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    Ben Stokes’s Hair Loss and Transplant: All Details Covered


    Ben Stokes is much talked about for his cricketing prowess but lately, the talk around his hair loss and transplant has grown significantly so we thought why not talk about the same to bust the rumors and lay bare the truth? 

    Lordhair - trusted globally for hair toupees - is here to talk about Ben Stokes’s hair loss and subsequent hair transplant. Since it’s possible that some of you won’t be familiar with the English cricketer, let’s start with a quick introduction. 


    Ben Stokes Introduction 

    Ben Stokes has captured the hearts of cricket lovers worldwide. For over a decade, he has etched his name into cricket history books by delivering jaw-dropping performances that impress even the non-cricket fan - remember that Headingley innings in the 2019 Ashes! He will surely go down as one of England's greatest-ever cricketers.

    Stokes is not only known for his cricketing skills on the pitch but also his unyielding determination to consistently deliver the best and get the best out of his teammates. This zeal and attitude to playing and fitness have endeared him to crowds around the globe, transforming him into a fan favorite from the very outset of his career.

    However, as Stokes's career continued its meteoric rise, so did the scrutiny around his hair. With each televised match, it became increasingly evident that Ben Stokes was experiencing hair damage and later in his career, the question of whether he had undergone a hair transplant arose. 


    ben stokes


    Has Ben Stokes Undergone a Hair Transplant?

    Ben Stokes’s hair transplant has been a subject of discussion in various cricket forums. Within these forums and fan conversations, the question, "Has Ben Stokes had a hair transplant?" rang out loud. Opinions on Ben Stokes’s hair transplant varied before the man himself announced that he had indeed gone under the knife. 

    Yes, Ben Stokes has undergone a hair transplant. The cricketer underwent a hair transplant back in 2018 in London. During an interview with the British newspaper, The Telegraph, Ben shared how losing hair put him on edge. Here is an excerpt from his candid interview: 


    “I saw the (TV) footage of myself, and the angle would be a bird's-eye view, straight on top, 'I thought, 'God, this is getting worse and worse'. Men and hair, it's a thing. There's so much more to it than just losing your hair. If you start thinning, you notice, and you're constantly trying to do something to make it not look as bad.”  


    Can you also relate to these feelings of despair?

    Ben Stokes revealed he underwent a FUE hair transplant, and from what we see today, it certainly went well. However, that’s not the case with every hair transplant out there. Have a look at these hair transplant complications and side effects before making the call.


    ben stokes hair transplant


    How to Improve Your Hairline Without an Expensive Transplant

    Ben Stokes went through a hair transplant in 2018 but it’s possible that he explored other opinions before taking the plunge. Hair and scalp can benefit from an amalgamation of holistic habits and we bring the ones recommended by leading dermatologists. 

    We are sure a lot of these must have been a part of Ben Stokes's pre-transplant regime as well!


    • Healthy diet: A balanced diet that includes nutrients like B vitamins, iron, zinc, and protein is essential for healthy hair growth. Include foods like fish, lean meats, nuts, and leafy greens in your diet.

    • Stay hydrated: Proper hydration is vital for overall health, including hair health. Drink plenty of water to keep your hair and scalp hydrated.

    • Reduce stress: High stress levels can contribute to hair loss. Practice stress-reducing activities like yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises.

    • Avoid heat and chemicals: Excessive use of hair styling tools and harsh chemicals can damage your hair and worsen hairline issues. Opt for natural styles and limit heat styling.

    • Biotin supplements: Biotin, a B vitamin, is known for promoting hair growth and is used by men as well as women for healthy hair. We recommend consulting a healthcare professional before starting any supplement regimen.


    While Ben Stokes has certainly achieved positive results with his hair transplant because of good donor hair present, it’s worth noting that not everyone has good donor hair available for a hair transplant. In some cases, medical conditions also rule out transplant.

    For men with major bald patches and scarce hair, we recommend hair systems (also known as men’s human hair wigs, hairpieces, and hair replacement systems) to achieve a full head of hair. For those who don't know, these are non-surgical options that provide immediate recovery from thinning hair and bald spots. 

    Designed using advanced techniques, high-quality base materials and human hair, hair systems mimic the appearance, texture, and feel of natural hair.

    Incidentally, this leads us to the question of ...


    Can you play cricket in a hair system?

    In a word, yes.

    Howzat then? First of all, you can play sports in hair systems and there is nothing unique about cricket that would impact this answer. Such is the strength of hair system tape and glue, your hair system will not fall off when you are running in to bowl or running to cut off a boundary. Wearing a helmet is not an issue - it will simply mess up your hair the way it would your own hair. You are likely to sweat during a game but sweat does not have to be an issue with hair systems. The worst that might happen is a bit of lift at the front but you would have to have been using the same hair system tape or glue for a long time for this to happen. Besides, it's likely you will be playing cricket in a cap or sun hat so your hair system/front hairline would not be exposed anyway.


    Get a Full Head of Hair with Lordhair 

    Ben Stokes's transformation, both physically and psychologically, serves as a testament to the potential positive impact that addressing hair loss can have on your confidence and self-image. In his own words:


    "Whatever they (men) can do to make them feel better about themselves, why not? I know how I felt, from all the compliments I received. It gives you so much confidence. The stigma and the secretiveness have gone."


    We couldn't agree more. We also want to break down the stigma of hair systems or whatever hair loss solution someone opts for. It's important to remember that the choice to undergo any form of procedure, including a hair transplant, is deeply personal. Until an official statement is made, speculation remains just that—speculation. Respecting an individual's privacy in such matters is paramount. We respect Ben Stokes for being open about his recovery from hair loss.

    If you have any queries or concerns, about hair systems please feel free to drop them in the comments section. Also. check out this resource on hair loss in young men if hair fall is happening fast for you!