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    Does Wearing a Hair System Damage Your Hair?



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    Many customers worry about whether wearing a men’s toupee will damage their existing hair or scalp and can be apprehensive about purchasing a human hair replacement system because of this. Let’s explore what the concerns are and if you really need to be worried when making your decision to buy a hairpiece toupee.


    Is it attached to your hair or skin?

    A thin skin or french lace men’s hair system that uses wig glue or wig tape is applied to the skin. This requires you to shave your hair leaving no hair for the hairpiece toupee to cling to. Therefore because of this, there is no hair to pull on.

    Hair damage usually occurs through using accessories that cause pull on the hair, such as hairbands and clips. Therefore using glue or toupee wig tape does not cause such damage.

    Another factor that can cause hair damage is heat styling tools. This can occur whether you wear a hair system or not, or on the sides of hair where you do not have hair loss. So to ensure the least damage to hair and reduce hair loss, it is best to reduce all usage of hair styling tools.


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    Hair regrowth?

    But what about hair growth that pushes up through the surface when wearing a men’s hair system?

    Men’s hairpiece toupees are usually removed and cleaned every week to two weeks, during the cleaning process, hair system wearers will clean and re-shave their scalp. There is no evidence that there is damage to hair the grows back through under a hairpiece toupee. The hair regrowth that comes through is often sparse and short and is shaved off again, so any damage to hair, if it existed, is chopped off.

    Now you may be asking, will the hair regrowth affect the follicles? There has been no evidence to suggest that hair growth whilst wearing a hair system causes any damage to hair follicles. Hairpiece toupee base materials contain holes, where the hair has been threaded through on skin hair systems. The holes are a natural part of the structure on lace hair systems that are breathable and allow air to penetrate through.

    Therefore, the risk of damage to hair comes primarily from hair styling tools and from the pull on strands of hair. To combat this, ensure you regularly care for your own hair with oils and regular cleaning.


    We hope this post has helped you understand whether a hair system will cause damage to your hair or not when deciding whether to buy a men’s hair system. Lordhair aims to provide knowledge of everything men’s hair systems, including hair care, hair system industry knowledge, and hair loss discussion.

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