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    Did Justin Bieber Get a Hair Transplant? Here’s the Truth

    While Justin Bieber's music career has been pretty steady, his hairline hasn’t. The talk about his hair transplant is full of speculations and rumors. In fact, a New York-based surgeon Dr. Gary Linkov - in his viral TikTok video - came up with evidence that Justin Bieber has undergone a hair transplant to maintain his stellar looks.

    It’s been a couple of weeks since this news came out and a lot of people are now interested in knowing whether Justin Bieber got a hair surgery. That’s why Lordhair- a global supplier of men’s hairpieces - is here to unravel the truth behind the alleged hair transplant of Justin Bieber. Let's delve into the truth about hair transplant and hair!

    But firstly let us give a quick introduction to this pop star and famous Canadian singer.

    Who is Justin Bieber?

    Born on 1 March 1994, Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and pop music icon who gained fame at a very young age. He has been a teen idol worldwide whose good looks and crazy pop songs sparked a global craze at the beginning of 2009. He first went viral on YouTube and was spotted by talent manager Scooter Braun. At the young age of 14, Justin Bieber moved to Atlanta to work with Braun and was later signed by L.A. Reid. Justin Bieber's debut single, "One Time," was released in 2009, and he quickly became a teen sensation.

    did justin bieber get a hair transplant

    Justin Bieber’s early albums, including "My World 2.0" and "Believe," featured hit songs like "Baby," "Sorry," and "Love Yourself," which topped charts internationally. His song “ Baby” was the first song to hit more than 500 million views on YouTube. Despite his musical success, Justin Bieber’s life has been nothing less than a roller coaster. He has faced personal challenges and health issues, leading him to prioritize his well-being during his world tours.
    Overall, Justin Bieber remains a prominent figure in pop culture, known for his musical talent, evolving hairstyles, and global fan base. Let’s now get down to the hair surgery rumor!

    Did Justin Bieber Undergo Hair Transplant?

    As we mentioned, a New York-based surgeon came up with influencing facts and opinion on Justin's changing hairline. Dr. Linkov shared two images of Beiber with visible hairline and speculated that the pop star may have undergone a hair transplant procedure. One image is from the 2022 Super Bowl in Inglewood, California, and shows Justin with a closely shaved head. The other image posted by the artist himself and referenced by the doc has a full head of hair.

    On analyzing the hairline of these two photos, Dr. Linkov shared that such drastic changes in hairline and growth can only be achieved through surgical intervention. Linkov said:

    "When I look at his forehead, [the hairline is now] much flatter, it doesn't have that recession, and when the hair is wet, you can tell the regularity of the [hairline], so it looks like maybe he did have a transplant.

    did justin bieber get a hair transplant

    Dr. Linkov further observed:

    He started to wear all these hats [in 2022] and he's covering up his hair so that it's hard to tell what was going on. And remember, hair transplants can take up to a year, maybe a year and a half, to see final results.

    Image credit: Daily Mail

    Check out the full story over here. In case you are convinced on this matter, we recommend checking out these celeb hair loss and recovery stories as well:

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    Justin Bieber Hair Loss Evidence and Commentary

    Daily Mail reported the opinion of another hair surgeon on Bieber's seemingly fuller new look. Dr. Jim Harris also concludes that Bieber might have had up to 1,800 follicles transplanted, which is significantly more than the typical range of 500 to 1,500 usually involved in such procedures. Dr. Harris also suggested, based on photos, that Bieber likely underwent a hair transplant surgery. Here’s what he has to say:

    "In a 2023 photo, I notice that Justin's hairline appears flatter. A few years before that, in 2018, he had a definite recession, a very scalloped front line. Now it's flatter on his forehead, much more linear"

    The hair loss and transplant stories however have not been confirmed by Justin Bieber yet. The spotlight on Justin highlights the scrutiny and expectations celebrities encounter. Perhaps, the same becomes the source of damage.

    did justin bieber get a hair transplant

    Recovery from Hair Loss Without Transplant

    If doctors and media is to be believed, hair transplant was the recovery choice for Justin Bieber. However, it’s not a practical one for everyone due to reasons like:

    • Expensive nature of transplant
    • Risk of scarring
    • Risk of infection
    • Future hair loss and repeat surgeries
    • Long recovery time

    If you are looking to address your hair loss issues and want to stay away from above risks, we recommend going for a toupee. One of the great advantages of hair toupee is its ability to give instant and painless results. Hair toupees (also known as hairpieces, wigs, hair systems, and hair units) can help you personalize the look by matching your style, preferences, and hair color.

    Lordhair stands out in the hair replacement industry, thanks to our dedication to crafting premium-quality yet affordable toupee hair replacement systems. When it comes to choosing a solution for partial or complete hair loss, opt for Lordhair’s growing collection of hairpieces for men and hair integration systems for women. Check out Gert’s hair system transformation!

    Justin Bieber Hair Transplant Story Ends Here

    And here we go!

    We have listed out all the evidence that supports Justin Bieber's hair transplant and what famous surgeons have said about it. Since Justin Bieber has not publicly confirmed getting a hair transplant, all of it remains mere speculation.

    Have you lost a lot of hair, and are interested in safe recovery? Contact us today for product recommendations; our lace hair systems and swiss hair systems are particularly amazing!