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    Why Short Hairstyles Work for Women with Thin Hair

    If you are a woman with thin hair, it doesn't mean that you can't have beautiful hairstyles. I may be a man but when I was younger, I liked my hair long. However, as I got older, it looked messy and unkempt; therefore, from personal experience, I can say that there is beauty in having short hair. 
    You may think you're limited to short hairstyles but I'm going to tell you why short hair can be a good thing for women and also explore what you can do to make your hair fuller and thicker, from using thickening products or choosing hairstyles with layers. 

    thinning hair women


    Why Shorter Hair Is Better

    Let's take a look at why shorter hair may be better if you're a woman with thin hair.


    Short hair is easier to style

    If you have thin hair, it's best to keep the length at a manageable level. This will make it easier for you to maintain a consistent look without having to spend hours in front of the mirror each morning.


    Shorter styles are more versatile

    With shorter hair, you will have more versatility than with longer hairstyles because short hair can be worn with so many different outfits and styles without looking out of place or overdone. Longer hairstyles tend toward one specific look (think: ponytails), but shortcuts can be altered in countless ways - from messy buns and top knots all the way down through sleek ponytails and braids -and still look great on everyone!


    Short hairstyles offer more flattering options

    When the time comes for special occasions such as weddings or proms where formal wear matters most shorter hairstyles offer more flattering options. While there may not be quite as many options available when choosing between two different lengths (i.e. short vs long), this doesn't mean that every woman should automatically choose short over long just because she wants something different; rather than thinking about whether or not there will be enough choice available within each category itself, consider instead whether she'd prefer something more modern/edgy versus traditional/conservative so she'll know which direction matches better with her personality type before deciding which length might work best overall.


    Looking for more inspiration for your hairstyles? Check out this list of timeless styles for women


    short hair woman


    But let's take a look at a couple of things that you can do to thicken your hair and gain back some volume and hopefully, give yourself more options than just short hairstyles.


    Use Thickening Products for Thin Hair

    Hairstyles aside, there are several products that can help you achieve a fuller-looking head of hair. Below are two such thickening products.


    Root lift spray: This product comes in aerosol cans or bottles and is available at most pharmacy stores. It's applied to the roots of your hair and then brushed through with a comb or brush. The spray lifts up the roots so they appear thicker than they actually are.

    Hair serum: Serums are lightweight liquids that give your hair added shine and moisture while also helping it hold its shape longer throughout the day (or night). They're often used after using hot tools like curling irons or flat irons on wet or damp strands of locks so that they don't become limp when dried out by heat from these appliances!


    Why not try women's wigs for your thinning hair?


    Avoid Heat

    The first thing you can do is avoid heat. Heat makes your hair dry, brittle and weak. It also causes split ends which make your hair look thinner than it actually is. If you use a curling iron or flat iron on your hair regularly, try to alternate between the two styles so that each section of hair gets a chance to rest and recover from being exposed to heat each time you style it.

    If this isn't an option for whatever reason (perhaps your job requires daily styling), then try using a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush when drying or styling your locks - the wider teeth will help distribute moisture evenly throughout each strand instead of pulling them out as much as possible as traditional brushes do! This will lead toward healthier-looking locks overall since there won't be any frizzy flyaways sticking out all over the place due to overzealous brushing action ... which brings us to our next point:


    Always Take Into Account Your Personal Preferences

    There are many hairstyles for thin hair, but you should always take into account your personal preferences. If you like to keep your hair long and straight, then a layered style is the best option for you. On the other hand, if you're looking for something more edgy and modern then perhaps a pixie cut would be better suited to your needs.

    If it's volume that's important to you (and who doesn't want more of that?), then consider trying out some fringe styles or adding bangs as they can help give the illusion of thickness where there isn't any! Or take the plunge and surrender to a wig or a hair replacement system - I'm glad I did.

    I hope that you now have a better idea of what hairstyles are best for thin hair. If you're still unsure, remember that there are plenty of other options out there! As long as your hair is healthy and styled well in its natural state, it will look great no matter how much thickness it has.

    Having said all that, I wonder why drag queens tend to have long hair!


    short hairstyle woman



    Ray is a guest contributor to our blogs with an extensive background in PR. Ray loves to discuss his own hair system journey by offering insights into wearing and styling a hair system as well as providing observations on the role of hair in sexual and gender identity from an LGBTQ+ perspective. Be sure to check out more of Ray’s Diversity content.



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