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    Why Is My Hair System Lifting? (Cleaning the Hairline)

    When you start wearing a hair toupee you may expect to wear it for months at a time with a clean hairline, without having to remove it. Whilst it can be used for several months before placing, it does need some maintenance, but don't worry, once you have a routine down, the maintenance is not actually that difficult to execute.


     hair system lifting


    Most of our men's toupee customers remove and wash their hairpiece once every few weeks, but undertake some hairline clean-up once a week, to prevent hair system lifting.

    There may be reasons for which your hair toupee is lifting when it shouldn't be, so we will also give you some tips on keeping your hair system frontal area in place, getting a clean hairline, how to get glue out of the hair system and more.


     hair system lifting


    Reasons for hair lifting

    If you often experience lifting that is causing you to clean and change your system more than the average time our customers tell us they clean the front hairline, there may be a number of reasons for it. Read below to see if any of these apply to you:


    1. Not allowing curing time (showering too early before the glue has dried)

    When you install a new hair system, or if you clean up the front hairline and reattach it, you should wait some time before getting it wet to ensure the glue has fully bonded with the hair system and your skin. Ideally, you should go 24 hours before washing it again to ensure it has fully adhered and dried.


    2. Not prepped properly

    If you have not adequately prepared your head then this may cause your hair toupee to peel off when it shouldn't! In order to prep your head correctly, you should aim to remove all hair by shaving it off so when you use wig glue or wig tape to bond it, it will adhere directly to your skin without hairs that might impede the bonding process. You also want a clean, dry, and non-oily head before starting.


    3. Not cleaned off residue

    As we have stated above you want a smooth shaved head before starting. Take this time to prep your hair as a type of self-care! Do not let any residue, be it glue, tape, or oil rest on your scalp before you begin installing your hair system.


    4. Prepped with the wrong products

    What you will need to prep:

    • Spray bottle of adhesive remover
    • Skin protector or scalp preparation oil(optional)
    • Paper towels
    • Soap (any type will do, bar or body wash)
    • Shampoo
    • Bath towel
    • Rubbing alcohol
    • Anti-bacterial lace cleaner
    • Walker Scalp Protector spray
    • Exfoliating mitt
    • Electric razor
    • Blow dryer

    5. Oily skin

    If you don't have the fortune to live in a dry and cool climate, or your scalp itself is relatively sweaty, you may experience excess sweat that can cause your hair toupee to debond faster. Your hair system will not fall off but it may lift in certain areas slightly, such as at the front of the head. This is the reason why many hair toupee wearers will clean the hairline to keep the lace frontal from lifting.


    6. Cheap hair system

    Wearing a hair system that is of low quality will not last as long as better quality hair systems like Lordhair men's hair toupees. Choose a quality supplier to make sure that your base is made of sturdy material and that you have quality wig tape and wig glue that will adhere properly.


     hair system cleaning


    How to keep your lace frontal from lifting

    Many of our customers wear a lace front hairline piece, so if you want to know how to keep your lace frontal from lifting, keep reading!

    If you wear a lace frontal wig, a full lace wig or even a thin skin toupee, you might want to do some hairline clean-up every week. This involves the following steps (watch our video tutorial on how to touch up your hairline)


    What you'll need:

    • Cotton pads 
    • Adhesive remover 
    • Scalp protector 
    • Removal alcohol 
    • Water spray 
    • Tape/glue

    "How can I clean my hairline in my hair?"


    How often should I clean up the hairline?

    Everyone is different but you might do this once a week and then a full removal and reattachment every 2-3 weeks. It depends on your personal preference and how well the tape/glue is responding to your body chemistry/lifestyle (you may be very active and sweat a lot, for example).

    How to do a hairline clean-up

    1. Peel back the front hairline, with the assistance of a hairdryer and de-bonder if necessary (Aaron uses the Sunshine brand)
    2. Use adhesive remover to remove the glue with a cotton pad, wipe the hair unit and your head
    3. Go back in with alcohol to make sure it's all gone,
    4. Shave the regrowth
    5. Clean up the hairline again with rubbing alcohol
    6. Put on scalp prep
    7. Take your Walker wig tape and stick it onto the hairpiece
    8. Stick the front back down


     hair system cleaning


    FAQs about Hair System Lifting

    How to get glue out of a hair system

    You can get glue out of your toupee using an adhesive remover, such as the Sunshine brand, used by Aaron in our tutorial.


    How to remove tape from a hair patch/how to remove hair glue from edges

    To remove tape, you can carefully peel it off, being extra careful not to rip your delicate hair system. For the remaining residue, use the adhesive remover to clean it up. Since the Lordhair UTS is a 0.03mm thin skin, it is not recommended to peel it back for cleaning due to it being too delicate.


    Can rubbing alcohol make your hair fall out?

    There is no evidence that rubbing alcohol will not make your hair fall out.

     hair system cleaning


    The best toupees for men prone to hair system lifting





    How to Feel FRESH in a Hair System

    If it's hot and sweaty, you want to make sure your toupee hair system is clean and oil free. Follow the below guide to avoid damage and feel clean.

    cleaning a hair system