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    How to Reapply Front Tape on Your Hair System

    "How long does toupee tape last?"

    Most customers wish to give the front part of their hair system a clean up every week or two, instead of removing their men's hair system. This is because we often sweat more in this area and it is the area most prone to a slight lift. Without wanting to remove your hair toupee entirely, you can peel back and clean your men's toupee easily. Let us show you how!

    Today we will show you how to reapply hair toupee tape, we recommend using walker tape ultra hold hair system adhesive. We have a wide range of adhesive tape for hair systems at Lordhair, and all are waterproof toupee tapes, so you can swim and shower in a hair system carefree!

    If you are wondering"how do you apply hair tape?" watch our video now to find out how to change your toupee tape.

    Aaron's hair system is the Lordhair SuperSkin-V in color #5 buy it NOW at Lordhair.com


    What you'll need:

    1. Cotton pads
    2. Adhesive remover
    3. Scalp protector
    4. Removal alcohol
    5. Water spray
    6. Tape/glue

    How to reapply hair system tape

    Watch the video NOW for a guide on how to reapply hair toupee tape on the front of your hair system.

    Stay tuned for more hair system maintenance tutorials!