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    How to Stop Hair Loss in Teenage Guys: 10 Tips and Ideas (2024 Updated)


    Hair loss is a common problem among teenage guys nowadays. The major reasons are gaps in everyday nutrition, excessive styling, and the wrong haircare routine. Teenage boys often struggle to get rid of hair loss problems since they are not sure about the right ways to stop hair fall, thinning, breakage, or damage.

    That’s why Lordhair - a leading hair system brand trusted by men globally - decided to create this quick blog on hair loss recovery in teens and is sharing 10 tips to help teenage boys stop hair loss and boost hair growth.

    Let’s start with our quick hair recovery guide for teenage guys!

    How to Stop Hair Loss in Teenage Guys

    Trust the below tips and ideas to stop hair loss in your teen years:

    Healthy diet: Eating unhealthy food on a regular basis is one of the major causes of hair loss in teenage guys. Add healthy foods like lean meats, fish, green vegetables, and fruits to your daily diet to provide essential nutrients to the body. The same will help improve hair health as well as growth.

    Scalp massages: Regular scalp massage helps hair follicles remain active and strengthens them from within. Massage your scalp for a couple of minutes at least twice a week to boost hair growth and stop hair loss problems triggered by weak and undernourished hair. Use coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil for better results.

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    Avoid brushing wet hair: The chances of hair damage increase when hair is wet. That’s because hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet. Combing and styling your wet hair can maximize the chances of hair breakage. Let your hair dry naturally or gently rub your hair with a soft towel to dry them before using a comb. This is the easiest way to stop hair loss in teenage guys!

    Stay hydrated: We have often heard that drinking water is very important to stay healthy. Well, hydration is also crucial for hair. Staying dehydrated can slow down the process of hair growth and could trigger hair loss in some teens. Drink at least two liters of water every day for hair full of life and shine.


    hair loss in teenage


    Reduce alcoholic beverages: Consumption of alcohol doesn’t directly cause hair loss but it brings other diseases and medical conditions that can cause hair damage. It’s scientifically proven that the consumption of alcoholic beverages reduces hair growth. Decrease or stop alcohol consumption to boost hair growth.


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    Get active: A healthy body leads to healthy hair. Teenagers have an excessive supply of growth hormones that sometimes trigger excessive oil and make the scalp itchy. This can damage your hair. Dedicate some time for physical activities such as swimming, yoga, cycling, walking, and gyming to balance hormone levels and get glorious hair. A healthy way to stop hair loss in teenage boys!

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    Avoid excessive styling: Regular use of heat-based styling products could make the hair dry and brittle. Such tools also damage the hair protein that’s critical to make the hair strong and thick. So, if you are wondering how to stop hair loss in your teenage years, avoid abusing heat styling tools asap. Use them sparingly.

    Keep the head sweat-free: Teenagers with oily scalps often face dandruff in summer due to sweat. And we already know that dandruff is one of the major causes of hair loss. Try to keep your head away from heat and use the right shampoo to keep your head cool. Wear headgear while going out in the scorching sun. Parents, this is an easy peasy way to stop hair loss in teenage boys!


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    Coconut milk: Massaging your scalp with coconut milk can stop hair fall and boost hair growth. It is rich in minerals, proteins, and essential fats that help make the hair stronger. Massage coconut milk on the scalp, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it with shampoo. You will see results very soon with this hair recovery tip for teenage guys!


    Visit your barber often: Many teenage boys with long hair are not aware of the fact that split ends can also cause hair loss problems. Try to visit your barber at least once a month to get rid of hair fall caused by split ends. Plus, regular trim also boosts the growth speed of the hair!


    hair loss in teens


    Use a hair system: This could be one option for those older teenagers who are already suffering from hair loss compared to their peers (but really you should hold off until you're a bit older). For those who don't know, a hair system is a non-invasive solution to tackle hair loss of all degrees and types. Also known by the names of men’s hairpieces, and toupees, they are natural-looking options that can instantly boost your confidence. 

    The Lordhair range of hair systems comes in all styles and colors, and most of them can also be customized as per your unique requirements. By opting for our premium hair systems, you can not only regain lost confidence but also maintain a full head of hair while simultaneously improving the health of your natural hair through the solutions and lifestyle changes mentioned earlier.

    Whilst teenagers may not want to throw themselves into the world of hair systems at such a young age - besides, it's very unlikely that your hair loss is at the necessary stage to justify a hair system - it is good to know that the option is there if you do continue to lose hair at a quicker rate than others your age.

    So, if the time does come for a hair system then why not go with Lordhair? Here are some further top reasons: 


    • Crafted using the finest materials and innovative techniques
    • Lightweight and breathable
    • Easy to wear and maintain 
    • Look hyper-realistic 
    • Fit most budgets
    • Can be fully customised

    Stop Hair Loss in Teenage Years

    The above-mentioned tips will definitely help teenage boys get rid of hair loss problems. Live a healthy, clean, and nutrition-filled life to boost hair growth and put a pause on hair loss problems.

    If your hair loss is aggressive, then, it’s possible that a medical condition is behind it. We recommend visiting a dermatologist if your hair loss is very aggressive.

    Do you think we haven’t addressed all the angles of the question, ‘how to stop hair loss in teenage guys’? If so, drop your thoughts in the comments section.


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