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    Removing My Own Hair System Has Saved Me a Lot of Money

    save money hair system


    Why I decided to start doing my own hair system maintenance 


    I decided a few years ago I would start to remove and reapply my hair system myself instead of going to a salon and paying high prices for someone to change and clean for me. It takes some time but can save you a lot of money. For example, I would pay around £60/≈$70 and the hair stylist (who is highly trained in working with hair systems) would take off the system, clean the scalp, prepare the scalp, wash the system, and re-apply. I would then go to my usual hair stylist to get a haircut. The whole appointment would usually take around an hour. I went online and bought all the products I needed to see if I could do this myself. I searched for hair products and all specialised in hair systems.


    What I use to attach and remove my hair system


    Ghost Bond glue

    A glue for hair products that will apply in white and then once dried will be transparent


    Walker Tape

    Double-sided adhesive tape



    Small and sharp to cut the tape


    Release spray 


    Spray on to break down the adhesive on the scalp and hair system


    Buy Walker Tape and other types of tape from our collection of wig accessories


    These are the only four items I needed which is less than 1 visit to the salon and these products are used multiple times before I have to re-purchase. I had all the other products mentioned from here on.


    My hair system reapplication routine


    It takes me around 30 minutes (I use a partial hair system) to complete the procedure and this is me taking my time:


    1. I apply a few sprays to the scalp in places where the hair system has lifted.
    2. Once off, I use a few sprays on the base of the system to loosen the tape.
    3. I clean the scalp with a few more sprays and wipe them off with cotton pads.
    4. I then exfoliate the area of the scalp with a face wash.
    5. Then I jump in the shower and shampoo my hair as usual.
    6. After the shower, I then shave down the scalp area, so the area is smooth.
    7. I then take off the adhesive with cotton pads and clean the system. This is where the time is spent for me as there is a technique for cleaning the hair system which is simply using a cotton pad to rub the adhesive residue away to the outer edges. This will in turn catch some of the hair strands which are also removable with a cotton pad.
    8. The hair system is then washed in cold-warm water. 
    9. The hair system is now ready for application to the scalp.
    10. To save time, I didn’t want to use any ghost glue so this time I applied the adhesive tape to the hair system.
    11. This is the tricky part, figuring out how to see your full scalp in the mirror without using any hands. Easily done with some imagination and a back view mirror.
    12. The hair system is applied and then I comb and I’m done.


    For a more in-depth guide to attaching a regular-sized hair system be sure to check out the following video!




    Final thoughts: Practice makes perfect


    When I first started to do this procedure, I was frustrated. You just have to find your own way but expect it to take an hour or so when you first begin. However, the more and more I did it, the quicker the procedure becomes. 


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