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Note: This blog on double crown hair was last updated on December 19, 2022 to include more insights, data, and hair system recommendations. Happy reading! 


Most people have one clockwise hair crown at a single point on the scalp. However, most does not represent all. A study from NHGRI found that 5% of the world's population has double crown hair.

While the hair crown, be it single or double, is a reflection of our genetics, a lot of us believe that a double crown is a sign of hair loss. Today, Lordhair - trusted for male hair units - will dissect the truth and fiction from the stories of double crown hair.

Read on to discover everything about double crown hair. From meaning to causes and common beliefs to styling, we will discuss all important aspects without beating around the bush. Start paying attention!


What Is Double Crown Hair?

A typical hair crown is a patch of hair growing in a clockwise motion around a visible center point on the scalp. On the other hand, a double crown means having two circular patches on your head with small spots where no hair grows. Also called double whorls, these patches can be either clockwise or counterclockwise in direction of growth.

In some cases, both hair crowns grow in opposite directions, lined up a couple of inches apart.


what is double crown hair


What Causes Double Crown Hair?

Double crown hair on your scalp could be connected to ethnicity. This report from the University of Delaware claims the same and documents data related to the condition.

Genes also play a major role in forming double crown hair on the scalp. Some dermatologists claim that men and women might inherit it from their family members.

There hasn’t been a lot of research to discover exactly what causes double crown hair. Hence, the mystery of double crown hair is still more or less a mystery.


Everything you need to know about male hair thinning at the crown.


Is Double Crown Hair Related to Balding?

Losing hair around the temples and crown are the most recognizable signs of male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. At the beginning of hair loss, you may not notice anything but eventually, you will notice that the hair around the crown, temples, or hairline is slowly becoming less dense.

That said, there is no proof that double crowns have a connection to baldness and cause men and women to lose hair earlier in their lives.

To put it in simpler words, double crown hair is not related to balding.


Styling Tips for Double Crown Hair

Embarrassed about your double crown hair and looking for ways to hide it? Consider these styling tips to get over the double trouble:


  • Grow your hair a bit longer and cover up the double crown.
  • Use styling tools like gels and hairspray to create a messy, volumized look.
  • Try combing your hair over to one side.
  • If your double crown has experienced thinning and damage, consider using a hair toupee for coverage.


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Toupees for Hair Loss Recovery

While double crown hair doesn’t represent hair thinning per se but men who have the same can go through hair damage in the later years of their life. If you are currently experiencing aggressive hair loss and there are visible bald spots on your head, we recommend recovering with non-surgical hair replacement systems (also known as toupees, hairpieces, hair systems, and toppers).

Here are some good reasons why you should invest in a high-quality hair toupee:


Durable and made to last: Synthetic hair toupees experience quite early in their lifespan. That’s not the case with Lordhair’s hair systems. The materials used in making our hairpieces are premium, which is why they last longer than ordinary hair toupees.

Comfort: This is one of the biggest factors considered by men when it comes to buying a hair toupee. Since our hairpieces are designed using the finest base materials and strands, you don’t have to worry about scalp irritation and uneasiness. Check out our collection of lace hair systems!

Affordable factory prices: Lordhair is a global online retailer with its own factory. This means we can control quality and eliminate unnecessary costs and middleman charges. The result is that you will get real hairpieces at the lowest prices.


Final note

Double crown hair is rare but there’s nothing unnatural about it. Of course, you can hide it but it is not a medical condition that needs immediate attention. If you have double crown hair, think of it as a unique body characteristic rather than a malady.

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I have a double crown that I just recently noticed. I wear my hair in a ponytail all the time so no one else notices it. It's actually not hard to manage. Haley2022-06-25 17:11:54
I have a double crown and they are great for 2 French braids as a hairstyle, also pigtails and those 2 buns hairstyle, the double crown is made perfectly for these  Claire2023-02-04 05:57:01
Great insight from a woman's perspective, Claire! Thanks for sharing!  Lordhair 2023-02-06 20:06:57
I love short hair and it is difficult. I spike it and go about my day. My dad had the same plus I have two more-one on each side of my forehead. Long hair would be easy. Did that for years but I just go with it. Sally2023-03-30 01:46:44
Glad to hear you can manage it, Sally! Lordhair 2023-04-04 20:09:01
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