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    12 Classic Hairstyles for Women to Look Fab in 2023


    Classic hairstyles are timeless and rarely go out of style. Because they are versatile, elegant, and can be tweaked to suit any face shape, they continue to inspire modern-day hair trends as well. Still, millions of women across the globe are not aware of classic hairstyles for women. 

    That’s why Lordhair - a global supplier of wigs for women and toupees for men - decided to share a list of classic hairstyles that can help women make a fashion statement. Without further ado, let’s turn our attention to the first classic hairstyle for women. 


    Bob hairstyle

    The bob hairstyle is one of the most popular classic hairstyles for women. It first gained popularity in the 1920s and has since been reinvented in various lengths and styles. While the sleek and classic bob hairstyle is perfect for women with straight hair, a wavy or layered bob can add volume to the hair. In case you are wondering, this classic hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes and can be customized with bangs. 



    Pixie cut

    The pixie cut is a short, low-maintenance classic hairdo for women that was popularized by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s and is still being followed by celebs. It’s a versatile cut that can be styled with bangs (or without) and is perfect for those with fine hair. The pixie cut is also suitable for all face shapes. Additionally, this classic hairstyle adds a bold and edgy look to any outfit. 




    For women who want to keep it simple, there’s the Chignon hairdo. This classic hairstyle for women has been popular since the 18th century.  It’s perfect for formal events and can be styled in various ways. This hairstyle for women can be accentuated with hair accessories like pins and clips. 



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    Sleek and straight

    The sleek and straight hairstyle brings a classic look that never goes out of style. It’s perfect for those with non-wavy hair and adds a polished look to any outfit. This classic hairstyle for women is suitable for various face shapes and can be customized with layers and bangs. 


    Side part

    The side part hairdo is a classic hairstyle for women and it has been popular for decades now. It’s perfect for women who are experiencing hair thinning as this hairstyle creates a volume illusion. This hairdo for girls can also be customized with curls or waves. It also works well for women who want to attend events without wasting much time on hair styling. 


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    Bouffant hairstyle

    The bouffant is a classic hairstyle for women that was popularized in the 1960s. It involves creating a large amount of volume at the crown of the head, with the hair pulled back and secured at the nape of the neck. The style is achieved by backcombing the hair to create the desired volume and smoothing it over with a brush to give a polished finish. 


    More classic hairdos for women

    While above are our favorite classic hairdos for young girls and ladies, below are some more recommendations if vintage is your vibe for 2023: 


    • Side swept bangs

    • Layered crop 

    • Shag

    • French bob

    • Blunt lob

    • Curls gone wild 


     Do you have a favorite classic hairdo? Tell us about it in the comments!



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