How To Order Hair Systems With Highlights?


Some clients request the addition of highlights to their hair systems, especially women and young men. However, many do not know how to specify the highlight percentage and distribution when ordering.

Usually, you need to tell us 3 things:
1. Tell us the areas where you want highlights added.
Most clients want highlights all over the hair system, but some clients want highlights in particular sections , for example front only or front and top…

2. Tell us the highlight effect you want.
Which do you like better, evenly blended highlight or spot highlights? You can see the difference in the pictures below.

spot highlight

3. Tell us the proportion of highlights you want.
The proportion of highlight color can be expressed in two ways.
a. By percentage (%), for example  30% all over.
b. By advising size of  the spot and distance between spots, for example  ½” spot and 1” apart.

Some clients send us a template with black spots drawn on it directly as pictured below. This is easy tol follow and strongly recommended.

highlight template


I hope this was helpful.

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