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    I Thought It Would Be a Sticky Situation | My Hair System Diary


    Hair System Adhesive and Heat

    I Thought It Would Be a Sticky Situation



    I have just returned from a break away in Zurich, Switzerland. Temperatures were around 30°C/86°F, and I was cycling around, visiting sites and wearing a cap for shade. I also visited a gorgeous spa (twice) and because of the outdoor heat, I took at least two showers a day. I was always under the impression that heat would break down the adhesive I use on my hair system. With all these recent activities, I returned home pleasantly surprised. It seemed as though the heat I experienced allowed my hair system adhesive components to refrain from breaking down.


    Remember, it's perfectly OK to shower in your hair system!


    How my hair system held up was a nice surprise


    Let's not be confused, this is my own evidence and not any manufacturer's. I'm still left surprised as in my mind, it will make sense that if I were to sweat then condensation would break down the adhesive, right? Well, at least for me, this has not happened, and I'm only realising this now. Whenever I would come back from a holiday, especially if I'd been in a warm climate, I would automatically want to change my hair system, when actually I didn't really need or have to. I'm feeling the edges of the hair replacement system and whilst the edges have been slightly uplifted, it appears the bonding will last for at least another two weeks (approximately).


    Are hair replacement systems best for summer or winter?



    I love the summer, but I always get excited about the winter because I change my hair system less often in the winter. This again brings me back to the mistaken belief that I had to change the system more often in summer than I would do in the winter. It feels like a treat because it does take me a good amount of time to change my system. I don't mind changing it because it does save me a lot of money and the results make me look wonderful. I can use that time to do other things to compliment my look. And now I'm wondering if there's actually any evidence to show that heat can make adhesive more intact ...


    ... Evidence does exist about heat and adhesives


    I just (now) did some research and surprisingly, there is evidence.


    ''The reaction that takes place as an adhesive sets is influenced by temperature; a higher temperature will speed up the reaction, which means that labels applied at higher temperatures will usually have better adhesion than those applied at lower temperatures.''


    Admittedly, this was not referring specifically to hair system adhesives but the science behind adhesives still stacks up - from my experience at least. I feel that I've won the hair system lottery because now I can encourage my mind to entertain this evidence.




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