiple units of hair systems will reduce the per-unit cost and save more money. 


Clip-on hairpieces pricing

A lot of men feel uncomfortable shaving their heads and using tape or adhesive for application. For such men, Lordhair introduced clip-on hairpieces in 2020. A clip-on hair system is one of the easiest and the most comfortable ways to recover from hair thinning. 

The pricing of clip-on hair systems in our catalog starts at around $250 and goes up to $300. The difference in pricing is mainly due to base type, lace, and hair length.  


Free shipping on all products 

Lordhair ships thousands of hair systems and wigs every year across the globe. To help our customers save more money, we offer free shipping to most countries. 

We have partnered with the best international courier service providers in the world to guarantee shipment within 3 to 5 days. FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS are our most trusted partners.

If you need help in calculating the yearly pricing of a specific hair system, then, email us at for quick support.


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Men across the globe are struggling from hair loss caused by aging, medical conditions, and a modern lifestyle. At Lordhair, we are committed to providing a risk-free solution by offering non-surgical hair systems and accessories at an affordable price.


Do you still have questions about toupees for men? Talk with our team of hair experts to find answers to all your questions related to hair replacement products.



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