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    Hair Protection from the Sun: 8 Tips for the Brutal Summer Season


    We often associate sun protection with putting on sunscreen to shield the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. But what about hair? While we may not be as vigilant when it comes to hair protection, it is as important to safeguard our locks from the intense rays of the sun. 

    Not taking care of hair during summer can make the hair dry, brittle, and susceptible to breakage. It may also lead to frizz, split ends, and faded color. As a leading hair recovery brand, we don’t want that to happen to you.

    In this blog, Lordhair - trusted globally for hair systems - will share 8 useful hair protection tips and ideas to help men and women maintain healthy and radiant strands while the sun rains hellfire. 


    What Are Some Useful Ways to Protect Your Hair from the Sun?

    Here are some essential hair protection tips and hacks for sun damage to remember in 2023:


    #1 Limit the use of chemical treatments 

    Research conducted by the State University of Campinas has shown that colored hair is particularly susceptible to damage from heat. And considering that summer already has a drying effect on the strands, it is pivotal to take additional measures to protect them. 

    Avoid excessive chemical hair treatment during this period. Minimize the frequency of coloring, be it at a salon or at home. Instead, explore organic options for coloring the locks. They will be gentler on the hair and minimize the risk of damage. 

    By being mindful of chemical treatments, men and women can make sure that their hair remains healthy and vibrant throughout the summer season. 


    hair protection


    #2 Embrace the power of conditioner 

    Since lots of us tend to spend more time swimming in the sea or pool during the summer months, our hair is exposed to additional damage from saltwater and chlorine. However, it’s not just water-related activities that pose a risk to the hair strands. Simply walking outside under the scorching sun can also contribute to dryness and vulnerability. 

    To combat these, incorporate a high-quality conditioner into your hair care routine. Apply a generous amount of conditioner, focusing on the lengths and ends of the hair. Leave it on for a few minutes to allow those nourishing ingredients to penetrate the hair shafts and provide much-needed hydration. Rinse it thoroughly using cool water afterward. 

    Using a good-quality conditioner helps men and women replenish lost moisture, nourish hair follicles, and restore their hair's natural shine and smoothness. It will also form a protective barrier that shields strands from the harsh effects of sun, saltwater, and chlorine. 


    #3 Shampoo with care 

    After discussing the importance of using conditioner for hair protection from the sun, it’s only natural to also touch upon the topic of shampoo. And no, we’re not referring to the typical shampoo bottle sitting on your shelf; we recommend turning to a medical shampoo! Since regular shampoo comprises harmful chemicals, using it during the summer can exacerbate dryness of the scalp and hair, leading to further damage. 

    Mild shampoo, on the other hand, is suitable for the summer season. If your scalp tends to sweat more during summer or your hair becomes greasy and sweaty very often, a mild shampoo will offer gentle cleansing while providing hydration and nourishment to strands as well as the head. 

    Such shampoos can also remove excess sweat, dirt, and product build-up without stripping away the natural oils that our scalp needs to stay healthy under the sweltering sun. 


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    #4 Minimize heat styling 

    For added hair protection from the sun, it’s best to avoid using heat-based styling tools like straighteners, curling irons, or hairdryers. Why? Because these tools can further damage already stressed-out strands during the summer season. They can make hair brittle, leading to breakage and split ends. 

    Instead, let your hair dry naturally. This will help in reducing hair damage and will give it a chance to absorb natural moisture in the air, making it feel softer and more hydrated. If you must use styling tools, we recommend using them at a low or cool setting. Also, use a heat protectant spray to minimize damage. 

    Long story short, keep your hair healthy and strong all summer long by avoiding excessive heat.


    #5 Trim your hair 

    Trimming hair regularly is a crucial step for maintaining its health and vitality during the extra-warm season. Exposure to sun, pollution, chlorine, and environmental factors can leave serious damage to strands, leading to split ends and breakage. By scheduling regular hair trims, men and women can prevent split ends from moving up the hair shaft. 

    Additionally, trimming hair can improve its manageability and reduce the occurrence of tangles and knots. Although you can trim your hair at home, it would be better to visit a professional hairstylist. They will easily assess the condition of your hair and provide an appropriate trim to suit your desired style. 


    hair protection from sun


    #6 Shield hair with sun protection 

    Just like we do our best to protect the skin from menacing sun rays, it is equally important to safeguard strands from sun damage as well. Invest in hair care products that offer UV protection. These could include leave-in sprays or serums. They create a barrier around each strand that helps block damaging UV radiation and minimize the harmful effects of sun exposure. 

    Men and women can also wear a hat or headscarf for additional protection from direct sunlight. Apart from shielding your locks, these items will also reduce the risk of sunburn and scalp discomfort.  


    #7 Try a hair system  

    Women who want hair protection from the sun while making a fashion statement can consider buying a hair system. These are non-surgical hair solutions designed using real hair that are hand-woven onto a base made of premium skin-friendly materials.  Also known as toppers, hairpieces, and wigs for women, they’ll act like a physical barrier, shielding the natural strands from direct exposure to UV radiation. 

    If bought from a good hair system manufacturer like Lordhair, they can also help combat the effects of humidity which often leads to frizz and unruly hair during the summer months. 

    Men with thinning hair can try hair toupees to regain a full head of hair. Witness the incredible style and functionality of Lordhair's waterproof hair system as one of our customers flaunts his new hair while swimming during the summer season!



    #8 Drink plenty of fluids 

    Here's another useful tip for men and women to protect their hair from the sun in 2023. During the hot summer months, the risk of dehydration escalates due to perspiration and heightened water loss from the body. Dermatologists state that when our body lacks proper hydration, the moisture levels of both the scalp and the hair get affected. 

    To be more precise, low hydration levels can lead to dryness, brittleness, and potential hair damage. So, drink plenty of water and other hydrating fluids throughout the day. Aim to consume at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Increase the intake if you engage in strenuous activities or spend multiple hours outdoors. 

    Additionally, incorporate hydrating beverages like herbal teas, fresh fruit juices, and coconut water into your daily routine. 


    hair protection


    Hair Protection from the Sun: Final Words 

    Above are some useful tips about hair protection from the sun. By implementing these practices, men and women can maintain healthy, vibrant hair throughout the summer season. However, it is important to remember that everyone’s hair and overall health are different. That means that what worked for one person may not work for someone else. 

    While this was everything about protecting hair from damage, here's a quick intro to what we do as a brand:

    Lordhair ships hair wigs, toupees, and toppers to more than 100 countries and gives the promise of premium quality while doing that. Feel free to contact us or leave a comment in the below section as we'll be happy to answer of your queries.