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    The Importance of Hair Color

    We all want out hair replacement systems to look as natural as possible. Factors that help create the perfect natural look include hair density, texture and your system’s hair pattern. However, we should never underestimate the importance of hair color because it is the most noticeable feature of our hair. If you are new to hair replacement systems, it is easy to think that darker shades are the best option because we think it makes us look younger but this can actually make for an obvious appearance.



    The best color solution is to choose the color closest to your own; it will blend perfectly with your own hair, looking seamless and natural. The best way to achieve the look you want is to send us a hair sample. We use it to create a color unique to you. For best results, we recommend taking samples of 100-200 strands which are about 2-3" in length. The more hair you can provide, the easier it will be for us to analyze the color. You can get instructions on how to take the sample at https://www.lordhair.com/custom-options/hair-color.html


    We totally understand if you prefer not to send us hair samples. In this case, the best option is to use one of our color rings with 40 shades to match you hair. https://www.lordhair.com/accessories/ordering-tools.html


    The other alternative is to use our online color charts, however you need to bear in mind that colors are not perfectly portrayed on our computer or phone screens.


    Using these methods will help ensure you get the right color and the most out of your hair system. At Lordhair, we will have you looking great and feeling confident in no time at all.




    For any further questions about hair colors, please feel free to contact support@lordhair.com