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    Hair Systems and Hair Wigs for Men

    Looking for top quality hair wigs for men? You are at the right place! All the men out there who are experiencing hair-loss and do not want to undergo an invasive, painful surgical procedure, you need to look no further than our range of men’s hair systems available at super-affordable prices.


    Feel youthful again by opting for a supreme-quality toupee hair replacement system that looks just like your own full head of hair. Made of 100% real human hair, our hair systems blend perfectly with your hair and are unbelievably real to touch and see. Unlike other hair replacement solutions for men, Lordhair’s hair systems guarantee results with 100% realistic look.

    Choose from our growing range of mens hair systems and human hair wigs, get it customized as per your specifications by our team of hair specialists and get it delivered at your doorstep in a few days! 

    Men's Hair Systems Men's Hair Systems

    Wigs for Men FAQs

    Why go for an expensive and painful surgical procedure when you can get the confidence of a full head of hair with our non-surgical hair replacement systems and hair wigs for men? TV celebrities, movie stars, and politicians prefer top-quality hair wigs and hair systems for men over painful hair transplant surgery. Besides being completely risk-free and a wholesome solution for natural hair loss, our men’s hair systems bring the freedom to try unique hairstyles and deliver a 100% natural look.


    Browse our complete range of all-natural hair replacement systems for men that are ready for shipping and come with the promise of a 30-day money-back warranty. You read it right! A 30-day money-back warranty comes with our hair wigs for men. This means you will get your money back if you are not happy with what you receive.


    Our men’s hair systems can be customized to ensure a personalized experience. Our hair replacement systems aim to set the bar for men’s hair replacement really high. Made from high-quality human hair, our male hair units literally have no side effects whatsoever!


    Shop hair wigs for men


    Lordhair offers a huge variety of men’s hair systems and hair wigs which include super thin skin V-looped hair system, French lace hair toupees, monofilament hair systems, Flat Injected hair systems, Swiss Lace hair systems, and much more!


    Custom human hairpieces for men are designed strictly as per your head specifications which mean supreme comfort, perfect fit, and 100% natural appearance. To further enhance customer experience, we also offer an extra pre-delivery hair cutting service at just $20 per piece. In short, your every hair system request can be catered at Lordhair.


    If you are a first-time buyer, you will also benefit from a special discount that will further reduce the hair system price. And in case you need more, then, we highly recommend ordering multiple units of realistic hair systems since they come with bulk purchase discounts!


    Looking for stock hairpieces for something urgent? Have a look at our collection of hairpiece toupees that can be shipped to your doorstep ASAP!


    A men’s hair system is a popular method used for solving hair loss. A hair system for men is essentially a piece of material (PU or lace) that is stuck to the head. Human hair is knotted onto the material and creates the look of real hair coming from the scalp. A human hair wig is far superior in quality and aesthetic than a factory machine produced wig. A men's hair system is commonly known as a toupee or wig for men.


    What is the difference between a wig for men and a hair system?


    Essentially they are the same, but hair system refers to the high quality, hand-crafted type of modern wig. A hair system is an industry created word to differentiate different types of wigs for men. Modern day wigs for men are nothing like the wigs of old, that you used to joke slip, lopsided on your professors balding head. Wigs for men from Lordhair use unique craftsmanship, knotting each hair by hand onto a base, usually made from lace or a thin skin-like material. This means that the base is also inconspicuous and looks like your own hair is coming from your scalp. Even from up close! It even feels like your hair!


    What is a wig for a man called?


    A wig for a man is usually simply called wigs for men, or toupee, or hair system. Men’s wigs are an increasingly popular method of covering hair loss because in recent years the craftsmanship involved in producing wigs for men has improved dramatically, especially from brands like Lordhair. Nowadays, wigs for men are easier to buy than ever before, with many different base types, hair lengths and colors to choose from.


    Wigs for men last between 1 month to 1 year, depending on the base type and how well it is cared for. Skin (aka PU) wigs for men have the shortest lifespan but are the most realistic and convenient. Lace hair systems are good for men who do sport or sweat frequently. Mono is incredibly long-lasting but less realistic than the former two. There are many things that can be done to prolong the life of a wig for men, including the follwing:


    Clean it in the shower regularly, getting rid of sweat that causes it to debond.


    When removing for cleaning, use a debonder spray to loosen it before CAREFULLY pulling at the sides and using a hair dryer to apply heat to slowly lift it off.


    Choose the correct base for your lifestyle and how often you want to be replacing it. If you value realism above all else and can change your hair system every two months, a skin wig for men is best. If you sweat a lot, a lace wig for men may be best. If you prefer to buy a hairpiece that lasts a year before replacing and do not mind that it is not as realistic as a skin men’s wig, then mono (mono-filament) may be your best option!


    Wig glue, wig tape or clips. There are generally three options when it comes to installing wigs for men. The most popular options are using glue or using tape. Installing a wig for men with glue or tape means it can stay on for up to a month before deep cleaning.


    Some men's wigs come with clips, for those who want to remove it every day, this type of wig can often last longer as there is no risk of it being damaged when removed or during activities such as showering or sleeping, because a clip-on hair patch is removed for these activities.


    A thin skin (aka polyurethane or PU) hair system is the most natural type of wig for men. It is a plastic wrap-like material onto which hairs are knotted, so it is transparent. This means that skin wigs for men are almost undetectable on the head. The most popular Lordhair skin hair system is the UTS, which is 0.03mm thick and the hairs are ‘looped’ onto the material and are not tied. This makes it look like hair is literally coming from your scalp.