Custom Injected Thin Skin Men’s Hairpiece Attached with French lace and Diamond Lace

The Inception-L couldn’t be a better option for those who are looking for a knotless hair system that at the same time feels very comfortable. Super durable and lasting, very user-friendly and economical.

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This custom men’s injected non surgical hair system is known for coming with the most innovative and practical base design that has been being spoken highly of in the hair system industry.

To guarantee its top level of realism, each single hair strand is tightly injected into the base for presenting a completely knotless appearance of hair growing out of scalp. Unlike any other stock hair systems, both sides of the translucent thin skin are tightly attached with 2 different lace patches playing different roles. The top side of the base is attached with French lace for the sake of solidifying the hair roots, thus offering a longer lifespan of the hairpiece and facilitating hairstyling options of any kind. As opposed to the top side, the bottom side of the skin base is attached with a very special lace material called diamond lace that feels extremely comfortable on your scalp. What is more, there is a small number of punched holes scattered around the base to give the wearers a more breathable feeling, especially in the hot days.

This is a custom made product as an example, all the specifications can be customized as per your own needs. Below are the specifications of the product shown in the pictures for your reference.

 Base Design

Injected thin skin men’s hairpiece attached with French lace and Diamond lace

 Base Size  8’’ x 10’’ (cannot be cut down smaller than 7.5" x 9")
 Base Material Color Transparent thin skin + French lace and Diamond lace
  Front Contour Standard A shape
 Colors Available #1, #1A, #1B, #2, #3, #4, #4ash, #5, #6, #7, #7ash, #18, #22
 Hair Length 5"
 Hair Density  Medium Light
 Hair Type  100% Human hair
Curl & Wave   30 mm
Hair Direction Freestyle

Natural-looking, durable, knotless all over, comfy and breathable, can be styled freely

If you are interested in getting a stock hairpiece of this model that can be shipped out immediately, please click there for more information.

About Hair Cut

Besides top-quality non-surgical hair systems, men’s hairpieces, and realistic wigs, we also provide top-notch hair cutting and styling service at additional price of $20 USD only. The best part is that the cut-in only takes 3 business days! Send the pictures of your favourite hairstyle to us, or choose one from the pictures below. Provide the hair length you prefer after cutting so that we can customize your super thin men’s hair system with lace front just the way you want.hairstyles for Hair Systems

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