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    The Difference Between Lace, Mono and Thin Skin

    Planning to buy a new hair replacement system? That’s awesome! However, it can also feel overwhelming, especially for first-timers. Beyond picking the perfect size, color, and hair type, there’s a whole question of the base - the invisible foundation that keeps everything in place. Many people get headaches while choosing between lace, mono, and thin skin hair systems.

    Fret not, we are here to help you! In this blog, Lordhair will tell you about the key differences between these three popular choices. Get ready to discover which base best suits your needs. Should it be lace, mono, or thin-skin toupee hair replacement systems? Let’s discover what will work best for you!

    Lace vs. Mono vs. Thin Skin Base: Option #1

    First up, we have lace base hair systems. Imagine a hairpiece so light and breathable that it almost feels like second skin. That’s the beauty of this base type! Crafted using incredibly soft, interwoven lace material, these systems offer a perfect balance of durability and natural look. Lace hair replacements tend to last longer.

    When browsing Lordhair’s catalog of lace hair systems, you will realize that there are two types of lace bases:

    Swiss lace: This is the ultimate champion of natural appearance. Incredibly thin, delicate, and soft, Swiss lace hair system offers unmatched comfort and breathability. However, this type of base requires more frequent replacements as it doesn’t last long compared to the next option on our list!

    French lace: Here comes the crowd’s favorite! French lace strikes a beautiful balance between comfort, breathability, and durability. Its naturally translucent color makes it downright immaculate for men and women with a receding hairline. It gives them the appearance of hair actually growing out of the scalp.

    lace vs mono vs thin hair system

    But wait, there’s more! Lace bases also come in two more options i.e. lace front and full lace hair system:

    Lace front hairpieces: Need super-level realism from your hair replacement? Better get your hands on lace front hair systems. These units are so natural-looking that celebs use them to wear unique hairstyles for different roles.

    As the name suggests, lace fronts have a lace base only at the front. This makes them perfect for concealing thinning hairlines and offering more styling freedom.

    Full lace hair systems: We know what you guys are thinking, “Isn’t full lace just a whole head of lace?” Spot on! These versatile systems offer more breathability than skin bases (more on this later). About breathability, durability, and comfort, well, they are pretty much the same.

    Now that you know the secrets of lace bases, it’s time to move on to the next base type of our comparison guide on “lace vs. mono vs. thin skin base.”

    Lace vs. Mono vs. Thin Skin Base: Option #2

    For some hair systems wearers, having a hyper-realistic look isn’t as much of a priority as durability is. If that sounds like you, then, a mono base hair system will be a perfect match for you. Also called monofilament base, it is known for its impressive life span.

    Compared to full lace or skin bases, mono systems tend to last significantly longer. Secret? Well, individual human hairs are meticulously hand-tied to a fine mesh material that creates the illusion of hair growing naturally from your scalp. This mesh is surprisingly soft and comfortable to wear, while holding its own against daily use.

    Often, mono bases are made using polyester or ultra-fine mesh material. This poly layer adds an extra layer of strength, allowing for higher hair density. Mono hairpieces or toupees can also be a fantastic option for those considering semi-permanent hair system wear!

    However, there’s also a trade-off. While mono bases are champions of durability, they can’t quite compete with lace’s breathability. Now, this doesn’t mean they aren’t entirely breathable. Of course, they are! But not as much as the former option.

    Here at Lordhair, we offer four types of monofilament toupees or hair system bases to our global customers:

    Fine welded mono: This type of mono base offers unparalleled strength, a lace front for a natural hairline, and the ability to handle high hair density. Overall, it’s a complete package!

    Fine mono: Our most popular mono option, this base strikes a beautiful balance between breathability, durability, and support for higher hair densities. Make sure to fold the base at the edges for a seamless finish.

    Super fine mono: This delicate mono base features even smaller holes for a slightly less noticeable look. However, its delicate nature is less suitable for very high hair densities. Also, it requires edge folding.

    German net: German net mono base is more durable and less natural than the other options discussed above!

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    Lace, Mono or Thin Skin Base: Option #3

    Our comparison guide on lace vs. mono vs. thin skin hair systems will be considered incomplete without discussing the third option i.e. skin base. Soft, light, easy to attach and clean, it almost looks like your own scalp when you wear it. Skin bases, particularly, super-thin or ultra-thin skin bases, are known to be the thinnest or lightest bases available on the market.

    However, at the same time, skin hair systems are not as breathable as lace and mono. Meaning, to customers who live in hot or tropical climates, we suggest you not choose this kind of base. Also, for active individuals who sweat a lot, thin skin hair pieces might not be the ideal choice.

    Remember we told you about two thin-skinned options just a few moments ago? Well, here at Lordhair, we offer a variety of thin base options since we understand that one size doesn’t fit all:

    Ultra-thin skin (0.02-0.03mm): Thinnest and lightest option. It offers unparalleled realism but with a shorter lifespan (around 1-2 months).

    Super thin skin (0.06mm-0.08mm): This one strikes a balance between natural look and durability (lasting around 2-3 months).

    Thin(Poly) skin (0.1mm-0.12mm): A more durable option, hair systems with poly thin skin bases last 3-6 months. They are slightly thicker.

    Silicon skin (0.25mm): The most durable thin skin base, silicon hair units last around 6-12 months but have a slightly less natural appearance.

    We also provide three ventilation options to further customise your thin skin hair system:

    Single split knots: These knots are more durable but might be visible. Thus, impacting the natural look.

    V-loops: These ventilation points mimic natural hair growth patterns. Meaning, they offer a more hyper-realistic look but with potentially shorter lifespan.

    Injected: Thin skin hair systems made using this ventilation method look real. They may not hold very high hair densities.

    Lace vs. Mono vs. Thin Skin Base: Final Words

    You’re now armed with the knowledge to confidently choose between lace, mono, and thin skin hair systems. As you witnessed, there’s no single best option. Each offers unique benefits to suit your lifestyle and hair priorities. Here, at Lordhair we understand that a hair replacement is a personal choice.

    That’s why we offer a variety of premium hairpieces and wigs crafted with the highest quality materials and meticulous attention to detail! Our lace, mono, and skin bases are all designed for comfort, durability, and natural appearance. Browse our extensive collection and pick the perfect system to achieve the lost confidence and hairstyle you’ve always desired.

    Contact us today in case of queries. Our team of hair system experts will be happy to answer them for you!