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    Clip-On Hair Systems

    Not comfortable with shaving your head in order to wear a hair system? There’s no need to resort to that with our clip-on hair systems! Our clip-on hair replacement systems are an instant way to add more volume to your hair with the minimum amount of fuss! Simply clip the four clips around the base of the hairpiece to your existing hair and you will have the full head of hair that you have been longing for. Rest assured, there will be no chance of your hair toupee falling out: these clips are completely secure.

    Providing you have a good amount of hair on your back and sides our range of stock clipping hair replacement systems could be just what you are looking for. We stock several different types of clip-on hair systems so you will be able to find the hair system that best matches your needs.

    Clip-On Hair Systems Clip-On Hair Systems
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    Clip-on Hair Systems FAQs

    Clip-on hair systems for men (also known as hair wigs for men ) are a quick and easy way to get a full, thick head of hair after crown thinning or spot baldness. Comfortable, durable, lightweight, and hyper-realistic, clip-on hair systems put an immediate end to most hair loss conditions by offering optimal coverage.


    Surgical hair restoration procedures and topical medications have their share of risks. For very sensitive skin, hair systems attached using glue and adhesive tape are also not commonly recommended. Clip on hair systems however are suited for all types of hair loss conditions except complete baldness.


    The lifespan of a clip on hair system for men mainly depends on how it's used by the user. Normally, this type of hair topper lasts from one month to a year, depending on base type and maintenance.


    The lifespan of your clip on hair system also depends on the pull effect on hair strands, how fine the base is, how tight the hair is knotted on it and how long you wear your clip on hair topper for short hair or long hair.


    Say if you wear your clip on hair system all day and night, during exercise or in the shower, it will last 1 to 6 months. But if you only wear it during the day only, the expected lifespan of a clip-on hair replacement system is greatly extended (usually 6 months or above).


    Yes, you can sleep while wearing a clip-on hairpiece for men on your head. Many men look for a long-term, semi-permanent fix that doesn’t need attaching and detaching every day. Clip on hair systems match such requirements.  However, be aware that sleeping in any type of hairpiece will shorten its life (due to pressure on hair strands all night).


    Of course, you can use a hat to cover your hair loss but why go for it when you have better alternatives? clearly, one of the best hat alternatives is the clip on hair system.


    Why? It doesn't fall off and delivers a real hair look. On some occasions, you simply can’t wear a hat. A clip-on hairpiece toupee however works for all occasions.


    You totally can! Hair strands of our clip on hair systems are natural and they look nothing less than real hair. In case you don’t have the time for a wash or touch-up to make your clip-on hair replacement system look prim, wearing a hat is completely fine. However, wearing tight headgear regularly might impact the health of the clip on hair system.