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    Using Styrofoam Heads for Wigs: Benefits and Buying Tips for 2024

    Hair systems and wigs are fantastic options for men and women to conceal hair loss. But just like real hair, they require upkeep! While there are many things we need to do for keeping them in best shape, using a styrofoam head wig is one of the most basic practices. Now you might be wondering:

    Why do I need a styrofoam head in the first place?
    What factors should I consider when buying a styrofoam head?
    Does Lordhair sell them?

    Don’t worry, these are all valid questions. And you know what? Today, we are here to answer them all. Yes, you read it right!

    In this blog, Lordhair - a trusted supplier of toupees - will be your guide to purchasing the perfect styrofoam head for your wig needs in 2024. Since some of you might be in a hurry to learn about this wig care solution, here’s a FAQ version of the article!

    What is a styrofoam head?

    A styrofoam head is a lightweight model of a head. Sculpted from white styrofoam, it comes in various sizes and is used for displaying, styling, and storing men’s hair systems and wigs for women.

    What are the benefits of using a styrofoam head?

    There are many benefits of buying this wig care product:

    • It makes wig styling and maintenance easier
    • It helps hair replacement systems retain their shape
    • It offers a convenient way to dry and store non-surgical hair units.
    • It is affordable and space-saving.

    What points to consider when choosing a styrofoam head?

    Here are some useful tips to consider when choosing styrofoam head:

    • Choose a head with a size close to your head circumference
    • Consider neck length (short for basic styling; long for updos) and material (canvas is gentler on delicate wigs)
    • Opt for a pin-friendly surface if you plan on using clips, pins, or needles on your unit
    • Buy multiple styrofoam heads beforehand

    I have a styrofoam head but I need a couple of hairpieces too. Where can I get it?

    While many online retailers sell hairpieces (also known as hair systems, wigs, toppers, toupees, and patches), Lordhair stands out as a better option. Check out our collection for men’s wigs for sale!

    Are Lordhair’s hair systems durable and comfortable?

    Absolutely! We use only the finest, breathable materials to ensure that your men’s and women’s hair systems feel comfortable all day long. They are also built to last for everyday wear.

    Are Lordhair’s hair wigs and toupees pocket-friendly?

    Yes! Lordhair believes everyone deserves a head full of beautiful hair. That’s why, we offer high-quality wigs and toupees at an affordable pricing. Meaning, you can get a great look without breaking the bank!

    Now that we are done with the TL;DR version, let us tell you what exactly it is and how it can benefit you.

    What is a Styrofoam Head?

    To some of you, a styrofoam head might sound a bit… unconventional but trust us, it’s a lifesaver for hair systems. It’s a lightweight model of a head that has been sculpted entirely using white styrofoam. Still don’t get it? Okay, have you seen mannequin heads in showrooms? Yes, styrofoam heads are like those minus fancy features. They typically come in various sizes to match different head circumferences.

    styrofoam head wig

    What are the Benefits of Using Styrofoam Head?

    Okay, now that you know about the basic identity of the styrofoam wig head, the next question is, “Why exactly is this unassuming white form such a game-changer in hair system care?” Okay, buckle up! We’re diving deep into some fantastic benefits of using this maintenance equipment for your hair unit:

    1 Effortless styling and maintenance

    Think of styling your hairpiece while holding it in your hands. Not exactly an ergonomic dream, eh? Styrofoam head will act as a stand-in for your actual head. It will allow wig wearers to brush, comb, and style their hair recovery unit with complete freedom.

    You can detangle knots, experiment with different hairstyles, and even apply heat styling tools, thanks to the stable base. Styrofoam head makes the whole process smoother and less prone to accidental snags and tears.

    2 Bye-bye, flat hair. Hello, volume!

    Women’s hair systems and men’s lace hair systems (others too) can sometimes lose their shape after wearing them. This is especially true if they are not stored properly. A styrofoam head comes to the rescue by providing a supportive structure for your unit. Placing your hair system on the head after use will help you retain its volume and bounce.

    Think of it as a gym trainer for your hair wig. It gets to keep its shape in tip-top condition!

    3 Amazing drying solution

    Let’s face it - drying your hair wig using a towel is not an amazing idea. Why? Due to the stress it places on the human hair of your replacement system. As the cotton absorbs water in your strands, it becomes pretty harsh, causing your wig hair to take damage. Some of you might be thinking, “How about air-drying my wig flat on the surface?” Well, that isn’t ideal either.

    However, a styrofoam head can offer you the perfect solution by allowing for proper circulation throughout the wig. All you need to do is to place your damp wig on the head simply. It will dry eventually, maintaining its natural shape. Also, preventing any matting or clumping.

    4 Better than wig stands and busts

    Not everyone has enough space for fancy wig stands or busts. The beauty of a styrofoam head lies in its simplicity and compactness. It is lightweight and takes up minimal space. Meaning, if you live in a smaller apartment or have crowded dressing rooms, it's a win for you! Not to mention, styrofoam heads are incredibly affordable compared to other wig storage options.

    5 Use it for display

    If you think that this handy head is just for styling, drying, and storing, you’re so WRONG! It can also serve as a convenient way to display your hair systems and human wigs. Whether you have a single go-to wig or multiple hair units, styrofoam heads are a great way to showcase your different styles. They are perfect for keeping your hair recovery units organized and readily accessible when you need them.

    Don’t forget to check out these sources as well:

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    6 Experimentation playground

    Ladies, feeling adventurous and want to try a new braid style? How about a new curl pattern? Consider a styrofoam head as your fearless partner in crime! You can use this maintenance equipment with different hairstyles without having to commit to them on your own head.

