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    10 Hairstyles for Older Women in Love with Wigs


    Two old woman sat down chatting


    Are you an older woman looking for a way to express yourself through hairstyles? Wigs can be a great way to add some flare to your look. Whether you're looking for a classic style or something a bit more modern, plenty of hairstyles for women can be achieved with wigs. That's certainly the case with the Lordhair range of women's wigs.

    This blog post will discuss the top 10 hairstyles for older women in love with wigs, from long and luscious locks to chic bobs. Read on to find the perfect wig style for you!


    #1 Pixie Cut

    This classic old women's hairstyle is an excellent option for older women who love wigs. It's a timeless style that frames the face and is easy to manage. Pixie cuts can come in many lengths and be styled to look neat or messy, depending on the desired look. With wigs, you can also play around with colors to switch things up.


    #2 Sleek and Straight

    For those who prefer a classic style, the sleek and straight look is ideal for old women's hairstyles. This look involves straightening the hair with a flat iron and creating a sleek and sophisticated style. Good-quality hairspray and a brush can keep the look neat and tidy. This style is perfect for those wanting an elegant, timeless look that never goes out of style.


    #3 Bob

    One of the most classic old women's hairstyles, the Bob is a timeless look perfect for women wearing wigs. This cut can be as short or as long as you want and can easily be adjusted to flatter any face shape. Opt for choppy layers and an angled fringe for a more modern touch. It's the ideal style for older women looking for a flattering yet stylish cut that doesn't require much maintenance.


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    #4 Long Layers

    Long layers are ideal for older women who love wigs because they add volume and body to the hair. Long layers are especially beneficial for those with thinning hair, as they create the illusion of more hair. Long layers also provide movement and texture for added dimension and styling options. With long layers, you can enjoy the flexibility of having your wig look different each time you style it.


    Smiling older woman with long, layered, red hair


    #5 Curly and Voluminous

    For those looking for a wild and daring style, curly and voluminous wigs are the way to go. Whether you're rocking short or long curls, this look is perfect for those who want to make a statement. You can choose from tight or loose curls or a combination of both. Use a curling iron or styling product to create the desired look and maintain your curls with a light hairspray. With this hairstyle, you'll be sure to turn heads!


    #6 Side-Swept Bangs

    Side-swept bangs are the perfect way to add style and sophistication to your wig. This classic look gives off an effortlessly chic vibe that can be achieved with any length wig. Part the hair on one side of your face and brush your bangs over the other to create an elegant, timeless look. Add a few waves or curls to the rest of your hair to further accentuate your hairstyle. This style will give you a perfectly polished look that never goes out of style.


    Grey-haired woman sat down with side-swept bangs


    #7 Braids

    Braids are an excellent option for older women wearing wigs, as they can provide a more youthful and feminine look. Whether you want to go for a single braid, two French braids, or an intricate fishtail braid, the possibilities are endless. Plus, there's something timelessly romantic about wearing your hair in a braid, making it an ideal choice for any occasion. Add some sparkly accessories or mix the colors with your wig to make the style even more interesting.


    #8 Updos

    Updos are a great way for older women to wear wigs in style. Whether you opt for a classic bun, a messy top knot, or a sleek chignon, there's an updo that suits everyone's taste. The advantage of wearing wigs is that they make the hairstyle look full and voluminous while allowing you to change your look instantly. Additionally, you can create numerous different updos, like half-updos, crown braids, and ponytails.


    #9 Half-Up, Half-Down

    This classic style is perfect for wigs and looks incredibly flattering on older women. The look involves gathering the top section of hair and securing it with a band or clip while the bottom half is left loose. Add volume to the crown and finish with a light spritz of hairspray to make the look more modern. For added drama, add small braids into the mix. This look is perfect for any occasion, from a day out shopping to a night on the town.


    #10 Wavy Lob

    A wavy lob is a great option for a more natural-looking style. This style frames the face nicely and is also an excellent choice for women who want to hide their wrinkles or thinning hair. With the help of a wig, you can achieve a full head of beachy waves that look like your own hair. To achieve this look, use a deep wave iron and brush through the waves after curling them. This will give you the loose, tousled waves you're looking for. Finish off the look with hairspray or texturizing spray to keep your waves in place all day.


    10 Hairstyles for Older Women in Love with Wigs: The Bottom Line

    No matter your age or style, wigs can be a great way to switch up your look. With so many different styles and colors, you will find the perfect one. If you're looking for high-quality, natural-looking wigs, Lordhair is the ideal choice. We offer a wide range of styles and gray hair options for those who want to rock silver locks. (Just be aware that you would have to make a customized order for gray hair). Whether you're looking to embrace a new look or want to mix things up, these 10 hairstyles for older women in love with wigs will inspire you. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Lordhair today and our range of women's wigs and change your hairstyle with our wigs in no time.


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