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    Lace Base Men’s Toupees: Tape or Glue?

    Features and Benefits:

    To apply your lace base men’s toupee, you will need to choose between hair replacement tape or glue.

    Tape used to apply a lace base men’s toupee is a double sided sticky clear tape. After application, the tape should be undetectable.

    You may be wondering whether to choose tape or glue for you lace base men’s toupee. This is a question of personal preference as both work well.

    Hair system glue tends to be more popular for lace base men’s toupees because glue normally lasts longer than tape. This feature is great if you lead an active lifestyle and want to wear the same hair system for an extended period.

    Hair system glue is particularly suitable if you work out often and enjoy swimming.

    Hair system adhesives are either solvent based or water based. Water based glue is better if you have a skin condition or particularly sensitive skin because solvent based adhesives contain more chemicals and may cause breakout. However, for those who don’t experience skin issues, solvent based adhesives tend to last longer. A solvent based adhesive can last up to 6 weeks.

    Testing Glue:

    Before you use any hair replacement glue, test a small amount on another area of your skin to see if it causes a reaction. For the best indication, let the glue sit for at least an hour.

    After an hour, you haven’t noticed any type of breakout on the area you applied the glue, you should not have any issue with using the glue to apply your lace base men’s toupee.

    Just be sure to use a glue made specifically for applying lace hair systems as the glue made for other base types is also different.

    Application of Glue:

    When you apply lace base glue be careful not get any adhesive on your own hair.  Obviously, this can cause breakage.

    Lace base men’s toupees are so popular because they look natural and are breathable, no matter whether you choose tape or glue, you will have a great, handsome look!


    If you have any other questions or want some friendly, professional advice, just send us an email: support@lordhair.com