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    PRIDE and Proud of Hair Loss?

    It’s PRIDE month and I notice a lot of the LGBTQ+ community getting ready for what a lot of people may call their Christmas. I always wondered why the community love to be colourful and take the fashion risks that a lot of others may think twice about doing. About the hair, I notice a lot more (than usual) products in shopping stores and I wonder if the public would buy the hair colouring which is bright pink. I started to get nosey and asked the shop assistant what the best colour dye is and to my surprise, the assistant gave a whole shopping list of colours that customers would buy! I heard bright pink wash, indigo purple, and crimson red. Before the assistant carried on with her job, she mentioned she would be giving her look a neon green to celebrate PRIDE.




    I’ve NEVER dyed my hair and when I was in my 20s, I heard awful stories about hair falling out and burning and being damaged if you dyed it. As it’s PRIDE month, I have decided this year that I will take the plunge and dye my hair. Whenever I order a replacement hair system from Lordhair (around every 8 months – I know, I really take care of them, and they last me longer than 8 months sometimes) I usually order an additional one so I can change my hairstyle on occasions. It’s a subtle change and my hair stylist takes care of that part, so it doesn’t look like it’s a drastic change.


    Now, the best thing about the thought of dyeing my hair (as I haven’t done it yet) is the fact I have a spare hair system so in the unlikely event which I can’t dye it back to its original colour (black) then I have a backup. The other best thing is I don’t need to worry about any harm to my scalp – if the historical stories of dyeing play out on me.


    The question for me would be, why do I want to change my hair colour during PRIDE? Besides the obvious of showing my support to the LGBTQ+ community, I feel as though I can do this with my hair instead of with the limited clothes and speech.


    Growing up I always felt the need to be different and not to follow the trend. For example, I used to be shy to have haircuts because I found the ‘short, back and sides’ so boring. To think out of the box, instead of feeling distraught about my hair loss, the hair replacement systems have provided an outlet for me to express and dare myself to continue to be different. Who would have thought, I could be brave to thank my hair loss for the added confidence?


    I’ve decided, I will go for bright purple and blue highlights for PRIDE month.