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    Choosing a Wholesale Wig Supplier in 2023: 7 Tips to Consider


    According to a 2022 Polaris Market Research report, the wigs and extensions market size is expected to grow to USD 11.8 Billion by 2030. No wonder there’s such a gold rush to start a wigs business. 

    While the line of business is definitely profitable, navigating through the vast sea of wholesale suppliers and factory outlets can be overwhelming. This makes the task of taking into account crucial supplier details before making your partnership decision very crucial. 

    Today, Lordhair will share a list of seven valuable tips and ideas to help aspiring entrepreneurs choose the best wholesale wig supplier in 2023. From accessing the manufacturer’s reputation and product quality to evaluating pricing structure and customer service, we will provide you with practical insights and actionable advice. Let’s go! 


    Useful Tips to Choose a Wholesale Wig Supplier

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting your own hair system business or someone looking forward to expanding their supplier network, this resource will serve as a valuable guide to ensure a successful partnership. 


    #1 Reputation and track record

    They say reputation is a currency upon which trust is built. We 100% agree with this. A wholesale wig supplier’s reputation is basically the perception that customers and industry peers have of their business practices, hair unit quality, and customer satisfaction. It serves as an indicator of the overall credibility and reliability of the manufacturer. 

    In order to check a wholesale wig supplier’s reputation, research online reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Social media, review websites, client videos, and industry-specific forums can provide valuable insights into the experience of others who have purchased wigs in bulk from shortlisted suppliers.  

    Also, consider taking a look at the track record of a wig supplier. By this, we are basically referring to their overall reputation in the wig industry. Always choose wholesale manufacturers and designers that have a proven track record of delivering high-quality wigs and maintaining long-term partnerships with satisfied merchants.  


    wholesale wig suppliers


    #2 Wig quality and variety 

    When selecting a wholesale wig supplier, wig quality and variety are crucial considerations that directly impact customer satisfaction and the success of your business. Prioritize suppliers that provide high-quality hair wigs for both men and women. 

    Also, pay attention to the details such as density, texture, and construction of hair wigs to ensure they meet your business standards. In addition to quality, a diverse variety of wig styles, colors, and lengths is essential to cater to a broad customer base. 

    Make sure that the shortlisted wholesale suppliers offer diverse types of wigs including lace front wigs, full lace wigs, and skin wigs in multiple lengths and hair types. Offering a wide range of options will allow you to meet individual requirements. 


    #3 Pricing and wholesale discounts 

    This is one of the most essential factors to consider when choosing a wholesale wig supplier in 2023. Finding a manufacturer with competitive pricing structures and favorable wholesale discounts can significantly impact your profitability and overall business success. Compare the pricing of different suppliers to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. 

    However, it is also important to exercise caution when encountering unusually low prices. Because sometimes, overly cheap wigs may indicate compromised quality or materials. This will lead to customer dissatisfaction and damage to your business reputation in the long run. Striking a balance between competitive pricing and the quality of hair toupees or wigs is the key! 

    Moreover, don’t forget to ask for wholesale discounts as they can help you reduce costs and increase profit margins. Inquire about supplier bulk purchase incentives such as tiered pricing based on the number of wigs ordered or special discounts for recurring customers. 


    Note: It is also important to discuss any additional costs such as shipping fees or taxes. This will give vendors a comprehensive understanding of the overall expenses involved in a partnership with a supplier. 


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    #4 Customization options 

    We mentioned it before and we’ll say it again - people have diverse expectations and motivations when it comes to buying hair wigs. While some seek non-surgical hair replacement systems for hair loss or medical conditions, others want to make a fashion statement or experiment with different hairstyles. 

    Recognizing these varying needs, the availability of customization options from a wholesale wig supplier becomes crucial. Therefore, choose a reputable manufacturer whose custom wigs can help your retailer business stand out in the market and attract customers seeking truly personalized options. 

    At Lordhair, we understand the importance of catering to individual preferences. We offer customization options to meet the unique requirements of both men and women.

    By partnering with us, you can establish your business as a reliable source of tailored wig solutions! 


    #5 Timely delivery and order fulfillment 

    In the world of fast shipping, meeting deadlines and ensuring prompt delivery are important. Why? Because late deliveries can disrupt your business flow, lead to disappointed customers, and potentially damage your reputation. Make sure to partner with a wholesale wig supplier that prioritizes timely delivery. 

    Inquire about shipping policies and average delivery times. Understand order processing and fulfillment procedures to gain insight into its efficiency in dispatching men’s hairpieces and wigs for women in bulk. A reliable supplier should have streamlined processes in place to assure prompt order fulfillment. 

    Additionally, consider factors such as the wig manufacturer’s inventory management capabilities and ability to match your specific quantity and frequency requirements. Communication is also the key when it comes to timely delivery. Ensure your wholesale wig supplier keeps you informed about order status, shipping updates, and potential delays. 

    This transparency will allow you not only to manage customer expectations effectively but also to plan your business operations accordingly. 


    wig supplier wholesale


    #6 Customer service and support 

    Another important factor to prioritize when selecting a wholesale wig supplier in 2023. Poor customer service and support can have a detrimental effect on your business. For instance, if you encounter difficulties reaching a supplier’s support team or experience prolonged response times, it can impede your ability to address, seek assistance, or obtain essential information. 

    This lack of responsiveness can hinder your wig business operations, create uncertainty and diminish the supplier’s reliability. What’s worse, it can impact your ability to address customer inquiries or resolve issues on time. They may get frustrated and damage your brand reputation. 

    Make certain to select a wholesale wig supplier that has dedicated and responsive customer support, provides timely assistance, handles challenges promptly, and settles concerns that may arise. This will help you establish a solid foundation for a successful and mutually beneficial business relationship as well as positive word-of-mouth recommendations among people. 


    #7 Return and exchange policies 

    Our blog on choosing the best wholesale wig supplier would be considered incomplete without talking about this important aspect. Return and exchange policies outline the guidelines and procedures for handling returns, exchanges, and refunds in case of defective or unsatisfactory hair units. Understanding and evaluating these are pivotal to securing your investment and delivering outstanding customer experience. 

    Ensure your selected wig manufacturer has fair and transparent return and exchange policies as these demonstrate their commitment to partner satisfaction and their confidence in the quality of products. Check whether or not they are providing clear instructions on how to initiate a return or exchange, the timeframe within which bulk returns are accepted, and any requirements or conditions that need to be met.


    wholesale wig supplies


    Choosing the Best Wholesale Wig Supplier: Final Words 

    Above are useful tips and ideas for selecting the best wholesale wig supplier in 2023. Remember, choosing the right manufacturer is a critical decision that directly impacts your business’s success. And it is also not easy to pick one. However, with thorough research and patience, you can find a reputable wholesale wig supplier and confidently provide bulk wigs and remarkable experience to your customers. 

    Lordhair - a leading wholesale wig supplier - takes pride in its team of dedicated professionals who strive to exceed clients’ expectations. We consistently manufacture and export top-notch wigs and accessories to our partner salons and trusted retailers in more than 100 countries. 

    Since we understand the importance of forging strong business partnerships, we invite you to contact us today to initiate discussions. Embark on a successful and rewarding journey in the wig industry with us! 


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