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    5 Hair Loss Success Stories: Customer Video Journals

    In the last decade, countless men and women have used hair replacement systems to recover from hair loss. Many have been more than happy to share their hair loss success stories and talk about how they defeated hair loss by using risk-free hair replacement solutions. 


    Lordhair is very glad that our range of hair systems has helped create some inspiring hair loss success stories. In this blog, Lordhair will share five inspirational hair recovery stories from our customers that document how they overcame hair loss with the help of our high-quality hair systems. 


    hair loss success stories


    Let’s kick off the list with David who works as a chef in North Carolina, USA.


    David’s Hair Recovery Journey 


    David started losing his hair very early in his life and initially opted for a hair transplant to fight baldness. Since the hair transplant procedure left him with scars and unnatural-looking hair, he, later decided to look into hair replacement systems.  When David came across Lordhair, he decided to buy our SuperSkin model. With a full skin base and V-looped hair across the front hairline, the SuperSkin human hair system for men was the perfect fit for David who wanted a 100% natural look. 


    David loves the thin skin base of his human hairpiece because it’s lightweight, soft, and super comfortable. As an experienced hair system wearer, David knew exactly what he wanted from his hair system and that’s why he chose to have our stock model customized to his specifications.


    Watch David share his experience with hair recovery products and his personal hair loss success story!




    Rick’s Hair Loss Success Story 


    An accountant from Arizona, USA, Rick started losing his hair when he was 25 but it was a couple of years later that extreme hair shedding settled in. He initially took medication to stop his hair loss but it didn’t work. It was then that he decided to go down the hair system route. While searching for a reliable and affordable product, he came across Lordhair’s Champion Remy. 


    The full French lace base is only part of the reason why people are drawn to the Champion Remy for this stock model also has premium-quality Remy hair. Remy hair does not undergo the same kind of treatment as regular hair and it will retain its quality for longer. Take a look at what Rick has to say about this incredible hair system which has helped him weave the perfect hair loss success story!



    Anna’s Hair Recovery Journey 


    Anna wears one of our modern wigs for women to fight hair loss near the crown area of her head. Before Lordhair, most of the wigs and toppers she wore were thick and uncomfortable. However, Anna has no such issues with her women’s silk top hair system from Lordhair that she customized for herself. She finds it very comfortable and thin and thinks the hair is perfect for her.


    Anna clearly knows what she wants from her hairpiece and she gives an in-depth account of her Lordhair hairpiece in her hair loss success story.



    Want to check out more medical hair systems for women? Check out these cranial prostheses and wigs.


    Fernando’s Hair Loss and Recovery 


    Fernando started losing hair in his early 20s and nothing he did could preserve his much-loved curls. His forehead started to look bigger as his hairline retreated further and further back. The consultant-cum-designer considered a hair transplant multiple times but after looking at the side-effects, he started researching hair replacement systems.


    As someone who designs costumes, Fernando – or El Fett as he is known to his social media followers – knows how important it is to craft that perfect look for yourself. Therefore, he opted to customize our Quantum stock French lace and thin skin hairpiece.


    Watch Fernando talk about the Quantum hair system and his hair recovery!



    Robert’s Hair Recovery Success Story 


    Robert from New Orleans, USA, has worked his whole life in the fashion industry. His Lordhair hair system is not the first hair system that he has worn but it is the one that meets all his needs. He made the decision to buy our Champion hair system after extensive research and discussions to make sure that he was buying the best possible hair replacement product for himself. The Champion hairpiece has an all-over breathable, French lace for a very realistic appearance but with the added advantage of reinforced stitching for durability. This greatly helps in maintaining the shape and contour of the hair system. Let’s see what Robert has to say about his hair recovery through our Champion hairpiece for men!



    The above hair loss success stories are from men and women who have battled hair loss for many years and are now living their lives with confidence. As a leading hair system brand, our goal is to help everyone overcome hurdles put up by hair loss and succeed in life. 


    Fight baldness with hair systems 


    Hair systems are the safest and most affordable way of curbing hair loss. No wonder men and women across the globe are opting for our risk-free hair replacement products rather than going for expensive transplants and potentially harmful medications. 


    If you used to struggle with hair loss and want to share your story with us, then we would love to hear from you! Send us your story to support@lordhair.com and we will consider adding it to this blog. 


    Don’t forget to follow Lordhair on Instagram for hair care tips, new product announcements, and everyday motivation!