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    Kevin Durant Balding or Not: Lordhair Reveals the Truth

    Kevin Durant has been a public figure for more than decade now, thanks to his successful NBA basketball career. Since he has consistently delivered on the court, fans and media simply can’t have enough of him. And on some occasions, the talk shifts to his 'changing' hair. While some believe that camera lighting, hairstyle, and the angle of photographs is the reason why he sometimes seems to be experiencing hair thinning, others really think Kevin Durant is balding.

    Since we don’t like when rumours of baldness go about without any solid proof, we are here with our investigative blog on KD. In this blog Lordhair, - trusted globally for men’s hairpieces - will reveal the truth about Kevin Durant's hair loss and also share the best treatment to recover from male hair fall.

    For those unfamiliar with Kevin Durant and his achievements, let’s first learn about him and his career on the field!


    Kevin Durant bald

    Who is Kevin Durant?

    Majorly known by his initials KD, Kevin Durant was born on September 29, 1988. KD is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Phoenix Suns and has been blazing the court for quite some time now. Many sport enthusiasts believe that he is one of the most promising players in the NBA league.

    While playing for the US men’s national team, Kevin Durant won three gold medals in the Olympics (2012, 2016, and 2020). KD is also the leading scorer of Team USA when it comes to men’s Olympic basketball.

    In addition to Olympics wins, he has also won two NBA championships, an NBA Most Valuable Player award, two finals MVP awards, two NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player awards, and a lot more. We seriously can’t figure out why people are so bothered by Kevin Durant’s hair loss and baldness when he is doing such amazing work on the court!

    Is Kevin Durant Really Balding?

    Kevin’s hair became the talk of the town when one of his media photos captured a bald patch on the back of his head. To be honest, the damage is pretty clear and it is indeed true that hair loss has kicked in. Many fans suggested he should shave it all off but he has not responded to such recommendations. Recently KD surprised his fans with a bold new haircut (shorter hairdo).

    Kevin Durant faced male pattern baldness which led to a receding hairline and a bald spot. In recent years, KD seems to have embraced his hairline and has been seen with different hairstyles including a buzz cut and a more slicked back style. Many fans believe that Kevin Durant is addressing his male pattern baldness privately without publicly addressing the issue but there’s no proof regarding the same.

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    Which Treatment is Best for Kevin like Hair Loss?

    Technology is evolving every year and a lot of new hair loss treatments have emerged in the market. While some have side effects, others take months to show results. That’s why a lot of celebrities wear wigs! But why do celebrities wear wigs if they can afford a hair transplant? Well, that’s because hair transplant is not bullet-proof. It’s not recommended for some hair loss types as well. For instance, if you have very fine hair and fear the side effects that could come along with a surgery.

    Since Kevin Durant also has thinning on the top of his head, it’s possible that he didn’t see a point in hair surgery. The talented player is probably experimenting with a new-age medicine but it’s really hard to say,

    Read on to discover why hair systems are considered as the best option for hair loss recovery!

    Kevin Durant bald
    Why Choose Hair Systems for Recovery?

    The below benefits will help you understand why a lot of celebrities and public figures choose hair systems over other hair loss solutions like medications, therapies, and natural remedies:

    Instant results: Human hair systems provide immediate and noticeable results. Celebrities often need to look their best in public appearances. Most don’t have the time to go through the waiting period that’s usually attached with a hair transplant.

    Customization: Non surgical hair replacement systems can be tweaked to match any style, color, and texture. This allows sports personalities as well as celebrities to achieve a specific look instantly.

    Non-invasive: Unlike hair transplant surgery or medications, which can be a more invasive and lengthy process, hair systems are non-invasive and do not require any surgical or medical procedures. If you have requested a cut-in unit, you can wear it out of the box!

    Privacy: Hair loss is a sensitive topic, especially for celebrities and public figures. Human hair systems offer a hair loss solution that can be managed discreetly without public scrutiny.

    Versatility: Public figures like Kevin Durant often change their appearance for different roles and events. Hair systems allow for versatility, as they can be easily styled, removed, and replaced as needed to fit different looks.

    Consistency: Our hair systems provide consistent results unlike medications or topical treatments that may not work effectively for everyone or can have varying results. A hair system ensures a predictable outcome every time it’s worn.

    Confidence boost: Dealing with hair loss can affect self-esteem even if you are Kevin Durant! Hair systems can help boost confidence by restoring a full head of hair instantly, allowing sports celebrities and also everyday people to feel more comfortable and confident in their roles.

    Recover From Hair Loss with Lordhair

    We have covered everything about Kevin Durant's baldness and also shared expert product recommendations for fast recovery. While there’s no dearth of hair recovery products out there, it is best for men to opt for premium men’s wigs for sale to regain hair without undergoing any surgery.


    If you are at the initial stage of hair loss, consulting a doctor can reveal a lot of options to regain hair. However, if your hair fall has reached an advanced stage, hair systems (also known as hair toupees, men's wigs, and hair Units) are probably your best bet.

    Do you have any queries to ask regarding our hair replacement systems? Contact us today and have them answered by our experts.