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    9 Trendy Summer Haircuts for Men to Try in 2023

    For many guys, summer means having fun at the beach, dipping into the swimming pool, and drinking lots of beer. For guys who love fashion and styling, it can go with a brand-new summer haircut. 

    To help men who haven’t yet selected a summer hairstyle, Lordhair is here with 9 trendy summer haircuts. These haircuts have been shortlisted by top hairstylists and will deliver comfort during warm and sweaty weathers. 


    Without further ado, here are the 9 trendy summer haircuts for men to try in 2023: 


    Cool slick back


    Slick back is a retro haircut that has become popular among men after a lot of celebrities sported it in 2020. This classic hairstyle involves a medium to high fade with long hair on top. All of it comes together to deliver a stylish and handsome look. 


    Men in their late 20s and early 30s particularly love this hairstyle as it allows them to style a comb-over, quiff, or pompadour with minor tweaks. A high-shine look is also optimal and can be easily attained by regular shampooing and using a medium-hold wet-look gel. 


    Like the conventional and classy version? Ask your barber for a low fade slick back. 


    Slick back




    This men’s summer haircut used to be the favorite amongst military groups and police officers in the old days. Buzzcut has gradually metamorphosed into a style with a mass appeal. It involves closely trimming the sides and back while keeping the hair on top of the head slightly longer. There are a lot of variations to the buzz cut but we think you got the idea of what it is. 


    Men could also pair the buzz cut hairdo with a line-up (taper fade). This style is best suited to guys who not only want a low-maintenance haircut but also love to keep it stylish during the summer. Want to do more? Combine a taper buzz cut with a beard fade!


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    Undercut was a big deal with city-dwelling young adults in the summer of 2020. This haircut could be easily achieved by creating a clear distinction between the top and sides with a hard or shaved side part.


    In 2023, some men brought modifications to this popular haircut. Nowadays, an undercut is paired with two shaved lines at the back of the scalp. This tweak gives the hairstyle a fashionable finish. 


    This cool summer hairdo also has a lot of variations. So, pick the one that best suits your personal preference. 




    Pomp skin fade 


    A must in 2023, the pomp skin fade combines classic pompadour with a taper fade to deliver a savvy look. Stylists use a razor to make a smooth transition from skin to medium fade. 


    Young men in their early twenties could also combine cool zig-zag sides with long, high-volume hair on top. You can easily create the pompadour-signature volume with strong-hold products like hair gel and wax. 


    Combining medium-heavy beards with pomp-skin fade will add extra wow to your overall look.


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    Crop haircut 


    Another popular haircut to make your hair look great during summers, the textured crop hairstyle is paired with a fade on the back and sides and is worn with a shaggy fringe. 


    This summer cut for men can work anywhere from a low length fringe towards the hairline or high fringe down to the forehead. You can have a hair length at around 1-3 inches on top, depending on how lengthy you want the fringe and where you want it cropped. 


    Hair experts say that higher textured crop haircut tends to look cool on men with thicker strands and strong jawline, whereas low-length textured crop looks cool on men with thin hair. 


    Crop haircut  


    Quiff haircut


    How could we not recommend this popular summer cut for 2023? A famous 50’s hairstyle, the quiff cut for men is quite similar to undercut but longer on top and shorter on sides and back. The only difference is the top of the hair, which is styled upward and combed slightly back for a bumpy yet striking look. 


    Long strands in a quiff haircut provide a sharp contrast to the short hair on the sides and back. The hair at front is also inclined and takes on a wavy appearance. We advise you to keep hair length at the top around 4 to 6 inches. Use gel and wax to accentuate the texture of your hair.


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    Faux hawk


    The faux hawk is another popular men’s haircut for summer 2023. Youthful and eye-catching, this hairstyle involves shorter clipped sides and a volumized top to work for all types of face shapes. This hairstyle has been flaunted by stars like Zac Affron and David Beckham for a long time.  


    Men these days light-dye the top of their hair and use a fade line that cuts through the close-cut sides to add a drastic detail. The sharp line of the faux summer haircut gives the impression of extra volume and puts on a modern touch to the cut.


    Faux hawk


    Comb over 


    We know what you guys are thinking - isn’t the comb-over haircut a bit outdated? For some comb-over hairstyles, that might be true. However, the modern comb-over haircut with taper fades still looks remarkable and helps men stay a step ahead in the summer fashion game. 


    A taper fade keeps your head cool with thick top hair whereas combing up and sideways produces extra volume with zero effort. Some men also keep subtle facial hair with careful combing to pick bonus summer points. 


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    Spiky hair with low fade 


    Spikes have been around for a really long time. For every face shape out there, there’s a spiky hairdo. No wonder, 2021 saw the emergence of this legendary men’s haircut. But this time, this almost classic summer hairdo came with a low fade. 


    With spiky hair and low fades, you can easily make your long hair at the top work in the warm summers.


    Spiky hair with low fade


    Above are the 9 summer haircuts for men to try in 2023. 


    These hairstyles will help dodge some of the heat waves while adding a touch of personal style to your overall look. We recommend speaking with your stylist to pick a hairdo that goes well with your face shape, personal style, and above all, your age group. 


    Got any queries to ask? Send them to support@lordhair.com and have them answered by our hair experts!