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    5 Unprocessed Human Hair Wigs Worth Buying in 2022

    Our unprocessed natural human hair wigs for women have gained huge popularity over the past few years. That’s principally because they promise the all-natural look that a lot of women nowadays strive for.

    However, women who are new to human hair wigs often struggle to find the best 100% unprocessed natural hair wig from our catalog. That’s why we decided to lend a helping hand!

    In this blog, Lordhair will list 5 unprocessed human hair wigs that are worth buying this year. These human hair wigs are 100% unprocessed and perfect for girls who are in love with an all-natural look.


    Let’s check out the hair wigs:


    #1 Alisa: Unprocessed human hair wig

    The Alisa human hair wig is suited to women who want to recover from hair thinning while retaining natural hair appearance. It has 100% virgin human hair which retains almost all of its natural characteristics. The Alisa wig has a middle parting line which gives the illusion of length and adds symmetry to the face.

    The Alisa hair wig is designed using a silk top with a wefted back and 4 clips. These materials come together to make the unprocessed hair wig breathable, comfortable, lightweight, and also easy to attach and clean. 16-inch long hair is sewn on the underside and the front of the human hair wig, meaning, realism is not an issue with the Alisa hair wig.

    Women can buy this 100% unprocessed stock human hair wig for US$460.


    unprocessed wigs


    #2 Bella: Unprocessed hair wig

    Unlike Alisa, the Bella human hair wig for women has lace - a comfortable, lightweight, and long-lasting material - at the front, sides, and back. It also has stretchable, soft mesh with clips that keep your scalp cool during hot days and makes both attachment and removal easy.

    The Bella hair wig has 100% unprocessed Chinese Remy human hair that looks hyper-realistic. Hair length and density won’t be an issue since this hair wig for women brings a variety of options to choose from.

    Thinking of curling or pinning up hair? No problem. The Bella hair wig is one of the most versatile unprocessed human hair wigs for women in our catalog. It can be styled and parted in any way. The stock model of this hair topper can be purchased for US$235.


    unprocessed wigs


    #3 Daisy: Hair wig for women

    As an unprocessed hair recovery and styling solution, our Daisy hair wig has gained a lot of fame in a very short period of time. It is best for women who have hair thinning on top of their heads, particularly around center parting. Made with 100% healthy, chemical-free Mongolian Remy human hair, it blends easily with real hair and looks so natural that no one would be able to tell that you are wearing a wig!

    The Daisy hair wig has a 5” x 2.75” high-quality base constructed using a silk top with a ¼” perimeter. Thanks to the bushy underhair at the front, it gives women an appearance of hair growing out of the scalp. Although the Daisy hair topper has naturally straight hair, girls can curl it to meet their fashion needs.

    Our Daisy wig is available in more than 20 hair colors and has a hair length of 14”. Women can also get it customized using our services. The final price after customization may vary.


    8 braid hairstyles for women to try with their unprocessed human hair wigs.


    #4 LFW001: hair wig for women

    Another savvy unprocessed hair wig that women can buy in 2022! Just like the Bella hair wig, the LFW001 hair wig has 100% Chinese Remy human hair. But what makes it different is the presence of lace at the front. It makes the hair wig lightweight and allows your scalp to breathe more, whilst having the most natural of hairlines with a staggered hairline.

    We have also added adjustable straps to the LFW001 for simplifying size adjustment and guaranteeing stronger attachment. This unprocessed human hair wig for women has a medium hair density (130%) and straight hair strands. Curls and waves can also be made as per your request.

    Our stock LFW001 hair wig can be bought for US$249.


    unprocessed wigs

    #5 Lyla: Unprocessed hair topper

    Girls, if you are thinking that Lyla looks very similar to the LFW001 hair wig, you are right! Both have almost similar specifications - base constructed with lace front and mesh; comb clips; 100% unprocessed Chinese Remy human hair; and a natural hairline.


    unprocessed wigs


    What makes it different is hair density. Unlike LFW001, the Lyla human hair wig for women has a medium-heavy hair density (150%). Also, we have added a beautiful body wave to it for max elegance. Known for its exceptional comfort and breathability, this unprocessed human hair wig can be styled just like real hair.

    The stock model of Lyla is available for US$219.

    Above are the best unprocessed human hair wigs for women to buy in 2022. Those who are new to unprocessed wigs might be wondering:

    1. What are unprocessed human hair wigs?
    2. What are the advantages of unprocessed hair over processed hair?

    Let’s address such questions as well!


    What are unprocessed human hair wigs?

    Unprocessed human hair wigs are a type of wig with intact cuticles that run in the same direction. Meaning, each strand of hair faces the same direction, causing minimal tangling. The hair used in such wigs is usually from a single donor and not chemically processed.


    Advantages of unprocessed human hair wigs

    The following are the advantages of unprocessed human hair wigs over-processed hair toppers:

    1. They provide a seamless transition with their natural hair.
    2. They last longer than processed human hair wigs.
    3. The hair is soft and more manageable. Unlike processed hair, it is not coated in silicone.

    Check out this wig transformation to witness the magic of hair wigs



    We hope it’s clear why unprocessed human hair wigs are so popular nowadays. While providing a close-to-reality look and seamless styling, these hair replacement products are helping women deal with temporary hair loss and permanent damage.


    Didn’t find the unprocessed human hair wig of your dreams? Browse our complete catalog of hair wigs for women. We bet you will find the 100% human hair wig that fits your requirements!


    Got any queries? Send them to support@lordhair.com and have them answered by our hair wig experts.



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