    Practice intricate updos, test out heating styling techniques, try out funky accessories - the possibilities are endless! Once you’re happy with the results, you can recreate the masterpiece on your own hair.

    7 Extend lifespan of your hair replacement

    You know what’s the key to keeping your mono, French or swiss lace hair system looking at its best for as long as possible? Proper care, of course! By using a styrofoam head for styling, drying, and storage, you are actually doing a favor to your unit. You’re minimizing the risk of damage.

    The head prevents tangles, maintains volume, and ensures proper drying. All of these contribute to a longer lifespan of your beloved hair system!

    styrofoam head wig

    So there you have it!

    Above are some benefits that make a humble styrofoam head an essential tool in any wig wearer’s arsenal. Not only is it affordable but also convenient. A total game changer in hair system care. Think of it as an investment in your hair unit’s health and happiness (and ultimately, your own)!

    Now, let’s list out some tips to buy styrofoam heads!

    What are Useful Tips for Choosing Styrofoam Heads for Wigs?

    Sold on the magic of styrofoam heads for wig care? Awesome, we knew it! Time to learn how to choose the right one for your needs. Here are some tips to ensure you snag the perfect head for your wig bestie:

    1 Size matters most

    This tip might seem obvious but it’s crucial! Imagine you’re buying a hair system. A replacement unit that’s too big for the head will look baggy and lose its shape while a unit that’s too small will be difficult to put on and might cause unnecessary stress on its cap, right? The same is the case with a styrofoam head. So, how do you perfect match?

    Grab a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head (just above your eyebrows and around your hairline). Most styrofoam heads come in sizes ranging from 20 inches to 23 inches in circumference. Choose the head that is closest to your own head measurement for optimal fit.

    2 Consider neck length

    This might be hard to believe but it’s true. Styrofoam heads do come in different neck lengths. There are short neck heads that can be considered ideal for basic styling and storage. And then there are long neck heads… offering you more space for working with longer hair systems or creating elaborate updos.

    To choose the perfect option, consider the type of human hair wig you have or are planning to get. Only then, choose a neck length that will accommodate your hair replacement requirements.

    3 Material matters

    Although most styrofoam heads are, well, made of styrofoam (obviously), some might have a canvas covering. Canvas heads offer a slightly smoother surface that can be gentle on delicate hair systems. But they can tend to be a bit more expensive. If you’re on a budget or have a sturdy hair replacement, a regular headstand should do the trick.

    However, if that’s not the case, you might want to consider the other option.

    4 Pins and needles-friendly head

    Planning to secure your hair using clips, pins, or needles? If so, better opt for a styrofoam head with a pin-friendly surface. Some heads have a cork or fabric covering specifically designed for this purpose. Regular styrofoam can be susceptible to this damage from clips or pins. So, keep that in mind if intricate styling is on your agenda!

    5 Mounted majesty

    Many styrofoam heads come with a pre-drilled hole in the bottom. Specifically designed for mounting them on a wig stand. This can be a game-changer, especially for those people who frequently wear or style their hair replacement.

    Here’s why a mounted styrofoam head can be lifesaver:

    Effortless styling sessions: With a wig pre-styled and mounted on a stand, you can easily access it for quick touch-ups or adjustments throughout the day. Meaning, no more fumbling or searching for the perfect shape. It’s right there. Ready to go!

    Display your masterpieces: Let’s face it. Some hair systems for women and wigs for women at Lordhair are works of art. Mounting them on a stand will allow you to showcase the skills and creativity that went into your units. Also, if they have been customized according to your requirements, it’s still a fantastic way to add a touch of personality to your vanity or even a conversation starter in your bedroom!

    However, if you only plan on using the styrofoam head occasionally for quick styling or storage, a stand might not be essential. Basically, it all boils down to your individual needs and preferences!

    6 Bulk up on savings

    Dedicated hair replacement aficionado with a growing collection? Or do you just happen to be the organized type who likes to plan ahead? Either way, consider buying styrofoam heads in bulk! Many online retailers offer significant discounts when you purchase multiple heads at once.

    Here’s why this can be a smart move:

    Cost-effective wig care: Let’s be honest, styrofoam heads are a relatively inexpensive investment. However, every penny counts! Buying them in bulk = significant savings. This is especially true if you’re planning on having a head for every hair system in your arsenal.

    Always prepared: Life throws curveballs. Your hair system shouldn't be at the receiving end of them. Having extra styrofoam wig heads on hand will make certain you’re always prepared (no matter how many units you own).

    • Unexpected damage to a head?
    • A sudden desire to buy a new hair system?
    • Friend borrowing one?

    All these scenarios can be easily covered with a well-stocked supply!

    styrofoam head wig

    Styrofoam Head for Hair Systems and Wigs: Final Words

    There you go!

    We shared some useful tips with you regarding buying a styrofoam head for your hair recovery unit in 2024. With the right head by your side, your wigs will stay in tip-top shape, ready to bring you confidence and joy every day. But wait! Haven’t found the perfect hairpiece to grace your new styrofoam head? Look no further than Lordhair’s collection of premium hair replacement units, especially this skin hair system.

    We offer a stunning selection of wigs and toupees that are designed to meet your every need and desire. They are comfortable, durable, deliver an incredibly realistic look, and most importantly, pocket-friendly.

    So what are you waiting for? Browse our catalog today and discover your perfect hair system match. With our non-surgical hair replacement and your trusty styrofoam head, you’ll be unstoppable. Contact us today in case of queries.