7 Best-Selling Gray and Silver Hairpieces for Men


Fashion experts and stylists have declared that grey, silver and mix hair color will be in trend this summer. To help simplify the search for men, we took the time to list some of our best-selling gray hairpieces in Lordhair’s catalog in this blog!


Browse our top-selling stock and custom hairpieces for men who are looking for gray and silver hair to fight hair loss and regain lost confidence. Although our stock hair systems come in a large variety of different hair colors, we do not offer any of them with fully gray or silver hair. However, for those of you who have started to gray, you can choose to have gray hair incorporated into the hair of your hair system. We refer to this as a gray percentage and according to our system the higher the number in our color code, the higher the percentage of gray hair in the hair system. So, color 1B50 will have 50% 1B (off black) and 50% gray hair whereas 1B10 will be 90% 1B and 10% gray.


All the below stock hair systems that we are going to introduce come with the option of selecting a blend of gray hair. So, let’s get started!


Stock hair systems


Quantum: French Lace with Thin Skin Hairpiece


The Quantum is a stock hairpiece that has a French lace front with poly back and sides. This French lace hairpiece is very breathable, natural and perfect for warm weather. The poly back and sides make this hairpiece for thinning hair easy to tape and clean.

The Quantum comes in our standard base size of 8” x 10” (and can be cut down but not smaller than 6.5” x 8.5”) and you can choose from three gray hair percentages: #1B10, #1B20 and #1B40. Check out this realistic French lace hairpiece in our catalog!


French Lace with Thin Skin Hairpiece 


Champion: Full French Lace Stock Hairpiece


Our Champion stock hairpiece has a soft, fine French lace base and is very light and airy. Full French lace is a very popular choice and given that it is one of our best-selling hairpieces we offer six different gray hair percentages: #1B05, #1B10, #1B20, #1B30, #1B40 and #1B50. All these mixed gray hairpiece choices have bleached knots all over.


Full French Lace Stock Hairpiece



Champion Remy: Men’s Lace Hair System


Exactly the same as our Champion model, the Champion Remy lace hairpiece only differs in that it has premium-quality, Remy hair. Remy hair has all its cuticles intact and pointing in the same direction. You will find the hair looks and feels better for longer than ordinary hair. It also will not tangle or matt as easily.


As is the case with the Champion, you can choose from colors 1B10, 1B20, 1B30, 1B40 and 1B50 to give yourself a gray hairpiece.


Men’s Lace Hair System


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SuperSkin: Super Thin Skin Stock Hairpiece


The SuperSkin hairpiece has a full thin skin base with V-looped hair along the front hairline to give the appearance of hair growing right out the scalp. Full skin bases are popular with men because they allow them to do a full bond.


Choose from colors 1B05, 1B10, 1B20, 1B30, 1B40 and 1B50 if you want a mixture of gray hair with this medium-light density hairpiece 


Super Thin Skin Stock Hairpiece


SuperSkin Remy: Men’s Hairpiece


We also offer the SuperSkin model with Remy hair: Superskin Remy. Again, you can choose from five different off-black/gray hair colors. 

Choose a hair system that lets you work out and be free

Genesis: Fine Mono with PU Perimeter


Our Genesis stock hairpiece is created using strong and durable materials. The Genesis has a fine mono base which is considerably stronger than lace. The poly perimeter adds structure to your hairpiece and helps it retain the original shape and contour. This makes it easier for the wearer to attach, remove and clean the perimeter of this hair replacement system.


Have gray hair incorporated into the hair by choosing either #1B10, 1B20 or 1B40.


Vigor: Lace Front Stock Hairpiece


The Vigor hairpiece is very similar to Genesis in that it has a fine mono center with a PU perimeter. However, the Vigor has a French lace front with an undetectable transitional hairline. Its back and sides can also be easily cut away so this hairpiece can fit men with smaller balding areas.


Make this a mixed gray hairpiece by choosing colors 1B10, 1B20 or 1B40. 


Lace Front Stock Hairpiece



Hear what Fernando from California in the US has to say about his customized hair replacement system that has the same base design as our Vigor stock unit! The hair color is off black with 10% gray.

Custom-made hair systems


If you want a fully gray hairpiece then you will have to order a custom-made hair system. We can customize one of our stock models with you and add with the exact gray percentage you want or make the hair 100% gray, duplicate an existing hair system of yours or customize a hair system from scratch.

Here is an example of a fully gray hairpiece for men



This French lace hairpiece has a light, airy feel to it but it is significantly stronger than a full French lace base thanks to the PU strip running around the back and sides. The whole structure is, therefore, a lot sturdier and you will find it a lot easier to apply tape or glue to the less fragile and more durable PU material.


We will make your custom hair system to your exact dimensions and you can choose the base design and knotting method as well as all other features of the hair system.

Discover the entire range of hair systems for men from Lordhair!




Browse through our stock hair systems for off-black hair blended with gray hair.

Please opt for a custom-made hair system for any other hair color blended with gray hair or for 100% gray hair.


We will be happy to discuss any aspect of our gray hair hairpieces with you if there is anything you need clarifying. Just drop our team a line at support@lordhair.com and they will answer all your questions and help you choose the best gray hairpiece for you.

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