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    Men’s Human Hair Wigs

    Looking for top-quality human hair wigs for men? You are in the right place! For all the men out there who are experiencing hair loss or thinning, you need to look no further than our range of men’s hair wigs at super affordable prices.

    Look and feel youthful again by opting for a quality toupee hair replacement system that looks just like your own real hair. Made of 100% human hair, our men’s human hair wigs will blend perfectly with your hair and will also feel like your own hair. Unlike other hair replacement solutions for men, Lordhair hair wigs guarantee a completely realistic look.

    Choose from our growing range of men’s human hair wigs and get them delivered to your doorstep in under a week! Looking for something bespoke? Customize your hair wig to your exact specifications. That’s how easy it is with Lordhair!

    Men's Hair Systems
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    Wigs for Men FAQs

    A men’s hair wig is a popular way of overcoming hair loss. It is designed using skin-friendly materials (lace, polyurethane, or monofilament) that covers up the bald region. The material has real human hair attached to it to create the appearance of hair growing out of the scalp. The wig is attached to the head with specialist glue, tape, or clips.

    What is the difference between a wig for men and a hair system?

    Essentially they are the same, but hair system refers to the high quality, hand-crafted type of modern wig. A hair system is an industry created word to differentiate different types of wigs for men. Modern day wigs for men are nothing like the wigs of old, that you used to joke slip, lopsided on your professors balding head. Wigs for men from Lordhair use unique craftsmanship, knotting each hair by hand onto a base, usually made from lace or a thin skin-like material. This means that the base is also inconspicuous and looks like your own hair is coming from your scalp. Even from up close! It even feels like your hair!

    Yes, wigs for men are the best solution for covering baldness. Instant results, natural looking and cost-effective! These are just some of the benefits of purchasing wigs for men if you have male pattern baldness.

    Wigs for men cover the scalp area where baldness occurs and come in different sizes:

    ● Men’s topper (aka partial wig for men) - these are typically 8x10” circular-shaped hairpieces that fit most men’s hair loss pattern (or can be cut to size).

    ● Over-sized wig for men - this is the same as a normal topper wig for men, but is slightly larger at 10x10” which is used by men with more extreme hair loss, that need a men’s wig that extends to the sides and back of the head.

    ● Full-cap wig for men - this is for completely bald men that want a whole head of hair, it can cover the crown, sides and nape.

    ● Frontal wigs – these are a hair loss solution for men with a receding hairline. You do not need to shave healthy crown hair but can still achieve a full head of hair.

    Wigs are designed in different ways but they may last between one month and perhaps even up to one year. In terms of the Lordhair stock range of wigs for men; our wigs have an estimated lifespan of between one month and six months depending on the design of the wig. The lifespan is also greatly influenced by the individual wearer and their maintenance and care routine. The thinnest of skin (aka polyurethane or simply poly) wigs have the shortest lifespans but on the flip side, they are the most realistic and convenient. Lace bases also have shorter lifespans. Monofilament hair wigs are the longest-lasting but are less realistic.

    Thin skin and lace wigs are the most natural with the thinnest of thin skin wigs being the most natural. As far as the Lordhair range is concerned, the most natural is our UTS 2.0 hair wig with a transparent, plastic wrap-like material that is just 0.02mm in thickness. The hair is ventilated to this ultra-thin base without any knots for a truly undetectable appearance. Such a realistic appearance means you can pull off any hairstyle such as a brushed-back style where your front hairline is exposed.

    No, wigs for men do not fall off easily. In fact, they do not fall off at all given the strength of hair wig glue and tape. What’s more, both glue and tape are water-resistant! This means men wearing hair wigs can engage in regular daily activities and sports like showering, swimming, and even skydiving! (Yes, tape or glue is that strong)!

    Can a wig for men look good?

    Yes, absolutely. A toupee (aka wig for men) can look amazing in transforming men’s looks, and men’s lives, by bringing back their confidence and helping them be their best self. In most cases, a men’s wig needs to look as natural on the wearer as possible. To look natural in a wig for men, it is best to buy a human hair wig, and choose the density correct for your hair type, ethnicity and age. In general, wigs for older men look best in a lower density (between extra-light and medium-light).


    How to choose density when buying wigs for men?

    When buying a wig for men, you should be mindful of how ‘thick’ it looks on your head. It is important to choose the correct hair system density. How to choose the best men’s wig density? In general wig density should suit your age and ethnicity. Look at the handy infographic when choosing your men’s wig density.

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