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    How Often Should You Wash a Hair System?


    how often should i wash a hair system


    How Often Should You Fully Remove Your Hair System, Deep Clean It and Fit It Back On?

    Did you know that it's absolutely something you can do at home and don't even have to go to a salon to do it?

    Save yourself $$$'s by cleaning and re-fitting your hair system yourself. Once you have learned the trick you will be able to clean it and fit it over and over. This adds up to some serious savings over the years from not having to visit a salon each month and simply replacing your hairpiece toupee periodically with Lordhair. Read on to find out how to clean a lace wig or a thin skin wig.


    How Often Should You Wash a Hair System?

    In general, most people who wear men's toupees may remove them and wash them every 1-2 months. Of course, this does not mean you don't wash it! You must wash a men's toupee like you do your own hair as sweat from the head still emanates from the scalp. Excess sweat can cause the glue to debond, so frequent washing for men who sweat a lot can help it last longer.

    In addition to a full hair system clean and wash along with your body in the shower every day, or every other day, you can also do a weekly 10-minute front clean-up. A quick lift, clean and glue at the front is usually enough to keep you feeling fresh each week until you remove it for a full clean after 1 or 2 months, where it's advised to take it off completely and give it a thorough clean.

    The most popular type of wig is a thin skin wig, so in this blog, we will show you how to clean a thin skin toupee, but it can apply equally for learning how to wash a lace front wig.


    How to Clean and Reattach a Hair System

    Here is our guide for washing a human hair wig with a focus on how to clean wig glue from a human hair wig. Check it out!



    Step 1: Spray the men's toupee hairpiece with C22

    It helps to break down the glue and makes hair system cleaning so easy.


    how to wash a toupee


    It will loosen up the glue and make it easy to wipe right off.


    how to wash a toupee


    Step 2: Wash your hair


    how often to wash a toupee


    Wash your hair so it is fresh and clean, ready for a new hair toupee install.


    Step 3: Put wig tape on the hairpiece toupee


    wash hair system


    Put wig tape around the perimeter, if you have a mixed base with PU, put your tape primarily on the easy-to-skin PU areas.


    Step 4: Put the hair toupee on your head


    washing toupee


    Starting at the front, put your toupee wig onto the front, and then roll it back until you reach the back of the crown.


    washing a toupee


    Step 5: Pat the toupee wig down with a towel


    washing a toupee


    This will help you to push the hairpiece down and bond with your skin, whilst not pulling one area out of place underneath your fingers as the towel helps to spread the force area.


    Step 6: Set the men's toupee with a detangler spray


    detangler spray


    Help reduce pull on hair strands and reduce fall out with a detangler. It'll make it easy to style the hair toupee too!



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