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    Wigs for men: Hair wigs at best discounts

    We stock a variety of wigs for men to cater to the hair loss needs of our male customers. Today’s male wigs are far removed from those of the past. There is no danger of our wigs coming off and no chance of them being detectable to others.

    Whether your priority is realism or durability or a combination of the two, we have the wig for you. Lace, thin skin, and monofilament real hair wigs are all possible, and our friendly and informed customer service team will be happy to assist you.

    Our men’s stock hair wigs and toupees can all be shipped within 24 hours and since we use international couriers you can have your brand new hair in under a week wherever you are in the world. 

    Wigs for men: Hair wigs at best discounts
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    Man Hair Wig FAQs

    A man hair wig is popular for men who are looking to solve their hair loss. Man hair wigs are essentially pieces of material that are attached to the head. Human hair is knotted to the material and produces the real look of hair coming from your scalp. A human hair wig is the ultimate in quality and the look compared to factory-made wigs. A man hair wig is typically known as a wig for men or a toupee.


    Man hair wigs are often referred to as hair systems or toupees. The best way to cover your hair loss is to wear a wig. The craftsmanship of realistic hair wigs for men has improved significantly in recent years, and brands like Lordhair can help you look your best, no matter how bald or thin you are. Nowadays it’s easier to find man hair wigs than ever before, with hair lengths, various base types, and colour options to choose from.


    For someone with thinning hair, both hair terms are the same but the hair system is made from a modern high-quality wig. A hair system is a term used by the wig industry to tell apart the different types of a man hair wig. Men's wigs have become much better than the wigs of the past. They're very comfortable and don't slip or are lop-sided.


    The Lordhair man hair wigs are truly unique, high-quality products that are created using unique craftsmanship. Each hair is knotted by hand onto a base that is usually made from thin skin-like material or lace. This means that you won't notice the base and the man hair wig will look like actual real hair coming from your scalp. It even feels like real hair from up close.


    A man hair wig can last from 1 month to 1 year but it all depends on the base type that you choose and how well you look after it. A skin man hair wig maybe is the most realistic out of all the wigs but it has the shortest lifespan. Lace hair systems are ideal for individuals who are active and frequently sweat. Mono wigs last a long time but are not as realistic hair wigs for men compared to the other two mentioned above. To stretch the lifespan of a man hair wig, you’ll need to do the following:


    ● Regularly clean the man hair wig as the oil build-up and sweat can cause it to debond faster.


    ● Use a debonder spray when you remove the wig for cleaning so that you can easily remove the wig carefully by pulling at the sides and using a hairdryer to heat it up before lifting it off your head.


    ● Depending on your lifestyle, you’ll have to choose the base that would be right for everyday use. If you value having realistic hair wigs for men and are able to change them every two months then a skin man hair wig would be best. However, if you prefer to have a wig that attaches to your head for a year then the mono (mono-filament) would be your best option.


    There are normally three options when it comes to attaching the man hair wig to your head and this includes clips, wig tape and wig glue. The most popular out of all them is either tape or glue. Attaching a man hair wig to your scalp with tape or glue means that you can keep it on your head for around a month before you need to properly clean it.


    There are a lot of man hair wigs with clips that can be worn on a daily basis because there's no risk of the wig being damaged during activities such as sleeping or showering as you can remove them whenever you want. A man hair wig can often last much longer if you wear these types of wigs.