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    Waterproof Wigs

    Consider modern-day wigs and hair systems water-friendly or waterproof since you can shower, swim and sweat in them without any consequences.

    We offer a wide range of possibilities to men looking to solve their hair loss issues. All our hair systems and wigs at Lordhair can be considered waterproof. Whether you choose a lace, poly(urethane) or mono(filament) base, you will be able to shower, swim or sweat safe in the knowledge that you are not going to harm your hairpiece or that it is not going to come off.

    So, browse our selection of hair systems and wigs and have no fear about how water will affect them. We use international couriers to ship our hair systems and wigs so you can expect your order in less than a week wherever you are in the world.

    Waterproof Wigs
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    Waterproof Human Hair Wig FAQs

    As the name suggests, a waterproof human hair wig is a hair unit that doesn’t get damaged or look odd during swimming, at the beach, or while pursuing any other water-focused activity. Also referred to as water-resistant hair systems, Lordhair’s waterproof human hair wigs for men are designed using real human hair hand-woven onto a base made of premium skin-friendly materials.


    Did you know, all of Lordhair wigs that can be glued or taped are ALL waterproof human hair wigs.


    The lifespan of a waterproof human hair wig depends on two major factors: base type and maintenance. With proper care, men can expect the waterproof human hair wig to last anywhere from 2 to 4 months. The lifespan of a water-friendly toupee wig also depends on how frequently it is used and the lifestyle of the wearer.


    Ask your supplier about the lifespan of the particular waterproof human hair wig after you have decided on the wig!


    These are the six types of waterproof human hair wigs or toupees for men depending on hair type:


    ● Chinese swimming toupee wigs


    ● Indonesian swimming toupee wigs


    ● European swimming toupee wigs


    ● Brazilian swimming toupee wigs


    ● Remy swimming toupee wigs


    ● Indian swimming toupee wigs


    Of course, they are! Lordhair’s waterproof human hair wigs for men have special caps (bases) that will completely cover the bald region without compromising on natural appeal. If you opt for a full cap hair system, your real hair also won’t get damaged when exposed to pool chemicals and will remain unaffected by salt, chlorine, or other chemicals in swimming water.


    Our waterproof human hair wigs are key for men to enter a new era of swimming and water fun where they don’t have to worry about exposing bald regions while having fun at the beach or pool.


    Buying a waterproof human hair wig for the first time can be overwhelming, especially for men who are completely new to the world of non surgical hair replacement systems.


    We suggest considering these tips and ideas in order to buy the best waterproof human hair wigs in 2023:


    ● Choose human hair for your swimming-friendly toupee wig


    ● Find the right cap construction for your patchy hair loss


    ● Measure the circumferenc


    ● Pick the right hair color for the waterproof human hair wig


    ● Read product description carefully


    ● Email us at support@lordhair.com in case of queries. Our experts will help you select the best swimming toupee wigs for hair loss recovery.