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    How to Make a Human Hair Wig Look New Again- Wig Care Guide

    Human hair wigs appeal far more natural than synthetic hair wigs. But the silky smooth hair implanted in these wigs need care just like actual hair. Else, they will get tangled and frizzy with time. To make human hair wigs last longer and look new again, proper maintenance and care is must.


    In this blog, Lordhair shares wig maintenance guide to take care of your wig and make it look new again. Make your human hair wig silky smooth by following our wig-care guide but before proceeding, let’s give a quick glance at causes behind dryness and stiffness in human hair wigs!


    Why a human hair wig becomes dry & stiff?


    Unlike natural hair, wig hair doesn’t get the nourishment from the natural oils produced by the scalp. This is the main reason why wigs lose their shine over time. There are many other reasons why human hair wig loses its natural soft bounce and for each condition, there are remedial measures out there. Firstly, let’s go through all the causes:


    Factors that lead to human hair wig depreciation:

      1. Prolonged Sun Exposure
      2. Lack Of Natural Oils
      3. Hard Water Exposure
      4. Chlorine Exposure
      5. Seawater Exposure


    Now, let's find the answer to the question, how to make a human hair wig look new again?


    How to make your old wig look new again?


    While there are a lot of treatments that help in giving a new lease of life to old wigs, we will be talking only about the simplest and most popular ones, starting with:


    Bath your wig


    Bathing your wig periodically will keep it clean and directly enhance its lifespan. Here’s how to bathe your wig without damaging it:


      1. Fill in three bowls, 3.5 litres each with hot water. It will be wise to use containers that aren’t used for food items. 
      2. Add approximately 50 gms of bleach in the first bowl. It will help in detangling hair by opening the cuticles. Also, this step helps remove the dirt and oils present in wig hair. Wear kitchen gloves to avoid skin irritation! 
      3. Once you have dipped you human hair wig in bleach water, use a wide tooth comb and gently comb your wig for 2-3 minutes. It will help you make your wig look like new again! 
      4. Once done, shift your wig to the second bowl, or rinse the sink and add hot water if you don’t have bowl. Add 50 gms of clarifying shampoo. By shampooing, the bleach will be removed from hair wig. 
      5. Once shampooed, it’s time to shift the wig to the third. Add ammonia to the hot water and dip the wig in the solution. This will neutralize the bleach from your human hair wig.
      6. Rinse your wig thoroughly with hot water, keeping bottom of your wig faced up to avoid de-tangling. This completes washing part of how to make a human hair wig look new again guide!


    Taking care of your human hair wig is very easy with our wig maintenance tools and accessories!


    Conditioning your wig


    Just washing your wig the right way is not enough. To restore the shine on your human hair wig, you will also have to condition it correctly. Here’s the process:


      1. Take 55 gms of conditioner and apply it carefully to the wet wig hair. Leave your wig with it for 5 minutes. Once done, rinse it and get ready for the next step of how to make a human hair wig silky smooth and look new again! 
      2. A pro tip for moisturizing your human hair wig is to microwave it for 30 seconds. Make sure you place it inside a zippable bag so that steam is created. Leave the wig in the bag only for at least one hour. 
      3. Hold your wig upright or place it on a wig head. Gently comb your human hair wig with a wide tooth comb or brush. By this time, it should give a hint of moisture and de-tangle.
      4. To make sure your wig gets dried the way it's meant to be, let it rest on the wig head. This will help it retain its shape and avoid any kind of distortion. This completes the final step of our how to make a human hair wig look new again guide.


    Above were wig cleaning guide that will help in improving the lifespan of a human hair wig. If you follow above steps carefully at least once a month, it will help keep your wig in perfect shape and you won’t need to buy a new one so soon!


    Looking for hyper-realistic hair systems? Check out our range of skin hair systems. 


    Now it's time for bonus daily wig care tips which will help you make your human hair wig look new again.


    Bonus wig care tips and ideas to extend lifespan


    Cleaning your wig once a month is enough only if you are caring for it on regular basis. Below are some wig maintenance tips and ideas to help you care for your human hair wig on regular basis:


    Shampooing and conditioning


    When you wear a wig daily, it becomes mandatory to keep it clean and hygienic. Shampooing and conditioning your wig with a mild shampoo every three days will not let oil and dirt rest in it.




    Instead of keeping your human hair wig in a closet, drawer or just anywhere else, buy a wig head. It will help your wig retain its shape when it’s not in use.


    Satin bag storage


    Planning not to wear your human hair wig for a while? Keep it in a satin bag. This will protect your wig from dryness. Moreover, frictionless satin will also eliminate chances of detangling.




    Short hair wigs are easiest to maintain. For people who like to wear lengthy wigs, especially ladies, flat ironing works best. Divide your hair into sections and iron them to keep them straight and smooth.


    Thinking of coloring your hair system? Try wig hair highlighting at home!


    Follow these easy wig maintenance tips, and you will not need to search for an answer for ‘how to make a human hair wig silky smooth and look new again’. No matter what brand, quality, or origin of your human hair wig is, deterioration is inevitable. But with proper wig care, you can easily revive your wig and maintain its vitality for longer period.


    Ain’t got time to maintain your wig on your own? We are here to help! Send your human hair wig to us and our hair experts will make them look like new again. Ask your queries at support@lordhair.com 


    Lordhair, for the better you!