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    Why Lordhair Wins as a Hairpiece Warehouse and Bulk Supplier?

    Lordhair was founded in 2006 with the goal to provide high-end non-surgical hairpieces to men and women across the globe. Some of our salon partners call us a hairpiece warehouse and bulk supplier since our catalog is huge and pricing super affordable. 


    Yet, there are many who aren’t 100% sure about sourcing their hairpieces from us. That's why we decided to share why Lordhair wins as a hairpiece warehouse and bulk supplier. 


    Without further ado, let’s jump straight to the winning reasons: 


    Huge premium catalog 


    It’s hard to become a global brand without a huge catalog of premium hairpieces. By premium, we mean the very best in everything. Most of our hairpieces are designed using the finest quality human hair. The same helps men and women get a realistic appearance on every wear. 


    Hairpieces present in our catalog come with a diverse option of base designs made of premium materials that account for their exceptional comfort, durability, breathability, and long lifespan.


    Hairpieces for men


    Reasonable price


    Since we are a hairpiece warehouse and wholesaler, our customers benefit from factory pricing. Bigger savings favor our customers and salon partners because we don’t charge the markup value that retail wig suppliers do. This applies whether you are buying a single hair system or placing an order of 100 units.


    By spending less than US$400, you can enjoy a full head of hair for a few months. That’s how affordable we are as a hairpiece supplier!


    100% skin-friendly 


    At Lordhair, your safety and comfort are our top priorities. We specialize in hair replacement solutions that are completely safe to wear and cause absolutely zero discomfort to the scalp. That’s because we design hairpiece bases using high-quality materials and modern wig design practices. 


    Our hairpieces not only feel pleasant in warm climates but also are free from conditions like itchiness during long wear. This is a major reason why Lordhair stands out as a leading hairpiece warehouse and distributor in the past decade. 


    100% skin-friendly


    Unmatched shopping experience


    Be it pricing, comfort, or product diversity, everything comes together to create a great experience. However, all of it wouldn’t mean as much online if the website fails to deliver a positive shopping experience. 


    Over the years, Lordhair has built up a virtual shopping experience that’s truly unmatched. From discovering your favorite hairpiece to customizing it to the last detail, everything can be done in a jiffy. Our online ordering process is especially pathbreaking and customers can place their orders within a few clicks. 


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    Worldwide shipping


    Our customers and partner hairpiece salons are located across the globe. That’s why we offer worldwide shipping to 100+ countries. To make sure that we ship fast, we have joined hands with international logistics service providers including FedEx, UPS, and DHL. 


    More importantly, we don’t charge any shipping fees. All you have to pay is the price of the hairpiece. That’s also a plus by choosing one of the biggest hairpiece warehouses in the world!  


    free fast worldwide shipping


    Customization galore 


    Since you are unique, your hairpiece can be unique as well. While stock hair units are shipped as they are, custom hairpieces can be tweaked in every way to fit your unique requirements. Whether you want to change the hair length, color, type, density, or base material, everything is possible with Lordhair. 


    That said, custom hair systems take longer to ship since they are tailored as per unique tastes and preferences of our customers. And the same takes time. 


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    Partner salons 


    Thousands of our customers love visiting salons near them for hairpiece attachment, styling, and maintenance. That’s why we started joining hands with salons across the globe to deliver world-class hair system services to our clients. 


    As a hairpiece warehouse and wholesaler, we are creating strategic partnerships with renowned salons in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and many other countries! 


    Partnered salons


    Above are some solid reasons why Lordhair wins as a widely recognized hairpiece warehouse and bulk supplier in 2021. 


    Whether you need a hairpiece to recover from hair loss or just need one to style your hair, we remain the highly recommended non surgical hair replacement brand out here. 


    Planning to buy hairpieces in bulk? Send your hairpiece queries to support@lordhair.com for the best offers.  


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